Preparing To Nurture 14 Congregations...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. Your brothers and sisters in Wotutu send their love to you. The students of CBIW send their love as well and we continue to pray for your safety in all that you do. Please always remember us in your prayers.

I am here to feed you with what happened in your family here so that we shall all join together to give glory to God. The fruits of every Saturday evangelism in Wotutu is seen. Yesterday sister Anette Boyaki accepted Jesus and was baptized by student preacher Ngoe Nelson with the witness of some sisters in Wotutu congregation watching and jubilating for the soul that repented to escape damnation as you can see them off the river bank. Please pray for this sister to remain with the Lord and serve Him all the days of her life.

Sunday in our worship we had a special prayer offered to mothers in our congregation and mothers all over the world, for today is mother’s day, even though the day is not really having a strong significant in our country but we are aware of its existence and we turn to use it to appreciate our mothers verbally for what they have done to us children. We pray mothers all over the world have done great things, because till today some are active in the support of preachers, some others have produced ministers of the gospel, elders, deacons etc. So I emphasize on their importance which is neglected in our society to start seeing the need to do so.

This week was cool in CBIW as all our programs went on well. Our normal outing to Tole congregation on Tuesday and our theoretical Vocational training on Friday the use of computer was a success. Most of the long course lecturers have gone far with their notes and they will  start  doing revisions with the students before our second semester exams on the 23rd of May.

Immediately after our exams on the 26th, students will travel by the grace of God to 14 different villages to nurture existing congregations. Those congregations are dying so we are going for total revival, we are paying attention to these areas now because people there still involve themselves to paganism. It is our cry to help them come out from such practices. Please we solicit your support to achieve this goal.

    Let me share some pics with you about the happening of this week.

You can see food being shared by one student. This food came through a sister all the way from Kumba 75 kilometers from Wotutu. She came in appreciation for the last campaign that the students did in their congregation. ”Silver and gold we don’t have “ she said that but garri and fresh vegetable soup she gave to the students. She also appeal to the director to send two more students to come again to their village to help the church. I appreciated the gesture and pray God open doors for us to touch the lives of many.

The leaders in Wotutu again this Sunday assigned students from CBIW to officiate on items in Wotutu congregation. This morning, young brother Manfree Awatt taught on the topic A GIVING THAT COST ME (2 Sam 24:24). This was really thrilling to help the church improve on their giving situation and to continuously be of help to the student preachers as they are helping not financially, but with food and other moral support.

This is the cross section of our worship this morning. We are appreciating every one who is doing something for CBIW because it is helping the growth of congregations in this country. Christians in Cameroon are seeing great changes on how to increase their relationship with Christ and the Church as these young ambassadors of Christ moves around both to unbelievers to help them from this corrupt generation. Wotutu congregation is gaining in this so much as we have 3 first time visitors in our worship who asked questions about the New Testament church.

We are planning to travel to Batoke village to plant a congregation. The plans are still on. We are looking for a possible means to carry it out.


1) Please we are also soliciting for Bibles before the students travel for campaign, because I am sending some students to our young established congregation in the hills of Lebialem. After this we shall be sending students on weekends to help nurture the young congregation. It is not near to Wotutu, but the Lord will open doors for His will to be done. That is our cry.

2) Please do your best to help us have some tools for evangelism, like the public address system, Projector and a generator for our village evangelism.


I thank God for you and those you are discussing about the work in Wotutu, Cameroon. Thank you for standing by us. I am assuring you that your efforts will never be in vain. God is blessing the work and He will continue to use us and the students to accomplished a lot in this country. Please tell others or plan to visit first hand yourself. You will be highly welcome in our loving country and you will enjoy you did. Stay blessed and say hello to your family. You are always in our prayers. My family sends their love hoping to meet with you one day.

Elangwe and family serving in Wotutu in particular, and Cameroon at large.
By His grace Director CBIW


Posted on May 8, 2011 .