A Program On The Grow...

Announcing growth in the program is one of my favorite parts of this work. This week is no exception. The announcements begin with an exciting addition to the staff of the Extension Program.

Wes Autrey will begin working with the extension school in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Wes, his wife, Teri, and their three wonderful daughters live here in Colorado. The Autrey’s have been faithful and active members of the congregation at Bear Valley for the past 17 years, where Wes also serves as a deacon. He and Teri are active in several areas within the church.

Wes has traveled to Cambodia two times to work in both evangelistic outreach and assisting in the work of the school. His spiritual growth and involvement in the Cambodian work has strengthened his desire for a greater level of service in ministry.

Having personally seen his love for the Lord and the work in Cambodia, we began several months of discussion about the possibility of his involvement. The need for coordinating the work and the development of the work in Siem Reap seemed to be a perfect fit.

Wes has demonstrated his commitment in leaving a career of more than16 years to work full-time in the Extension Program. We welcome Wes, Teri and their family to the Bear Valley Extension staff. We look forward to the further development of the work in Cambodia.

Announcing all of the graduations in the Extension Program will bring some incredible growth in the Lord’s kingdom. At the same time, with a number of schools graduating men into the ministry, we are looking at new classes for the summer and fall.

As the reports this week will show, the program of Extension Training is growing and in some powerful ways. Many of the schools are looking to double their enrollment for the next year. This kind of growth will have amazing results in the years ahead to saturate each of the locations with the gospel.

The challenge of multiplying the number of students in the program will bring a number of needs. The primary need will be financial. At times I wish there was an easier way to say it, but the bottom line is it takes money for the operation of the schools. 

Appeals are being made in all of the locations, from one time needs to ongoing monthly expenses. I pray we will all give consideration to how we might be able to help meet these needs and share in the growth of Extension Training.

As always, I plead for you to pray on behalf of the work. Pray for us to have the necessary wisdom to take the right steps in development the program.

Coordinator Updates

Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports

Team San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz: The team of graduates from ITL are set to begin the work in San Cristobal. This report also includes information regarding the recent Lectureship and Graduation.

Another Soul Added To The Kingdom: The work of Mission Guatemala continues to grow as another precious soul was added by God to His glorious kingdom.

Making Memories For The Kingdom: The Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu continues to make memories in the growth of the work. Cameroon for Christ is a theme worth working to achieve.

Coordinator On The Grow: Steven Ashcraft, coordinator for the work in Ghana, reports on the recent activities in Ghana. In addition, his growth in coordinating is aiding the development of the work.

David Wama Is Free At Last: Willie Gley's report about the Center for Biblical Studies begins with the great news of David Wama's freedom. Persecution does exist. Please pray about the work of these men.

Looking Ahead To Grow At WCSOP: The West Coast School Of Preaching is sitting on a great opportunity for growth. The challenge of this growth is part of brother Daniel Asiamah's report.

Hero Of The Month: There are times when the generosity of God's people shines through to the glory of God. Cy Stafford's report acknowledges such generosity.

Possessed? The culture and beliefs within those cultures can bring challenges to teaching the gospel. Jimmy Gee's report in Tanzania helps bring light to some of those beliefs. 

Final Thoughts

There is never a dull moment in the efforts of juggling matters associated with 15 different locations for Extension Training. In some strange way, I do enjoy juggling the challenges we face. Obviously, there are days when the challenges do get a little overwhelming, but God has been so good to help us get through it all. I know He will continue to do so in the days ahead.

Thank you for your prayers and all you do to help in this work. Without your assistance none of the men in this work would be here. We are all grateful for your willingness to allow God to work through you to bless the efforts in this program.

I pray for you daily.

God bless

Posted on April 18, 2011 .