Returning Students Prepare For Preaching The Gospel...

UPDATE: Last week we asked you to pray on behalf of our beloved brother, Cy Stafford, his wife, Stephanie, and their family. While the progress is not as far along as everyone would like, Cy is progressing. Everyone is encouraged by the latest reports. Please continue to pray for Cy, as he has a long way to go still.

Students returned to the classroom last week. For the incoming freshmen there is always the overwhelming feeling of the workload they must complete in eight weeks. At the beginning there is a mixture of feelings, “I can get this done,” and then the weeks begin to clip by so quickly the feelings evolve into a panic, “How will I ever get this done?” The roller coaster continues over the next two years, but the end result is worth their efforts to achieve.

The work in the extension program continues to advance the cause of training preachers on a global basis. Word is spreading throughout various countries with the hope of many who desire to train to preach the gospel. Hardly a day goes by where an email is not received with someone seeking a way to get involved in training to preach. Some are willing to travel across borders into neighboring countries for an opportunity to enroll in the extension schools.

Reports this week continue to demonstrate the greatness of the work. Students spend time in the classroom learning and each weekend they participate in practical exercises of taking what they learn into the communities where they live. The results of these activities were clearly indicated in the year-end information shared last week. This week continues to share news of the same nature. God gives the increase as the gospel is proclaimed.

2016 will introduce the Bear Valley Bible Institute to several new locations. Please pray about the two new schools that begin next month. Also, pray for the potential locations that prepare for the opportunity to begin training men to preach later this year. We are excited with the possibilities and ask each of you to join us in praying about these locations.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports

Children And Adults All Grow Through The Word Preached In Cameroon: The work of staff and students in preacher training, along with teaching, children protects the future of the church.

Healing Hands International Assists The Work In Nigeria: Ibadan receives help from HHI in developing a better understanding of agricultural assistance for staff and students.

Remarkable Activities In Tamale Make A Difference In The North: A women’s fellowship activity, along with learning drip irrigation techniques, provide growth for the church.

Year-End Results In Haiti Indicate The Gospel At Work: Reporting on the events of 2015, the International School of Theology in Port au Prince shares the ways God blessed the work.

Moving Into The New Year Plans For Undergraduate And Graduate Work: As ACSOP moves into 2016, students in both the bachelors and masters program prepares for new coursework.

A Children’s Seminar Strengthens The Development Of The Church: The church in Arusha, Tanzania uses a children’s seminar to reach out and make a difference.

Final Thoughts
Speaking on behalf of the entire staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute International, “thank you.” We appreciate your love for the work and willingness to support the program in every way needed. Your generosity encourages all of us and inspires the future of the work. The year ahead will be one of the best because our God continues to bless our efforts.

God bless

Posted on January 17, 2016 .