Moving Into The New Year Plans For Undergraduate And Graduate Work...

I would like to greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy New Year. This is another good year that God has given to us. Although, as we all know the condition of our brother Cy, we feel like someone who is working with one hand when Cy is not around. We made a very good team working together, but I believe God knows the necessity of his position in the team, so he will restore him soon to the work. Please remember him always in you prayers.

Moreover the ACSOP is fixing to receive masters students on January 25th and brother Gary Fallis will teach both courses: “Christian Education” and “Church Planting.” As you may know, Gary Fallis has been a great teacher of the Bible for many years with great experience. I believe that students will get great knowledge from this brother. Let us please pray for him as his planning to travel to Africa. 

Also coming very soon, on February 8th, the regular quarter will start. At this point, 24 students have completed their required registration applications. We hope to get a few more because they are working on their documents required to complete their registration.

Also, please read the following short report from brother Ibrahim Mrutu at the Kisongo Church to see what God has done from August last year.

“I thank God for His blessings that He grants us day by day. Also we appreciate your prayers of help, since August to this month, till now ten (10) souls have been added to Christ, and those we were able to restore to Christ are seven (7). I would like to thank you for joining this efforts by your prayers. 

“In this month by the help of our Lord Jesus our sister Edithar Joseph was baptized. Now she is doing fine in the new convert’s Bible class. 

“Also I have nine (9) active Bible classes. This work is not easy: helping new converts, restoring the back sliders, and keeping new studies, but by the help ofyour prayers all things will be possible. Kisongo church is growing day by day because of your prayers.”

Thank you all for your prayers, may God bless you all.

Please continue to remember Cy in your prayers, also brother Daniel Gaines as he plans to come back to Africa without forgetting brother Gary Fallis.

In His service,

Ahimidiwe Kimaro
Director, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on January 17, 2016 .