Graduation in Cambodia

We are glad to serve the One Living God and work with you in service to Him.

We just completed a short course on Revelation taught by Donnie Bates from the Bear Valley congregation in Denver Colorado. We want to thank him for taking the time to visit and share his knowledge to the students and staff here. We also received warmth fro brother Wes Autrey, whom we discuss much fore the Lord’s work.

We have been preparing for the day when the students graduated. That day arrived on July 28th where 9 students completed three years of full time Bible study at the International Bible Institute. Many friends and relatives came from many miles around to be present at the ceremony and participate in the celebration meal to follow.

We are happy that all of the students are ready to go preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ as savior.Most will go into the villages to do this work where it is most receptive. Almost all of our students will be finding work in the area of missions, some combined with regular jobs to support them in saving souls.

We are now n the process of recruiting new students for the next class.We already have 5 students committed to the school for the beginning of classes on September 10th. We are utilizing the past grads, the church, the staff and nearby university to recruit.Visits to the villages and leaders of those villages to evangelize and persuade to a Christian life is also taking place.

We still ask everyone to remember us in your prayer that we are the servants of God in Cambodia.As the leaders of the school and church we ask for your prayers for wisdom to serve God in the best way possible.

Directors Piseth Rin and Darat Run.

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

28 baptisms in Chimala!

The work at Kapunga finished well as you can see the pictures with 12 souls in total saved this makes 22 peoples in gospel chariot campaigns and today we had  two people at Tukuyu and those 4 at Usalimwani = 28.

At Ngonga we distributed 2500 tracts and had several Bible studies with invitation at Gospel Chariot meeting campaign on August 21, Many people enjoyed our messages and they welcoming us very much. 

Keep praying for the campaign. 


Joseph Haonga, Director CBI

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

A new quarter in Arusha

I hope that you are doing well in the kingdom of our Lord. Our God is so good to us here in Tanzania and particularly in ACSOP. On August 6, we started our third quarter for all students. There are 20 students in the first year class who all already reported in school, 13 in the second year reported since last Saturday and 3 from Ethiopia and 1 from Kenya are still on their way coming. They are late because of their work permit issues. And all of 13 in the master program attended. 

Since then, the first year class is learning the Old Testament 2 ( Exodus - Deuteronomy) as short course taught by Josephat Massawe. So far they will start their long courses next week (August 13 – September 14)  by learning a course on Life of Christ 2 (Sermon on the Mount, Parables, and Judgment) which will be taught by John Benedicto Haule, the Old Testament 3a (A Study of Wisdom literature: Job) will be taught by Desdery Massawe, Old Testament 3 (Joshua – Ruth) will be taught by John Benedicto Haule and 1 and 2 Thessalonians will be taught by Charles Heberth. 

On other hand the second year class are learning Public Speaking 3 (Advanced Homiletics) as a short course being taught by Bernard Kulanga. They also will start their long courses next week (August 13 – September 14)  by learning a course on Greek III which will be taught by Mason Norman, Life of Christ 4 (The final days: Passover through the resurrection) will be taught by Michael Mitalami, OT 5a - Minor Prophets I (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah) will be taught by Ahimidiwe Kimaro, and Preacher’s Work will be taught by Michael Mitalami..  The master’s class learned Hermeneutics  in their first week and Homiletics in their second week which were all taught by Denton Landon.  

As usual our rotational monthly evangelism program is still going on well here. As a part of it, next Saturday I and other preachers from nearby congregations will be in the Kisongo area helping the church evangelize their community and do a follow up for new converts. As it may be known to many that last July there were great evangelism campaigns done in that area leading more than 70 souls into Christ. So more efforts are still required to mature those souls in Christ.  

Most of the time, whenever I read 2 Cor. 8:1-5 it reminds me of you brothers and sisters in Christ, our supporters.  If you don't know it by heart, look it up and read about saints who sacrificed for the cause of Christ.  Please accept our deep gratitude for all you have done to help us in this great effort in the kingdom of our Lord.  When committed people work together toward a common goal, great things happen and success is inevitable.  We continue to be thankful for the privilege of working in His kingdom; teaching people who really desire to know and obey the Truth.

Your fellow worker in the Kingdom,

Losotwa Michael,
Dean of Academics, Andrew Connally School of Preaching 

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, TZ.  

