2 New Souls Added In Cambodia

Happy Merry Christmas from us as the congregation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We wish you all health in your physical and in your spiritual life.

I count myself as the one who is very blessed that I can get to know all of you, which I never knew before, but through the grace of the word of Christ I can get to know all of you and call you as my brothers and sisters in Christ. I get to know you, not just as my brothers and sisters, but to know your love and kind sharing in the work here.

I am grateful for your love and your support to my family and especially to work that we are doing to serve our God in Cambodia.

Our work is doing great. We have a very close relationship. We share what is best to help one another out. We are very glad to work and to help one another to grow in Christ's kingdom. More likely we help the spiritual, most in sharing and teaching other people, especially to our christian brethren.

We are going to have some events taking place next week. I am so happy for these events, as we will have, weddings, meeting and fellowship with our Christian brethren from the local preachers in Cambodia.

Last Sunday (Dec. 25th) my family, along with two of my wife's nieces, went along with us to worship with the church at Leang Dai. After worship, my wife’s two niece decided to be baptize, so now we have two more souls added into Christ's church.

Their names are Thyda and Jenda. They have been staying with us and studied with us for the past two months and now they are baptized.

Thank you, once again, for your love and your support. 

In Him 

Posted on January 1, 2012 .