We've been training preachers since 1965

On August 4, 2014, the Bear Valley Bible Institute will begin its 50th academic year of training preachers. 

Today, as much as ever before, the church needs you. The Lord needs dedicated men for work in the Kingdom and soundly proclaim the saving message of the Gospel to the more than 7 billion souls that now live on this planet. The need to sow the seed of the Gospel in the hearts of men has never been greater.

Since 1965, the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver has been training men and women for work in the Lord’s Kingdom with a strong emphasis on studying the Bible. Our mission is to provide you a strong, sound foundation in the truth of God’s inspired word and fan your desire to go out into the world and preach. We believe in the pattern of sound words God has revealed to mankind in the Bible. Each day we work at entrusting this pattern to faithful men who will teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2). You can be one of them.

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Together, we can make empty pulpits an endangered species.