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

Summer success in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters,

I'd like to share with you the news about summer months’ work of Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ukraine.

This school year we have 5 new students who want to join our program. Currently we are actively looking for any opportunities to make it happen. Undoubtedly, we need our joined efforts, prayers and faithful brethren who believe in success of our work for God. It's hard to find financial support for this ministry locally. Majority of congregations in Ukraine do not have enough funds to help someone outside of their own congregation. Currently, of all Ukrainian congregations only Kramatorsk Church of Christ financially supports our ministry. I trust God's provision and your help in this matter. If you want to help our Institute and be useful for the Lord's work in Ukraine please contact Terry Harmon, Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ukraine coordinator.

In August our graduates, preachers and teachers had VBS in many locations, in Dnipro, Brovary, Chernovtsy, Kiyv and the Carpathian Mountains. They had baptisms, they had personal studies. A lot of fruitful work was done thanks to their joined efforts. Our Institute has helped so many future preachers to gain knowledge, confidence and some experience during their two years of studies.

At present we are getting ready for our VBS in Bela Tserkva in the end of August. And the new school year will start after it. As usual we start our school year in the beginning of September. This is the traditional time for all educational establishments in Ukraine. The end of the school year is in May. I sent the courses schedule to our Instructions and they are ready to start teaching.

Our second year class will have 6 students. I had to expel two students because of their unchristian actions and attitudes. It seems that they are not sorry about their actions but on the contrary feel angry towards God and the church. I strongly believe that we have to administer disciplinary actions in some cases when sin is evident.

We have reached the final stages in the project of publishing Jim Mettenbrink's book "Commentaries to the book of Isaiah". We are thankful to God that brother Mettenbrink has willingness and funds to help the spiritual growth of Ukrainian Christians.

My family as well as our students send you their greetings. We deeply appreciate our faithful brethren's help with the growth of Churches of Christ in Ukraine.

Your brother and co-worker,

Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

Classes resume in Accra

Grace be to the Lord for a successful end of July. We are gratefully kicking and we appreciate all the brethren for their prayers. We also pray that the Lord may grant you abundant strength.


The school resumed on 1st July, 2018 with full class in session. All instructors have been regular to commence their respective courses.


· Effective lessons are in progress for this Third Quarter. On the curriculum includes: The Gospel of John, Life of Christ 2, The Book of Acts, Hermeneutics 2, 1 Corinthians, and Prison Epistles.

· The staff has met to assess the progress of the school and new plans ahead. After the meeting, the director and his instructors met the students to motivate them on their studies and instructed them on their weaknesses.

· The director and the administration have devised a plan to visit all the students’ working places to encourage the churches to effectively support the welfare of their preachers (students) as in pocket money, transportation, etc.

· Also, the administration has deployed one George Osafo, an English Instructor for the regular students which took effect on 13th July, 2018.


Reports from our students, both the regular and mostly the Week End show that much work are done by them, as they teach and preach in various Bible Classes in their congregations and that they visit. Baptism records of Six (6) are reported for July, 2018.

Keep praying with us as we do also in our various prayers.

From the staff at Southern Institute of Biblical Studies (SIBS)

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

The influence of Mission Printing in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Calvary greetings to you all over there in your respective families and in the church family. It is with joy that I convey my report to you hoping that this report meets you in good health. We are here doing what has been entrusted in our hands. We do it with joy and without any fear even though we live in a time of crisis in Cameroon, for we know our God is watching as we cry unto Him daily. Last week we spent all of our mid-week activities going down on our knees praying because our Father is still on the throne.

The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Cameroon Wotutu is on. We still preach every 5 am and our students are still studying hard. God’s work under our care is moving on smoothly. Keep this work in your prayers as we are finalizing the preparing of these men. Soon they will be dispatched into the over ripened field of the Lord to harvest as much as the Lord will draw to Himself. Your prayers are needed.

Our Mission Printing tracts keep going from one town to another and from one village to another. Thierry is our graduate who is doing a lot with the tracts mission. Many desire to read and to ask questions concerning what they read. The responses are positive and we give glory to God.

