Another Soul Added To The Kingdom...

We bring you greetings once again from Guatemala! 

We are happy to be able to write to you again so soon about more good news that took place at Linda Vista. This past Sunday night, after the time of our assembly was dismissed, the announcement was made to those who were still at the building talking and enjoying fellowship that a young lady had decided to become a Christian. Her name is Mishel, and she is the daughter of Cesar and Isabel Tovar. Mishel has grown up at Linda Vista and we were all happy to hear the good news of her decision to commit her life to Christ. 

Her father, Cesar, has been very ill the last several weeks and was home recuperating when Mishel made her decision, but she expressed that she really wanted for him to be present to witness her new birth. As a result, Maclovio Calderon, jumped in his pick-up truck and rushed over to get Cesar. As he entered the building, although you could see that he was weak, jaundiced and struggling to walk, he had a look of determination to be present for such an important occasion. Soon after he sat down near the front of the building, Mishel changed in preparation for her baptism. Moments later, Francisco Ramos took her confession and proceeded to immerse her for the remission of her sins, as the Bible commands us to do. It was a joyous event, as it is always is when we get to witness the birth of another child of God.  

Please pray for Mishel as she grows in her new relationship with the Lord, so that she may develop into a woman of God. Please also keep Cesar in your prayers. He has an infection in his liver that has caused him much physical trouble and some doctors literally gave his family no hope. Thankfully, he is currently receiving treatment and appears to be doing better. 

We will close for now. Hopefully, you will be hearing from us again very soon as we share with you some details about our past lectureship and graduation.  

God bless you!  
En Cristo,  



Posted on April 17, 2011 .