Lectureship in Nepal

Approximately fifty [50] Christian guests attended and participated in a four-day series of classes at our new building.  These preachers and Christian leaders, both male and female, came from various parts of Nepal plus the tea plantation area of India along the east Nepal border.  

One of our goals since opening Nepal Center For Biblical Study in January 2010 has been to increase the participation of Nepali Christian leaders.  Men who have graduated from NCBS taught about 50% of our classes, and the other half by our staff.  Classes during the first two days were combined classes of men and women.  The last two days included morning mixed classes and afternoon separate classes for ladies and classes for men.

The theme for our morning classes were as follows:

Tuesday:    Extending and Defending the Faith.  Evangelize the lost and mature the members.

Wednesday:   Unity and Fellowship leading to Cooperation and Growth. Divine Parentage joined with Faithful Maturing Children.

Thursday:       Christian Leadership … Elder = Pastor = Bishop  N.T. qualifications, responsibilities, and pattern

Friday:             Works … Deeds … Spiritual Fruit

                                 Those that displease and disappoint God; Those that please God

In addition the morning classes included instruction, scriptures, and guided audience discussion on the following denominational false teachings:

Salvation by faith only, Human Creeds and Traditions, Instrumental Music, Denominational Pastors

Speaking in tongues, Immersion verses Sprinkling, Women in the church, and  God’s Kindness and Severity

These meetings serve many benefits for the congregations all over Nepal and the border areas with India.  We are also aware of the valuable lesion we learn as a preaching school:

  1. We are motivated when we see the progress being made.
  2. We are motivated when we see how much still needs to be done.
  3. The love and fellowship that is shared also serves to motivate and encourage us.

These four days, with leaders from many parts of Nepal, also served to review the progress made pertaining to the 2015 earthquakes, and to appraise the current needs.  Our current goals focus on rebuilding destroyed and badly damaged meeting halls and personal homes.  $20,000.00 was given to accomplish these goals.  We are also better prepared to make wise use of whatever financial resources are available in the future.  There is a HUGE amount that still needs to be done. 

Please remember us in your prayers as we work to build up the Kingdom of Christ and to rebuild the devastation caused by the earthquake.

Your brothers,

Gajendra Deshar gajendra_deshar@yahoo.com

Jerry Golphenee jrgx21958@gmail.com







Posted on June 22, 2017 .

3 campaigns in Nigeria

Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW team in South West of Nigeria. 
We are excited to be counted asservants of the Lord. 

We divided ourselves into three groups on weekend of June 16-18. The first two groups worked Ibadan city in two of the nine local government areas. Bro. Dele Shotola was in charge of the group that evangelized Felele area, while I was in charge of the group that evangelized Gbongudu and Aronfolu area of Lagelu Local Government. Bro. Kayode Eniafe was in charge of the ministerial students that evangelized Asejire and Ikoyi towns of Osun State. 

On Sunday, I taught on Who is the Lord? (Exodus 5:2) at Onikokoro /Gbongudu congregation of Ibadan and one of our year two students named Bro. Moses Bamidele admonished the saints from Matt. 25:31-40.

To cut the long story short, all our students where all busy working with the Lord in the congregations where they placed their membership or the congregations where they are ministering .

Brethren, we appreciate you all for your moral and financial support. May the Lord of blessings continue to bless all your endeavors in Christ name, amen. 

Yours in His service as a servant..... Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies and Chairman of Administrative Council -BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN)

Posted on June 20, 2017 .

VBS in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon, it has been a long period now that I have not been able to send my report because my computer was bad and I could not use my phone. Thanks be to God the computer is working now and I will do my best to send report as usual.

Last weeks in BVBIC-Wotutu was great, with lots of activities. Our students just ended their second quarter last week and it was great. A few are still struggling to get on their feet academically, but we are here to help and encourage them to keep moving and we can see changes in their progress.

Last week was the first edition of VBS was in Wotutu congregation. This program drew kids from our congregation, other congregations, and many kids from Brightland Christian schools. This will go a long way to help kids and parents and this program will be a wide open doors for many souls in the future.

God bless you for all your tireless efforts to make things happen here. We doubt if you were not there how this work would have been possible. Thank you from all this way we say thank you very much.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on June 19, 2017 .

New students in India

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our saviour. By the grace of God we are all doing good. We are thankful to you all for your prayers towards the Preaching School in Visakha. We do thank you brethren for your part in training our men to carryout the gospel to the lost millions. We appreciate you all once again for your prayers towards the health of Bro. M. Samuel Raju who is the Director of the school/College. We give glory and honour to our mighty God for His mercy being shown upon him and blessed him with good health. Kindly continue your prayers.

Brethren, Kindly allow me to update you all about what’s going on with us at Visakha Valley Bible College.

