Cameroon Grows Spiritually And Numerically...

Dearest in Christ,

Calvary greetings from this part of the globe is our wish for you. The staff, students and the members of the Wotutu congregation sends their love to you, your family and the congregation of God’s people where you are. We pray that this mail finds you all in good health and a sound faith.

We give thanks to God for all we are doing that is going on smoothly. Everything went on well with our mid-week class in our congregation and our classes in CBIW. We thank God for bring all the lecturers from outside Wotutu village to teach and return them back to their various homes safe and sound. Our chapel topic for the week, and will continue throughout the month, is TRANSFORMATION. This is aimed at creating a deep consciousness to all in our family about our lives.

Brother Tobias baptized two souls in Bali village during his weekend evangelism. Brother Ashu went to Muea, a congregation that a minister abandoned for different involvements. We are sending our students there weekly for nurturing so that they will not be like orphans. Keep the work in your prayers. Brother Namina Bernard and Tabit Henry returned from Mondoni village to nurture and to preach and teach the young congregation we established few weeks ago.

As I write this mail to you we are just making our way back to the campus after spending four days with 3 students in a French community Nkongsamba about 170 kilometers from Wotutu. We are also answering a Macedonian call to come over and help. Some students went to other locations and all went on well.

Preaching from house to house in Nkongsamba city went well. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants, purely French speaking, with very few English speaking. People are thirsty for the truth as they listened to me keenly, but still need to check their denominational beliefs with the truth. Even in their fire side they will suspend their cooking process to listen to us.

There is a newly established congregation in Nkongsamba with four Christians. The worship hall was characterized with some visitors who came to see the New Testament worship for the first time. They expressed much satisfaction, but they will need follow up. Keep this work in your prayers.

Two of our students, who are French speaking, brother Norbert and brother Ititi Benedict, translated into English for others who are not French speaking so they can benefit. It was great and we will see an opening for the gospel to the French communities from now on more than ever before. We pray God will send some French speaking brothers to come over to CBIW to be trained as we shall start a French department during this intake. Some French speaking brothers have shown their interest and are applying. Keep our work in your prayers.

We met with the Nkongsamba church of Christ this morning. One of the brothers who met us there is a graduate from Nigeria. I met him during my last visit there and encouraged him to come over so that he can be part of our visions for the French communities. He will be the one to continue the work now. Keep him in your prayers and share this with those who will love to be involved in French mission here in Cameroon. We need French tracks, Bibles, and other French materials for this work. Minister Mukom Bernard needs your prayers and deep concern.

The new congregation in Nkongsamba is meeting in a rented house. The sign board is written up in French and English to suit both the French speaking and the English speaking because Cameroon is a bilingual country. Keep this work in your prayers so that God will continue to add more souls as the ministers preach and teach many that he will meet on his way.

1) The students of CBIW will again go and do a match pass as Cameroon celebrates 50 years of independence. The government in our area is inviting all educational and youth organizations to take part. We shall use that event to make known the church of Christ to more in our area and also to preach and teach to many youths who are wallowing in youthfulness. The event will be on the 11th February.

2) We plan to send some students and some members of the Wotutu congregation to one of our first newly established congregation and the lone congregation in the region of Lebialem which is having serious problem of leadership and can lead to splitting of the church if immediate visit is not organized there to restore unity.

3) As long as we have the means we shall continue with our weekly evangelism as more demands to come over and help keeps coming to my office.

Many thanks to God for all His doing in our ministry. He is helping us to continue to think souls and by so doing we go out to rob from the strong man’s house. It is a great commission and we are excited about it and we thank God for using us in this way to reach out to many souls. More is still to be done. Come and be with us as we continue in our visions. Share this with others who may also love to come and be part of this team. Thanks for all your prayers and support. You are always in our prayers may God continue to use you.

Elangwe and family by His grace
Director CBIW

Posted on February 5, 2012 .