One good thing with our Mission Printing tracts is that not only do our students, graduates, and other preachers make great use of the tracts in their evangelistic efforts, but our Christians are also using them to preach to their friends and relatives. Even my mother will select some of the tracts to share with her friends and say, “If you have any questions then ask my son who is a preacher.” My mother has never been to school. She could not read and write till now that she has attend our adult literacy classes, but it is still not easy with her. She is telling people what she was taught before she was baptized. I love my mom’s zeal for Christ’s work.

God bless you for trusting us and standing with us to do this work. May God bless your resources and bless you the more.

Share our report with others.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director BVBIC-Wotutu 

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

A vast learning experience in Zimbabwe


In the month of July, we continued to add value to the students.  They have now completed their first term. All students appreciated the new knowledge that was imparted to therm. In this report, we give a brief of what transpired in the month.


In July, BVBIZ had her first training in the use of sign language in communication. It follows that every person, no matter his or her status, has a right to be taught the saving Gospel of Jesus. The fact is that the church has lost the deaf to denominations because the has not been any facility for them. BVBIZ seeks to end this. Graduates are going to be the vehicle through which those who are deaf will hear the word of God. By the end of their classes, students were now able to translate into sign language whilst another person was speaking. We hope that they shall have another session later in their studies to perfect the art.


The new class has not yet started going out for evangelism. However, several efforts were done during the term to equip them towards this task. Several practicals were done and shall continue to be done. It is hoped that when they resume next term, evangelism proper shall commence. In terms of leading worship services, students showed great improvement. As of July, most had began to preach, lead in songs and preside on communion according to the terms’s standards. The teachers are satisfied with their progress so far. 


Subjects for the first term of learning were completed successfully. We appreciate the sacrifices made by both teachers and students in ensuring that everything flows smoothly. 

Besides those subjects, students were trained in the following; crop production, drip irrigation technology, poultry production, music and sign language. This is in line with the school’s strategic plan which is geared towards producing highly competent,equipped and competent servants through a robust training and development program.


From the funds received from Healing Hands International, we have started a broiler project.  The first batch of chicks came on the 3rd of July. It had 150. The second batch came on the 20th of July. It had 100 chicks. We also booked for another batch of 150 which we expect on the 3rd of August.  We expect the first batch to be ready for the market around the 13th of August. We remain grateful to Healing hands for the funds and the training the school received through Brother John Dube.  Besides providing the school with extra income, the project will help students with hands on experience in the raising of broilers and as part and parcel of their entrepreneurship skills development.   


Most of our graduates who graduated in June have now started their work in various congregations. Next month, we shall be giving an update on their whereabouts.  To God be the glory!


BVBIZ remains grateful to the hearts that continue to be moved by the work the school is doing. Local brothers and sisters have been trying to support the work both financially and in kind. To this, the school remains grateful and continues to pray for God’s blessings upon all those who part with their resources in order to partner with the school in equipping workers for the ministry.


It was a term with new experiences, both to the students and teachers. Students are now on a well deserved but fruitful break.Their second term shall beging on the 10th of September. We praise God for taking the school this far. In addition, this would not have been possible without your support. Thank you all. To God be the glory!


Mathew Muchingam

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

334 baptisms so far this year in Chimala

Hello broters I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

First of all we thank God the Creator for His mercy, love, and grace. On behalf of CBI team I would like to give the short semester reports as follows :

According to the follow up from the graduates I have made from January until now real they have done great job 253 people have been baptized and 34 restorations . This has come very good and great encouragement to the work you are Supporting here at Chimala mission thanks a lot. 

As a result of weekend evangelism we have 32 baptisms, and 57 restorations; from students reports on their June vocation, we have 30 baptisms and 9 restoration; and from June seminars we have 11 baptisms. At the Gospel Chariot campaigns which we started on Tuesday this week we are at the fourth day today we have 8 baptisms.

This makes the TOTAL RESULTS to be 334 baptisms and 100 restorations.

As a continuation of Gospel Chariot campaigns  next week will be at Kapunga, Mapangala, Kimani,  Ngonga and finally at Border kyela on September 2 the last day ready to go back Malawi. 

We invite your prayers and supports.


Joseph Haonga, Director CBI

Posted on August 1, 2018 .