Gospel OutReach: We receive reports that our students are doing tremendous job of evangelism in various places of their districts. They are conducting gospel campaigns and gospel meetings. They are also doing door knocking campaigns and personal bible studies. As a result people are being added to the Church. Our students are blessed to receive some valuable gospel tools as a gift at the time of their graduation. Thankfully enough we were able to do the same this time with the help of the brethren at Strickland Church of Christ. We have given each of the graduate a Bicycle and a Rechargeable Mega phone. What a joy it is to see those tools are being used in the mission field. Some of the previous batch students who have not received them are trying to buy a megaphone for themselves, some are asking if we can help them in anyway with a Rechargeable Megaphone. Hope our Lord provides. In addition to the mission efforts of our students we also continue to attend & conduct Bible classes, Gospel meetings in various places of our state.  

New Admissions:

After the summer break is over we are in the process of obtaining the applications from the students who wants to enroll in the two year Preacher Training College. Some of the students who shown interest to join in the school has attended our Future Preacher Training program conducted at Skinner’s Garden. This has given us an opportunity give them an understanding of how the training is going to be. I would say its an orientation program. 8 of the students have filled their applications, they will be meeting us at the school on Monday 12th June for taking the admission test and also to provide the required information for the admission in the training program.

Brethren, thank you all so much for being part of this wonderful program, we cannot imagine doing this without your part. We continue to strive for His cause, we would appreciate your prayers, Thanking you.

In Christ, 

M. Samuel Raju, Director

M. John Dean, Dean

Posted on June 19, 2017 .

A successful lectureship in New Zealand!

Bear Valley Bible Institute-New Zealand’s first official lectureship is in the books! Every year during the weekend that leads into the first Monday of June (called Queen’s Birthday Weekend in New Zealand), the Porirua church hosts a camp and lectureship. This year, we held it also as BVBINZ’s first lectureship.

The first three lessons were by staff, and we taught on interpretation and teaching principles. The next three lessons were by BV students on case studies, applying those principles. Actually, the students taught four lessons, as during one lesson, Glen taught the men and Dora taught the women. The lessons were:

  1. The Error of Unprincipled People (Kent O’Donnell)
  2. Covenant Confusion (Lance Mosher)
  3. The Silence of the Scriptures–Permissive or Restrictive? (Rod Kyle)
  4. Case Study: The Thief on the Cross–Faith Alone? (Deo Asistol)
  5. Case Study: Gender Roles in the Church, Home, and Society (Glen Gawe [men] | Dora Lavea [women])
  6. Case Study: Music in Worship (Jay Pahetogia)

The Sunday morning at camp always has the largest numbers, as those who cannot stay at camp still like driving in to enjoy worship with us on the Lord’s Day. Deo Asistol taught the lesson that hour, and it was his first time ever preaching. He did a fine job. All but the one on gender roles were recorded, and they can be heard here.

We are continually thankful for all you do to encourage us at BVBINZ. We could not go on without your love and support.  

Keep serving Him,
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on June 19, 2017 .

Prayers requested for sick students

May God continue to bless the congregation of the saints. We bring our sincere salutation from this part of the cosmos. Again the students send appreciation after their first quarter exams which gives us an assurance of their willingness to do the work of an evangelist.

Our young congregation is doing her best. We are today the 4th of June and our goal for this week is accomplish with the struggle for restoration and we realized 3 of the backsliders were present in worship and promised to always be with us. In the midst of two visitors we have been having studies for some time now. We keep on praying for the our congregation because in reality the work is very tedious and different been in French speaking area in Cameroon with some people still having very strong belief on tradition of which they have no problem the denomination.

The school of preaching in Mbanga is preparing for her first mission work into 6 different congregations of the Lord with a special campaign in Ntiem and Sanke with the first alumni from the Mbanga graduates. 

Our greatest problem is just that most the students are still not responding to treatment,but are able to attend classes every day. One of them who is a student and registered his examination as an entrance to the university just finished his exams fare away in Garoua. We pray for his safe trip to Mbanga by this week. The sad news is about one of the students who have abandon his course before exams so probably will be left with 11 students,.

The lord is good and all the time the Lord is good.remain blessed my beloved.

Your brother,

Ititi Nimending

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Much progress in Zimbabwe!

At the end of each month we look back and reflect on the level we would have taken our students to. We also look back and reflect on the roles we would have played in the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth. In the month of May, as usual, God helped us achieve another level.  This is despite the various challenges the country is experiencing. In this report, we give highlights of those activities that transpired in the month of May and a brief on the upcoming field practice for students.


