Singing, New Students, And Reaching Out...

We have finished another week at the Chimala Bible Institute. In chapel this week Samuel spoke on the “Dangers of Looking Back.” Using Lot’s wife he compared her longing for the world with our desire to not look back, but look forward to Jesus  (Hebrews 12:1). Samuel is a fine young Tanzanian that is already preaching every Lord ’s Day and looking forward to serving God even better because of his studies. Joseph went out with three of our students to Tukuyu and they had 3 baptisms. Boaz had for the past few weeks been traveling to the “old mission” in the mountains and 5 Christians who had been out of service were restored. Wednesday, after teaching Jeremiah class, our students went to the mission church where I preached a sermon from Jeremiah calling us back to the “old paths” (Jeremiah 6). Ezekiel returned from Sumbawanga where they had 26 in attendance, two baptisms and a restoration.

The evangelism committee met with a plan presented by brother Howell Ferguson where we will start next week with further training of our students in evangelism. We have been invited to four churches where we will have a series of lessons with our students participating every other weekend. Remmy, our new director of the English program, Boaz, one of our long time instructors, Howell Ferguson and myself will be conducting these seminars. We believe it will strengthen the area churches and give our students valuable training. Speaking of training at chapel Friday, brother Howell led the students in learning some new songs. The devotion and joy evidenced in these young men praising God in our daily chapel services is truly inspiring. We now have two new students in school, one a Tanzanian Swahili student and one a Malawian English student. We now have a “full house.” We have enrolled 26 students studying, singing, and reaching out with the message of salvation Jesus came to provide. Please continue to pray for the students and staff at the Chimala Bible Institute.

Garry L. Hill
Extension Coordinator

Posted on February 4, 2012 .