Preparing For A New Class At Visakha Valley...

Greetings to you in HIS precious name. We are all doing fine. The hot weather is picking up. The last couple of days it was 110F, especially in Visakhapatnam due to the industries we feel like it is more than the actual temperature. However, the cold breeze in the evenings makes the environment cool, since we are on the eastern coast.

Hope you have received the pictures of the Graduation exercises.

Right now interviews for the new students are going on. We are looking for very interested students who would continue their school for 2 years without any interruption. We are thinking about having same number of students to run the school program without any financial problems. We shall have the fresh batch taking regular classes from the last week of this month. After the graduation ceremony several preachers came forward and enquired about the Master Classes. Looks like we have to have another Master Class batch after this current batch finishes school.

Besides that, we are having special meetings with our staff members to discuss several things about the upcoming batch. There are certain things we would like to do in a different way. We need the cooperation of the staff in order to accomplish this. Actually we had a meeting on the 3rd, that is last week. It went well. We shall be sitting for a final meeting on the 10th to make some resolutions about our activities and responsibilities. Since one batch of students are gone into the field our responsibility is grown to the extent of encouraging them to keep on doing the Lord's work without ceasing.

Gospel Meetings:
One of our graduates is holding gospel meetings on the 27,28,29 of this month. He is planning them as a Big event. We are excited about that. The director and one of our faculty members, brother Vamsee, along with other invited preachers will be preaching during those days. It is going to be a great opportunity to spread the word and also to advertise our school. We really had a good recognition in the local churches after the 1st Graduation Ceremony. During those three days, our students, faculty and staff had planned to reach every door in that area with gospel tracts. We praise God for giving us the opportunity to reach several thousands of homes with good news. On the last week of April on the 23rd we had a gospel campaign at one our local brother's congregations. We had the opportunity to preach the good news at every center of the street and distribute gospel tracts to thousands of people.

Please convey our greetings to your families and to the brethren at Bear Valley & Lake Houston Church of Christ. Our prayers continue for the victims of the recent tornado havoc in the Southern USA. If you meet with any of the victims please tell them around 274 congregations are praying for them. God is going to bless them.

in Christ,
John Dean & Samuel Raju Muppidi

Posted on May 7, 2011 .