A Growing Body Of Students...

Our week began with the bittersweet news of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Although his death brings a sort of closure to the tragic events of 9/11, we are sharply reminded of those millions of people worldwide lost in the false religion of Islam and that the only path to true peace lies in the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Christ. Tanzania is at least 30% Muslim and we are constantly appreciative of the daily opportunities we have to share the gospel in this country.

Towards that end, we are grateful for the amazing success of our new Masters program. We ended up with a total of 17 students. Last week Denton Landon taught Introduction to Graduate Research and teaches Apologetics this week. Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching the Apologetics of Archaeology in the graduate class.

Jonathan Jenkins, our short course teacher for the undergrad program, taught the first years on James, I & II Peter and Jude last week. This week, he is teaching the second years about the Godhead. I am teaching the first three historical books to the first years and the last three historical books to the second years during this short course period.

Many different students, both from the Bachelors and Masters programs, have thanked me for this great opportunity to study God’s word. As the Bear Valley motto teaches, our students are very grateful for the training they receive here at the Chimala Bible Institute so they can go teach others also (II Timothy 2:2). These young men and women are very excited about the opportunities for evangelism they will have as they go home for the summer.

There is an American doctor living on the mission for the next three months. He recently worked with Doctors Without Borders in China and travels frequently. When he is in the States, he works in New York in an AIDS clinic. He is not a Christian, but we have had some very interesting discussions. Please be prayerful of this opportunity to spread the word of the Lord.

This past weekend, we traveled to a congregation in Mbeya called Simike. Denton taught a class on the resurrection of Christ and Jonathan preached on the power of Christ as seen in Matthew 8 and 9. Rebecca taught her last children’s class with the help of her translator, Upendo. There were many kids present and they even sat through the service afterwards when Rebecca promised them more candy. There were not enough benches, so one of the sisters brought a mat for the many children and Rebecca to sit on during the service. To our great surprise and joy, the sisters in the congregation had prepared a wonderful fellowship meal of typical Tanzanian fare for us to enjoy afterwards. It was a wonderful way to spend our last Sunday here in Tanzania.

Our young men and women have, in these last two weeks, been studying Christian worldviews, the Godhead, and the great work of Bible characters such as Nehemiah and Joshua. Certainly we have been thrilled with Ezra’s admonition to seek, practice, and teach the word of the Lord (Ezra 7:10). We are looking forward to sharing the exciting work that is going on here at the Chimala Bible Institute as we travel the States this summer. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we travel 9,000 miles this weekend to return to the States.

God bless, 

Garry L. Hill

Posted on May 5, 2011 .