Continued progress in Zambia


Once again we bring to you greetings from the heart of African Zambia! Our first quarter ended gloriously with two souls (Joseph and Blessings) submitting to the will of God in baptism. Blessings Mudolo has already expressed interest in enrolling and studying at BVBI-Zambia in his quest to know more about the Lord and be faithful in the Lord's Church.

Students have so far easily worked well in teams an indication that they can be team workers with the opportunity given to them here at BVBI-Zambia. They have shown a great spirit of cooperation in all that they have been involved in at the Institute, be it physical or spiritual. Physically, they have been actively working in the small garden at the Institute premises as shown in the pictures below. Spiritually, they have been participating in local church Bible studies and teaching in chapel. We have not unleashed them to evangelize the"world" yet as we want to first prepare them adequately before they start going out in communities. Currently, school is on a two week recess and classes will resume on the 6th August 2018. As we begin the second quarter we believe it is going to be more exciting.

During this short break, regardless most of our students being peasant farmers busy with farm work, we have received good reports of their involvement in the spiritual well-being of their respective congregations. Their good works started even before they went on break. We were so delighted by the teaching of Austin Musonda at Mikomfwa Church of Christ in his sermon “Christian Commitment - let us teach by example how to live in Christ and how to relate to our fellow man.” His teaching resulted in the restoration of three souls. 

BVBI-Z got a real thrill  when she received two leaders from her nearby town (Kitwe) who just came to say, "Thank you for the work you are doing and the impact you are making on the lives of our children." We would like also to thank Brother Donnie Estep who introduced us to World Evangelism in Winona, MS. The tracts which were sent to us from World Evangelism were given to our students which they have been distributing as they teach the Gospel. 

We have our three students from Luapula Province of Zambia which borders with the eastern part of D.R.Congo, report that within this short break, they have set up numerous Bible studies centers from the door knocking campaigns that they have done between July 16-30, 2018. Their activities and reports have been  very interesting and as an Institute  we are planning to go and camp there to evangelize for two days in the month of August; actually we would want to be there for at least four to five days, but due to limited funds for such work we can only manage two days. The church is not quite strong in this part of Zambia, but we believe that with vigorous activities such as these, the church will definitely gain momentum and convert many to Christ there. As an Institute we plan to have one Gospel campaign in this province to help the Church grow.

We are eternally grateful for the partnerships that we have in the Lord and the financial support that we have continued to receive from Woodland Oaks Church of Christ. May God be glorified

In His service,

Cephas and Fred


Posted on July 31, 2018 .

Evangelism in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus, 

Greetings to you all from the students and instructors of BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in South West States of Nigeria and from the Makinde   

OVERVIEW : Reports reaching me from the students who are presently working with the Lord 's church in states across our country, Nigeria. In a month students teaching practice shows that the Lord has been using the students and their host by adding 43 souls and restoration of 26 erring brethren recorded so far. Bro. Joseph Olaleye and Bro. Anana Abasiama Effiong reports three conversions and one restoration each. TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HONOR! 

SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Works continue in putting things in order in the school compound in preparation for our 16th Annual Bible Lectureship and graduation ceremony of August 22-24,2018 at BVBIN AND SWSE, IBADAN, Butubutu village via Badeku /Jago, Ona Ara L. G. A. Oyo State. We were able to replace the broken louvers and mosquito net of Doug Wheeler Event Hall  and our male students dormitory. 

Twenty four (24) students are already enrolled for the diploma courses and sixteen (16) for Advanced BVBI certificate. 

STUDENTS TEACHING PRACTICE :We were able to sent forth our forty two students (42)for a month teaching practice across the country, Nigeria with the support of $250 from our able brother, Bro. Steven Ashcraft and associates by subsidized for the students transportation fare to the venue of their field work. 

CONCLUSION :We are so much appreciative of your partnership and love toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the whole world in general. May the Lord of blessings and mercies continue to bless all you do for His name is our fervent prayers. 

 Our best regards to your family and associates. 

Sincerely His and yours  ......Bro. Makinde Ebens (Director of Studies and Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW) 

Posted on July 31, 2018 .

Trying times in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from the beautiful Cameroon. I do hope my report finds you well and busy in the things of God. We are here and still under the protection of our God as innocent citizens when it comes to politics. We are still busy even though with some tension and fear while serving our God in different capacities.

