David Wama Is Free At Last...

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all who contributed towards the release of David Wama from prison. He is home and doing well. He has started classes. 

In order to celebrate his release with him, students of CBS worshipped with the Kpadape congregation. I had the opportunity to be there to grace the occasion. The students were led by their instructor, Cephas. After the service, we were invited by David and the wife for lunch.  

Lessons taught in March 
1. Christian evidence Part 2 
2. Church history 
3. Major cults  

Teachers in the month of March 
1. Esperance from Lome  
2. Akalo from Tsevie  

Congregations where students work 
1. Avekpo 
2. Detideke 
3. Beme 
4. Nyiveme 
5. Kloh  

New enrollments in September 
A number of Christian brothers have expressed interest in attending CBS, come September 2011.  

Town and the number of men expressing desire 

1. Azanu  2
2. Aveho  2 
3. Kuve  2 
4. Tsevie  2 
5. Avetonu  2
6. Tokoin  2
7. Hadzranawe  2 
8. Nukafo  3 

Denominational church leaders expressing interest. 

Kpadape  2 
Kloh  2 - 1st Power of God church 
Kloh 2 - Assemblies of God 
Kloh 1 - Miracle of God church

One person will come from Amlame. Member of the one cup movement. He is currently studying with the Nyiveme church of Christ. 

Tentatively, about 24 men have expressed interest in attending CBS. All admission forms are to be completed and sent to CBS by the close of May 2011. 

Shed for classroom $    700.00 
Furniture                 $    500.00 
Total                       $ 1,200.00  

Cephas and Family 
2 bedroom apartment  
6 months advance pay CFA 120.00 == $ 272.00  


1. 700 invited guests expected 
2. Food and drinks will be served 
3. we shall hire about 1000 chairs 
4. We shall find a guest speaker 
5. We shall rent town hall   

Needs for students 
1. Thompson Chain reference Bibles for 9 graduates 
2. Gowns to be worn by students 
3. Books for 3 best performing students 

Posted on April 16, 2011 .