Freed Hardeman Lectureship...2012

We are attending the Freed Hardeman Lectureship this week. I love the opportunity to hear some great lessons, sing with a heavenly sounding congregation, visit with wonderful friends, and enjoy the fellowship of incredible coworkers in the faith. This is always an encouraging time of the year. If you receive this report and you are attending the lectureship, please stop by the Bear Valley booth, we would love to visit for a few minutes.

Building on last week’s exciting announcement of the establishment of a new school in Kenya, we are looking to make additional trips this year to consider possibilities in several other countries. In the next 18 months we are hoping to potentially have 4 more locations up and moving in the right direction of training men to preach the gospel.

Next month will bring our first staff meeting of the year. All the Extension staff will meet in Denver to discuss a number of areas to improve the overall work of the program. This opportunity makes it possible to dig into areas of the work where we need to make necessary adjustments to improve the operations, address student and administration needs, along with discussing future development.

Just the thought excites me because I know good always comes from working on both the positive and negative areas of this work.

Now on to the reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

Cameroon Grows Spiritually And Numerically: Recent evangelism produces fruit in a needed area in a French speaking section of Cameroon.

Singing, New Students, And Reaching Out: The Chimala Bible Institute is working with an evangelism committee to plan outreach opportunities in the work.

Making Adjustments For Growth: As the school grows in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the staff make necessary adjustments to improve the program.

VVBC Annual Report: The report from the Visakha Valley Bible College expresses the progress made in the work in India over the past year.

Cold In Ukraine, But The Work Grows: Extreme cold conditions in Gorlovka, Ukraine have forced many businesses to close, but the church and school continue to grow.

Friends, Classes, And A Returning Family: It has been a busy week in Arusha, Tanzania and there is positive events planned with the return of the Hochdorf family.

Final Thoughts
As we are now fully committed to February, we are looking ahead to the activities of the year. Several trips will be made this year by various teachers and extension coordinators for teaching in the program. We will also make trips to look into possibilities for establishing new schools. It is going to be an exciting year for Extension Training.

All of this is possible because of your generosity. Thank you for trusting the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver in training men to preach the gospel. We look forward to bringing you powerful reports about the development of the work throughout the year. Thank you!

God bless

Posted on February 5, 2012 .