The socio-political situation in some parts of our country is killing down God’s work as congregations are scattered and unable to assemble. Economic situations are on a down a lot as well as businesses and farms have been abandoned and homes in safe villages are filling up with extra people. The burden on everyone is great. 

As a preacher, I have encouraged the Wotutu congregation to take this whole week to seek the face of God in prayers. We have suspended some mid-week classes so that we can fast and pray for the situation of our country. I am still having to go to Douala to get good internet to send my report. The internet on the English side is way down. Keep our country in your prayers.

The Bible school students are doing fine in their studies even though some are sick because of the change in climate as we are getting more rains now. God has been so great as to grant us a long delay in the heavy rain falling while many have been homeless in the Northwest and Southwest regions and have been living in the bushes because of this crisis. 


Evangelism is at the top of our agenda and we are working tireless to make sure we reach out to many, nurture congregations, and show the reason for our living to many. We will reach as far and as long as we have the means. Keep our efforts in your prayers.


God who watches all of our actions will be able to reward you and your family for all the priceless sacrifice you make both prayerfully and financially to keep this work going. God bless you. Thank you very much for all you do.

 Elangwe and family 

 By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on July 31, 2018 .

The first graduation in New Zealand

NZ 1.jpg

We made it! Our first school term has closed, and we have honoured three students for their hard work. They have taken 48 courses together. We have seen tremendous growth in them in the past two years. On the 29th of July, we were blessed to have Mark Reynolds from Bear Valley in the USA bring a fantastic sermon on “The Faith of Our Fathers.” We then held graduation at the Porirua church building for our students.

Jay was a banker by trade in 2016. He left his job to study in BVBINZ for two years. Having graduated, he will now work as a full-time evangelist with the church in Porirua.

Daniel was a builder by trade in 2016, and he put his career on hold to study in BVBINZ for two years. Now that he has completed the program, he plans to move to another city in New Zealand where the church could use some help. He will continue his work as a builder while applying his knowledge and skills gained at BVBINZ to the local work.

Dora was a school teacher in 2016. She left her job to study at BVBINZ. Now that she has completed the program, she is going to work full-time as a private Bible teacher, evangelising within the community of Porirua.

You can watch the graduation at this link.

This past month, we welcomed Mark Reynolds as one of our instructors. He did a great job teaching Leadership, and he clearly made a great connection with our students.

On the 4th of July, the Robert Swain family and I visited with the Morningside congregation in Auckland to promote BVBINZ. Robert preached on the value of knowing God’s word in a deep and meaningful way, and I gave some information about the school. Through that effort, we gained a new full-time student. We also provided information of the school to some faithful brethren who will pray for the work.

The new term begins the first of August. We look forward to keeping Joziah as a full-time student. We also will be welcoming at least three new full-time students: Giselis, Anita, and Monique.

Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible. Keep praying.

Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Fiji students being challenged academically

Bula from Fiji!

It’s hard to believe that the year is passing so quickly. We have just passed the halfway mark for 2018! At the Bible Institute of Raiwaqa, we have just completed our second term of classes. Our students are now beginning two weeks of short courses next week, which are being taught by Paul Merideth and Rocco Pierce. As soon as short courses are finished, our ten current students will be joining Dad on a campaign to Samoa, where they will be taking part in a workshop centered around the book of Job. Before you know it, we will be starting our final term of the year. Which means that our first graduation is just around the corner (November 3, 2018)! In this report, I will be sharing some news about the last couple of months with the work here in Fiji. As always, your prayers and support for our work are greatly appreciated!

School News

The last eight weeks have been a rush for us at the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa. Our students have participated in what I believe was their hardest term yet. Over the last eight weeks I have taught courses in Old Testament Prophets II (Hosea-Malachi), Expository Preaching, and Greek Grammar I (which focuses on nouns and adjectives). Dad taught courses in Bible GeographyActs, and 1 Corinthians. While the courses were very demanding, I was amazed at how hard all of our students worked. It seems like the more challenging the course, the more the students enjoyed it. Throughout the term, I asked different students which classes they were enjoying the most. The leading answer was Greek, followed by Bible Geography and Expository Preaching. Even though these were the three classes that required the largest amount of homework, they were also the classes that they enjoyed the most – primarily because they covered things that our students had never studied.

