In The Beginning...The New Year

In the beginning... Only by faith can we consider what it was like in the beginning when God created everything new. By faith we enjoy the newness of life having been raised to walk in such through our obedience to the gospel. By faith we anticipate the fulfillment of God’s eternal promises when this perishable body will put on the new, imperishable body. There is something about the beginning, when we have the opportunity to see something new.

The beginning of 2012 brings many new opportunities in the work of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver in training men to preach, domestically and internationally. By faith we will see and take advantage of these opportunities. We will have new opportunities to...

...share the message of Jesus to a greater population of the world around us. up the church that belongs to our Lord around the world.

...better equip the Lord’s servants for teaching God’s word.

...restore brethren who left the faith.

...establish new locations for training new students.

...grow another step closer to our God and live more like Christ.

Opportunities will abound as we plunge into the new year. One of the greatest opportunities is to involve more wonderful brethren in the work of Extension Training. Those of you receiving the weekly report have been the heart of the success we have seen and reported about in the lives changed through this work.

I ask you to share the report with others. Our God has the power to do far beyond all we ask or think according to the power that works within us. If you, me and others are going to be the tools through which God works to help provide for the needs of this program, then we need to find greater ways to share the news. Your assistance in getting the word out to others is appreciated. We have several in the program who are willing to stop by and give a personal report about the work of the Extension Training Program. 

By faith, we labor to meet the financial challenges of several schools in the year ahead. Let me quickly share with you some of the present and urgent needs of the work. 

$600 a month for the school in Cameroon
$800 a month for the school in Chandigarh, India
$700 a month for the school in Visakhapatnam, India
$600 a month for the school in Danli, Honduras
$500 a month for the school in Siem Reap, Cambodia

These are the most pressing “monthly” needs (among others) in the work. Unless we are able to raise the needed funds, students and staff will have to be released until the funds can be raised. With the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania accepting 30 new KiSwahili students in February, the need grows even greater. We need your help. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and assistance in taking care of these needs.

Now on to the reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell Ferguson, who serves as coordinator for the schools in Gorlovka, Ukraine and, with Garry Hill, in Chimala, Tanzania, provided the following report.

Extension Reports 

A Safe And Successful Return From Nigeria: The report from Cameroon focuses on a recent trip by Director, Elangwe; it’s value and plans for the next year for students.

2 New Souls Added In Cambodia: Recent studies with Chann Lork saw the Lord give the increase with his two nieces as they were baptized into Christ.

A Blessed Year And A New Year: Looking back at 2011 in Ukraine shows how blessed this work has been and looking ahead at the new year brings the 15th anniversary of the school.

Wishes For A New Year: Earnest Gill, his family, the staff, and members of the congregation In Chandigarh, India send their greetings and wishes for a great new year.

A New School Year Will Be A Busy Year: The Chimala Bible Institute is just a few weeks away from beginning a new class of students. It will be a busy year for all.

A Year Of New Beginnings: Cy Stafford shares the value of new beginnings in the church and Andrew Connally School of Preaching.

Happy New Year, An Interesting Name: Intrigued? You will find this an interesting report from Jimmy Gee about the work and a young lady named...Happy New Year. 

Final Thoughts
My prayer is for God to bless each of you richly as we go through this new year, 2012. As I complete my third year of working in the Extension Training Program, I continue to see the growth around the world. I enjoy sharing the news with you and I appreciate you, far more than you know, for all you do to make this work happen.

You are a blessing. It is a privilege and honor to share in this effort together. Happy New Year!

God bless

Posted on January 1, 2012 .