Moses Sent Us Down From The Mountain...

The title of this report may seem a bit strange until you read two specific reports from Tanzania. Cy Stafford’s report, along with Jimmy Gee’s report, focus on a very special man who made a powerful impact in the Lord’s kingdom in and around Arusha. 

I urge you to read both reports, even though both are focused on the same man. The perspective of both reports have minor differences, but a wonderful picture of how a man named Moses was able to come to Christ and bring others to our Lord. Moses passed away last week and his funeral service was Sunday afternoon.

Both reports share a story relating to the title of this week’s report. Two men who were taught by brother Moses and when they came down from Mt. Meru to Arusha, they said, “Moses has sent us down from the mountain to be baptized.” I love it and you will to when you read these reports.

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell and Mary Ferguson continue to work in Gorlovka, Ukraine. They are working with the local congregations and Howell teaches in the Bible Institute. Take time to read his April report here.

Extension Reports

Preparing To Nurture 14 Congregations: The efforts of the Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu involve plans to reach out to help 14 congregations in the area to strengthen and encourage their faithfulness.

Here We Grow Again... Guatemala: The news at the Linda Vista congregation in Guatemala City continues to see growth. Exiting news to read.

Bear Valley Students Visit ITL, Guatemala: On the last campaign out of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, several students traveled to Guatemala to assist in the work.

A Spiritual Father Visits His Son In Guatemala: This is one of those stories that is touching and powerful. Take time to read about this spiritual reunion.

A Growing Body Of Students: Word from the Chimala Bible Institute shares the news of growth in the number of men who prepare themselves to serve.

Good And Sad News... Reality In Ukraine: I always appreciate the balance of realizing the good, but also the sadness in the work. Dennis Sopinik shares the latest information about the work in Ukraine.

Preparing For A New Class At Visakha Valley: With graduation behind them, interviews are taking place to get the next class of students together in Visakhapatnam, India.

A Spiritual Giant, Moses Of Kiogo, Goes To His Reward: Cy Stafford shares the sadness of losing a great man in the work of the Lord, but also the celebration of knowing he has gone to a great reward.

The Story And Impact Of Blind Man Moses: Jimmy Gee provides information about this great man, his story and impact on the work in Arusha.

Final Thoughts
I am always humbled to read the reports of those who are laboring so diligently around the world to take the gospel to others. I am so thankful to our God for making this work possible and granting me the opportunity to share in it.

I thank each of you for your part in this work. Without your continued prayers, work and financial help we would not be able to read reports like these. You are all greatly appreciated and I pray God will continue to work through you to His glory in training men to preach.

God bless

Posted on May 9, 2011 .