I was especially pleased to see how well the Greek course turned out. Learning Greek is never easy. But, in this case, it was made more difficult by the fact that they are learning to translate Greek into English – which is not the first language of any of our students! But, they have all worked so hard at doing it. Some students have really struggled with it (especially all of the memory work it requires), but other students have shown a real talent for it. While we are only able to give our students an introductory level understanding of the language, it is our hope to be able to identify some students who have a talent for learning the language and provide them with additional resources to advance their knowledge of the language in the future. Several of our students will be taking Greek Grammar II (which focuses on verbs) next term, while the other students will be taking a different course that will be taught by Dad. Currently, the plan is for him to teach a course on Rhetoric and Argumentation.

Student Evangelism

The goal of this program has always been to train our students in church leadership, public teaching (preaching and teaching Bible classes), and especially evangelism. We want to not only help them build their own faith, but we also want to teach them how to share that faith with others. One of the most rewarding experiences in teaching is when you see your students applying their knowledge in sharing it with others. Currently, Devan and I worship with the Raiwaqa church of Christ where several of our students attend. Because the Raiwaqa congregation uses a preaching rotation among the men of the congregation, we regularly have the opportunity to hear our students preach. I can truly say it amazes me each time I hear our students speak – to see how much they are learning and growing. While I do not get to hear our students at other congregations preach as often, we have often received reports from members of their congregation speaking about how much their preaching and involvement in the church has improved. We truly have a great group of students in the program.

What is even more exciting than seeing our students preaching  and teaching is seeing them involved in personal evangelism. I mentioned in our last newsletter that the Raiwaqa congregation had recently seen several baptisms as a result of studies with some of our students. In this letter, I would like to highlight the additional works of a couple of our students. Brother Peter Lee has recently begun traveling with his wife, Moira, to the other side of the island to work with the congregation at Ba. They travel up to Ba every two or three weeks to the congregation to help with the work over the weekend before returning home for Peter’s classes. Another student who is heavily involved in personal evangelism is Brother Emosi Sailo. Brother Emosi and his wife, Nancy, have always been evangelistic. Brother Emosi is regularly involved in visiting the homes of people he knows or meets to study the gospel with them. He is also one who travels to other villages and towns from time to time to preach or teach the gospel. These are just two of our students in the program. The truth is, all of our students are heavily involved in teaching and serving their home congregations. In spite of their heavy school load, many of them continue to not only be involved in the work of their local congregations – they are actually taking on more responsibilities within those congregations!


Jason Pierce

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Students plant & nurture new congregation in Sierra Leone

 Dear Brethren in the vineyard

We hereby send you greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We are hereby sending you pictures of the new born congregation at Borma community. This is the first chapel planted since the inception of our school in Kenema. Our first service was 40 members after our campaign in this area.

We have assigned students to maintain this congregation since they have no one to pasture them. They are presently meeting under a small hut covered on top of it with grasses as the former house of one of the member is not spacious to contain all of them.

New converts for the congregation were baptized by students during the campaign and added to the congregation.

Bro. Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Campaign success near Accra


We are more grateful to the Lord for the peaceful ending of the month. Also, we ask the Lord and our Saviour to strengthen our supporters for their heartfelt giving and their remembrance in prayer for the progress of the School. God bless you all.

Campaign Activities

As part of the school’s curriculum, two of the students and an instructor went on a survey at an area under consideration, Rock City Church of Christ, Kasoa – Accra. The campaign will be carried out on 4th and ends in 10th June, 2018.   Having completed the campaign, after Sunday worship we had Three (3) men who were immersed to the glory of God.


The Rock City Church of Christ gave a donation of 300.00 for the school for such wonderful work done.

Request for Students regular visit

Having noted the effectiveness and the effort of the students in the scripture, some clarifications were made on some questions boggling the leadership. However, they had requested that the students should visit them so that some lessons could be taught for more clarity and understanding of the scriptures for their spiritual growth. 


In conclusion, the administration and all teaching and non-teaching staff together with the students, say God bless you. Keep praying with us.

God bless you and remember us in your prayer.

Southern Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

More than 100 baptisms in Tanzania

ACSOP Faculty Report - End of July 2018

School Activities during break time!

