A Safe And Successful Return From Nigeria...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept our warm greetings from Cameroon. I wish you, on behalf of my family great blessings from this end as we start the year 2012. It will be a year of greater devotions to the thing of the kingdom. I am appreciating God for you, for your precious support towards the work here in Wotutu and our preaching school.

It is our prayer that we join together again this 2012 to explore the world of darkness to show as many as we can the light of the gospel. I am waiting for the students of CBIW to come back this Friday, 6th of January 2012, to give you the detail statistic of our work throughout the year 2011.

I thank you very much for your prayers toward my trip to Nigeria to attend the Annual Bible lectureship of my former preaching school (Nigerian Christian Institute). From the lectureship I visited seven different congregations in different States in Nigeria as I share with you.

I was able to meet with some sisters helping me to preach the gospel to a family in a small community. They were receptive. I pray for the congregation there to do follow up and help them out from the bondage of denominationalism.

It was a time to meet great brothers who have contributed much in my life while as I was in the school of preaching. I had opportunity to see a good brother, the president of the Nigerian Christian Institute, who was my lecturer in the Bible College. He was very much happy to see me and to hear of the growth of the work in Cameroon after I left school. The annual lectureship was well attended by many and the Lord added souls to the campus congregation.

After the lectureship in NCI, I moved to other communities to visit congregations, as I had opportunity to preach at the Ogale congregation in Porthourt. The growth of the church in Nigeria is great. We continue to pray and work harder to see the church in Cameroon get some maturity as the years are going by.

It was also time to appreciate God for great infrastructural development in NCI my former campus. God is great.

It was also time to meet with converts I made while in school. After service I took some time off to speak and encourage sister Elizabeth in Ebute congregation in Lagos whom I baptized 6 years ago. I was impressed to see her growing in the faith. On Sunday she was the one that taught the children in the congregation. Please keep her and many of them in your prayers.

My stay in Nigeria was fruitful. I appreciate God for helping me in all my travels in the country. With a lot of insecurity I came back home safe and sound. The Lord blessed my visit by adding nine souls to the congregations I visited. Keep the new converts in your prayers for their growth in the Lord.

Please keep the staff and students of CBIW in prayer as they resume classes this Friday for the final year of their studies. Thanks very much for your prayers. Thanks for being part of our work. God bless you and open more doors for you and your family as we continue to invest our efforts for the lost souls to see the light and follow it. Stand firm in the Lord.

God bless you and give you the desires of your heart this 2012.

In Jesus Name....
Elangwe and family

Posted on January 1, 2012 .