20 Plan For Graduation In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

The Lord is continuing to bless us here in Uganda. Reports from congregations where our students work are good. Gengulukho church of Christ, there was a death in that congregation. Our beloved sister Matirida Ajiambo passed away on the 2nd of February and was buried on the 4th of February 2012. She was the mother of our brother Dadira Wonyango. Dadira was the first convert of the school in 2007. His mother followed him. 

This Saturday, 12 congregations from Busia and Mayingo Districts came together in their quarterly fellowship. These congregation are 14 in number and their aim is to work together in helping each other in their problems. When they meet together three lessons are taught from different preachers. Each congregation contributes $10 dollars which is given to the hosting congregation to be used in solving whatever needs they might be having. Most congregations want funds to buy plots, building church buildings and others. These congregations also contribute $5 dollar each whenever there is death in any congregation to help in caring for the burial expenses. 

Today we worshipped at Nandwa church of Christ. After worship we sent different members to visit those who were reported to be sick. Myself, Margaret , Paul my son and Loyce, my mother, went to visit Okello Adaya who has been very sick after the death of his brother who passed away on the 10th February. Okello was complaining of stomach pain and headache. Today he had come from the hospital and he was at home. Another group visited Makoha Eridadi who is suffering from a stroke. The church always takes to him the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, as he cannot come to church. They reported that Eridadi today could not even wake up by himself as he usually does. Let us continue praying for brother Eridadi.

UGANDA SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM graduation is just at hand. On the 2nd of March 20 students will graduate. Two students will just go through the process, but they will continue for two more quarters in the new school year. We need your prayers as we plan this. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on February 13, 2012 .