The Christians' Birthright...

Dear Co-Laborers,

Quote of the Week: “Many people have gone a lot farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” (Mary Kay Ash) 

Keith and Molly Karsarjian are due to arrive tonight and Gary Fallis is scheduled for arrival on Wednesday. Keith will be teaching Biblical Leadership and Gary will be teaching Denominational Doctrines and Islam. Both will be teaching the second-year students. The Andrew Connelly School of Preaching students are indeed privileged to be the recipients of the instruction of so many visiting teachers. Also, the resident instructors benefit since the visitor’s teaching reduces their workload and gives them some time to prepare for the next quarter. Speaking of the ACSOP, it is getting a nice facelift with a new coat of paint and other repairs.

Ahimidiwe preached a wonderful sermon on “The Christians’ Birthright” to about 125 people. In fact, we ran out of chairs and some chairs held two children. The ladies continued reviewing Genesis 1- 25. Today, chapters 15 and 16 were our focus. One of the “Life Lessons” discussed involved Sarai asking Abram to do something culturally acceptable but wrong with God. A discussion ensued concerning unbiblical divorce and remarriage and homosexuality. Abigail taught the children on the subject of “Nehemiah, the Leader.” Both Lindsey and Abigail have completed their classes and have learned a lot! We are so thankful to have them back at home during the day…they were sorely missed!

The Kisongo congregation is continuing with their newly established two-year Bible school for the “person in the pew” that meets 4 evenings a week for two hours each evening. The congregation is also trying to finish the construction of the children and ladies’ classrooms …hopefully before the campaigns this summer.  We’re anticipating lots of visitors and a very busy and productive summer. 

Anita Hochdorf continues to study with Lucy (who is getting training to work with our son, Matthew, who has CP). Abigail is going to visit Grace (16 year old) and will conduct a Bible study with Rehema (Teresia’s older sister) today, Lord willing. 

Last Sunday, after sending the report, we received news that brother Paul Ndwani had passed away. Paul had been with the TZ 2000 Mission for several years serving as the director of the Arusha Bible School and an evangelist at the Arusha congregation. Please pray for the wife and four children he leaves behind.

Babies here are handed around or taken by other women more often than in a congregation in the states. Some of this is good when mothers need a break or when they have just held their baby for a long time while walking. However, this morning after services, a young mother handed our five-year-old daughter, Naomi, her 5 month-old son without me noticing. Naomi was standing and began to follow the mother to give her baby back but tripped and fell.  Both were okay but hopefully, this mother will be more careful concerning to whom she hands her baby.

"Fungus-amung-us." Eight members of our family now have ringworm, either on our head, face, arms or legs. Hopefully, the medicine will take effect in a couple of weeks. Jimmy went to the doctor this week and was told he possibly had typhoid. But, since he did not run a fever, that was ruled out. All in all I think we will survive!

"Walk a mile in my shoes." Well, actually, you might not get too far in these. Africa is rough on shoes. Future visitors, take note.

May the Lord bless you richly for your continued support of the TZ 2000 Mission Work!  

In Christ,
The Gees

Posted on March 25, 2012 .