“An Idle mind is a workshop of a devil” This is one of the old quote that has a lot practical application in our daily lives. We thank God here at the School because we can stay busy all the time, training men to be preachers and work herd top spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and win more souls for the Kingdom.

A number of groups from USA have been visiting congregation around the Area of Arusha working hand to hand with local evangelist and church members. These campaign have given tremendous results this Year. More than 100 souls have obeyed the gospel both in Kisongo, Manyire, Ilkiurei, Arusha and Maji ya chai to name just few. Local preachers and members stay busy to maintain the maturity of these precious souls that have obeyed this time. We want to try our level best not to lose many, as we all know that the devil is not happy at all about this huge increase. Please keep your prayers up for all the new converts who faithful attend several series of classes on Now I am a Christian

I am glad to let you all know that we the faculty of ACSOP have safely returned from our trip. For the past two weeks we have been visiting all the congregations that work with our Second year Students for the purpose of building our relationship and encourage our students. Michael Losotwa and I were able to meet with several students who lives in Kenya and saw the good work they do in their local areas to spread the truth. More report on our graduate student will come to you later as you all aware that, the school has already graduated over 172 up to last year. We are expecting nine to graduate from the English class this year, and we continue to ask for your prayer as they come to finish two quarter of class.

 All this good things and many others cannot be accomplished if we don’t work as a team. Team working has been secret of any success including our. This great TEAM includes all the sponsors, coordinators, directors, our staff her at ACSOP whom I am always felling proud of them for their good work. Thanking you all who will read and never fell tired to support any good work of spreading the truth in the World.

Till all have heard!

Thank you,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, Tanzania



Posted on July 30, 2018 .

63 converted in Malawi!

BVBI –Malawi, Report for July!

It is always a blessing to receive visitors! We were glad to be visited by our beloved brother – Donnie Estep in the month of May. The students were encouraged by the lesson which Donnie taught – World Religions. His emphasis was on Islam as it is the major world religion which is deceiving many people in the world today! We are thankful to the president and all the staff of BVBI-International for sending us Brother Donnie to teach twice every year.  Donnie, is also our country Director. We always enjoy seeing him and feeling sad when he says bye to us. We really appreciate his commitment to training men to be preachers of the saving message to all the world!

Malawi – Good Soil!

When we read about the parable of the Sower, the good soil is explained to be the good heart. This good heart does hear the word of God and hid it. Many people in Malawi have the good heart, very receptive to the Word of God. BVBI –Malawi students, were involved in two campaigns end of May, where by about 63 Souls were saved! The winning of Souls to Christ, always bring joy to Angels in heaven and all of us rejoice together for our Father – God, is pleased! From the campaign students were sent home for one month holiday, (the month of June).

7th to 8th July

On the above dates, we were receiving our students back from their one month holiday of June. The classes have started and all students have arrived! The students have reported good news, that more Souls have been added to the church during their time on holiday. This means instead of resting they have been continuing doing the evangelistic work. Some students reported that they have been teaching in seminars and encouraging the congregations. About 20 souls have been reported to have been saved in different areas where our students are coming from during their holiday time. We thank and praise God for the Souls saved!

Brother Richard, one of the BV students was once a Muslim, and has also reported that he managed to preach to one of the influencing and prominent member of Islamic religion in his home village. The good news is that at the end of their discussion, the Muslim was baptized, him and his wife plus their two daughters. The Gospel is powerful – Romans 1:16!

Many thanks to all those who make this work possible. Your support and prayers for this work, is proving to us your willingness to work together as we are seeking to accomplish and fulfill the redemptive plan of God in saving Souls and training men to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2; 2 Timothy 4:2)! Eternity Is Forever, Think Souls!

In His Vine Yard!

Ephron Vincent Mbano,(Local Director).

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Triumph over trouble in Cameroon

Dearest in the Lord, 

    It is a pleasure to have you as spiritual family. God created us and we are living in one home but from separate rooms. From this end in our room that is in Cameroon we bring to our greetings. We hope that all is well across the ocean. May our great Lord keep protecting you. It is regretful that our country is still living in great fear. A lot of people are moving from the English speaking (Anglophone) regions to the French speaking (Francophone) regions. People are still witnessing gun shots every day and people are losing their lives and property every day. We are praying for peace to reign again so that the displaced persons to get back to their homeland. 

