Students Return, New Year, New Growth...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. Happy New Year to you and your entire family and the church. Oh, it is a new year and a new beginning for many things. We both end the year in good health and sound faith with readiness to continue our work from where we stopped last time. God blessed us and He is blessing the work He entrusted in our hands. Our congregation is going ahead smoothly and the students of our Bible college are growing. They just returned on campus safe and sound, except for one student who is still to return to Campus. News getting to us shows that he is sick. We pray for him to get well fast and return to school.

Our students went out to 18 communities in our country and came back with wonderful reports that depict the greatness of our God. Let me share with you the news. Brother Awatt Manfree baptized 4 souls in Tole congregation. The picture above shows one of these conversions. We have a total of 32 baptisms and 20 restorations from our entire campaign exercise in those communities, and we succeeded again to fully establish a congregation in Nkongsamba which is a purely French speaking community. We need much follow up to meet us with this opening, if we have the financial means. We shall be sending students on weekend evangelism to continue to water the seed till the 20th of December 2012. By His grace, we shall graduate our first batch of students and a student will likely go and stay there permanently. Keep the work in your prayers.

At our worship this morning it was a thanksgiving day in our congregation where we come together to appreciate God for His care over us. Members came with snacks and food to share with one another. It was great and colorful.

Some students and I were taking pictures during the thanksgiving, eatingbiscuits and having fun with one another after our worship service.

Our student preacher, Mulango Theophile, during his campaign helped a local congregation to make local bricks for their church hall construction in the future. Keep their efforts in your prayers.

One of our students, Awatt Manfree, baptized a soul in Tole congregation. Tole congregation is the congregation that is close to us and the students are doing great work there. It was revived by me when I returned from the preaching school in Nigeria. Much work is still needed to provoke growth. Keep the work in your prayers.

Join us to thank God and to pray for this young dynamic brother Awatt Manfree. He just got married. He has finished all the traditional rites of their culture and the wife has been handed to him. His passion to preach is great, that is why he is preparing himself in all the ways, so that he will not be rejected or looked down upon by leaders in a congregation because he is not married, upon his graduation in the college. Please keep him in your prayers. Those who have come over here can testify to his zeal for the work.

We have a lot of demands for us to come over to different communities to help in the work of evangelism. Please we are appealing to you to come and stand with us so that we shall meet up.

Bakassi peninsula was the disputing area between Cameroon and Nigeria. The dispute was solved some years ago. A brother is calling on us to come over to that place and help in the establishment of the Lord’s church there and evangelize other communities in the peninsula.

One of our students, brother Tobias returned from Bali congregation where all the brothers fell from the grace and the three sisters that remain continue to worship and he was officiating on all the items of worship on the first day of the week. Brother Tobias revived some men and they are struggling to stand to do the preaching and leadership of the congregation. We need to send students to go and help teach them some basics while we await December 2012 for a permanent preacher to go there and work. Our congregation is gathering clothes for the children of that community who do not come to worship because they don’t have cloths. Please it is serious. Keep this work in your prayers. Many congregations desire our assistance for the work in their area. It is not possible for all of us to move because we don’t have means of transport of our own to make trips like that as a family. A van will solve this problem.

We give all glory to God for His steadfastness over us as we labor in His vineyard. We thank Him for all the successes and challenges we faced and we are facing.

We thank you greatly for all your great concern, prayers and support to make us reach where we are now. We still have a long way to go. Please, we are still appealing for you to continue to have concern for us so that this work will continue to bear fruit for the Glory to our God. God bless you. You are really a pillar in this work. God will never pass you by when He returns with His reward. God bless you.

Elangwe and family, by His grace
Director CBIW

Posted on January 8, 2012 .