In the midst of the crisis our schools are still operating and our students are growing to greater and greater heights. We are already exploiting the third week in the second quarter of the second year. Oh, how time flies. Soon and very soon, we shall be inviting you for another graduation and matriculation. 

The month of June was characterized by lot of activities that involved both the church and the school in particular. The sisters and children of the Mbanga congregation traveled to Wotutu for a vacation Bible school that lasted for one week. Our children greatly enjoyed the activities and I had the opportunity the spend the closing day there with brother Micah Crayton who preached during chapel. My regards to Karen Pond, Vicky Harris and daughter Savannah, Jonathan and daughter Makenzie, and to the men who helped also.

Meanwhile, the students were having two week long short courses with elder Todd Crayton from the Frisco church of Christ USA. His courses were on the book of 1 Corinthians and Leadership. The courses went on well. He also spent some time admonishing the congregation and God added one precious soul in the church who is now a great instrument to our congregation.

Still in the month of June, our students spend two weeks going to about seven (7) different communities for evangelism campaign. It was a great success. To begin with our field work analysis, during this field work they talked face to face with about 450 persons, about 250 received tracks in both in French and English, some were restored, and about 7 baptized. We are still doing serious follow up with those converts and some prospects as we still send some students out there on a weekly basis. The field is vast but the labourers are few. French Cameroun is really vast. 

 Upcoming events.

  A lectureship is coming up in Susan this Friday. Mbanga will be hosting the Fako Littoral lectureship in October. We have summer youth retreat next month and women are also preparing for the sisters’ seminar.

Let's us be praying for our country.

A report from Mbanga by his servant Ititi Benedict

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Prayers requested for Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this part of the globe, Cameroon central Africa. We are doing great even though most of our brethren still live in fear and are wondering what will happen next. I describe the situation of Cameroon to be bad. We need prayers from brethren to help solicit God to make haste a resolve as many of His children are in the forest and worship Him in very deplorable conditions. The socio–political situation of Cameroon has affected the churches of Christ a great deal. Many of our Christians cannot boast of balanced daily meals, water, and medications. Some of our sisters have had their babies in forest. Many have lost homes and basic belongings. Your fervent prayers are needed.

In Wotutu we are still enjoying peace as our worship and other socio-economic activities are still going on smoothly without any interruptions. Our Bible college is on and moving on well. Our students are doing well and classes as well as evangelism are working as normal. We are though, very cautious of where we put our legs for evangelism. Risky zones are avoided now for a while but souls in less risky zones are still being touched.

Our students are strong with the tradition of pointing the truth, the undiluted word, directly from the Bible. It is amazing as many can understand when they read our tracts along side their Bibles and those who cannot read can understand the truth when they hear readings and instruction from the Bible.

I am going to Bamenda this week to be with the lovely family of a preacher who died this week to help comfort the widow and also arrange for the funeral. Keep minister Nicodemus’ family in your prayers. Evangelism continues in our newly established congregations.


Thanks very much for your fervent prayers, love, and support. We could move on without those
things. May God bless you and keep you to do more. Please share our report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Graduation upcoming in Takoradi

Dear Brethren,

We greet you all our beloved brethren. Your support, and prayers have seen us through another successful month of operation and we are glad to report to you our operations for the month of June, 2018.


Thankfully we have had a month of successful classroom work for both the regular and part time students. Even though we are in the raining season, both instructors and students have been regular in class attendance, thus enhancing teaching and learning. As has been reported to you earlier, our next graduation is scheduled for Saturday August 25, 2018 to be followed immediately by the annual Seminar for Preachers and church Leaders which is organized by this school. The students have been able to combine their preparations towards these two major events on our calendar with classes


Our suppliers of the day old chicks had problems in their hatchery, thus losing thousands of chicks from which we were going to have our next supply on July 19, 2018. We have been assured of supply on August 10, 2018.


The students continue with their evangelism efforts in the villages around the school. Both instructors and students’ effort resulted in the baptism of five souls in the month of June, 2018.


We continue to ask for your prayers, particularly for the programs ahead of us – Graduation and Seminar. Thank you once again for we know that we have come this far through your prayers and financial support.

May God richly bless you all.


Posted on July 17, 2018 .