A well qualified and competent preacher is never trained in one day. Several building blocks are needed. A two day seminar was held on the 12th and 13th of May. This time around BVBIZ students and our usual leadership class which comes once a month benefited from the seminar. Brother Howard Suwari is a part time teacher at BVBIZ whilst Isaiah Machingura serves as an elder at Bulawayo Central church of Christ. Attendees were taken to a higher level of understanding and the school appreciates the sacrifices made by these two great teachers.

A new Congregation is Born

It is with joy that we report the starting of another congregation in Gweru, Habben Park church of Christ. BVBIZ students have been going to the area for evangelism. Her first attendance was 26. We remain grateful for what God has been doing through BVBIZ. As a temporal measure, Nashville church of Christ, a close by congregation, is partnering the school in the development of the congregation. Two souls were added to the church in May even as we pray for many more to respond to the Gospel call.

Married Students

Our married students shall be joined by their wives for the field program. These ladies are expected on campus on the 1st of July, that is, 2 weeks before the program. They are going to be prepared for the task that lies ahead of them.


In May we started another batch of our chicken project.  Each batch is taken care of by two students. The previous batch was being taken care of by Godknows Mutambara and Tinashe Mazhambe whilst the present one is being taken care of by Simba Madyira and Happison Bvukumbwe.  By the end of each round the concerned students would have an appreciation of how these are raised besides the theory learnt.


Harvesting of the maize crop started towards the end of May. The work is being carried out by students. Please note the picture above showing part of the harvested crop;


The few things that we were able to do were because of the financial, moral, and spiritual support we keep receiving. BVBIZ remain grateful for all of you as you partner with us one way or another. It is our prayer that God continues to bless you all even as we solicit for you prayers so that we do even better in the things we do. To God be the glory!

In Christ,

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Another successful quarter in Kenya

Kenya School of Preaching students have gone home for break and will come back to begin Year 1 and quarter 4 on June 30. The 19 students have been great in class and have shown the zeal to learn and apply the knowledge to themselves and others.

Every weekend the students led by the faculty have been doing door to door evangelism in Migosi area where the school is situated and the response is good. Others also had the opportunity to visit local congregations and serving in various capacities and being part of 8 souls that were baptized into Christ. We are glad to called them very responsible students and preachers who have also shown a lot of care for the school properties.

Through the 8 weeks, the students studied the book of Joshua – Ruth, Writing Skills, Matthews, Prison Epistles, 1&2 Corinthians during the regular period. They then had two short courses on Leadership by Mike Rowand and 1&2 Thessalonians by Ralph Williams. The growth at the end of the quarter is incredible.

The two Maasai students went home happy with 20 Maasai bibles to give to the church members, the Kalenjin students also went home with 48 Kalenjin bibles while other students carried Swahili and Luo bibles. There is still a great need and desire for bibles and it’s encouraging to hear members request bible. Thanks to all who have been giving to put a bible in someone’s life in Kenya.

During the break, Elias and I will travel to Nakuru for a gospel seminar,. The congregation is led by one of KSOP students called Zachariah. We will also visit various congregation preaching and recruiting prospective students for 2018 class.

We look forward to hearing great report from the students when they come back, let’s keep them in prayers.

Next quarter we will have two breaks in between, this is to allow the students to travel back home to vote. We will have our presidential election on August 8 and we pray it will be peaceful as the last one of 2013.

We cannot thank you enough for being involved in this soul saving and edifying work. God grant you all peace, good health and prosperity in all you do.

Fellow servant,

Charles Ogutu – Director KSOP.

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Graduation in Ukraine!

Graduation is always special time for students, their families, and the faculty. The first Bear Valley extension has experienced that joy, once again. The Director has sent us this exciting report and you can see it by clicking HERE.

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Preparing for a new class in Accra

I wish to borrow the words of the apostle Paul to the Corinthians as my prologue: "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."

As usual, the month May has ended and that calls for joy and appreciation to our Maker for all the spiritual and physical blessings He showered on us.

Having said that, on behalf of the entire staff and students, I wish express our profound gratitude and appreciation to our donors and sponsors.

Within the period under review, information reached the college that some brethren are ready to offer a helping hand to the school. Management quickly made choices from the areas of aids that were made to. Management in turn sent to those brethren. Again, we are much grateful to them. We ask God's guidance and blessings on them.

By the grace of God through His Son Jesus, I would not be far from wrong to say that teaching and learning were at its best within the period.

At both departments (Regular and Week End) students submitted their assignments to their instructors on time and students are improving in their studies. This could be found out from the class tests.

Hopefully, by the end of December, the regular students will be completing their two year course. As a result of this, management sent out information seeking for new students. So far a number of potential students that had filled and returned their admission forms are very encouraged. Management is optimistic that by the end of July or August more had returned their forms to pave way for an interview. Interview as scheduled by management would be in September 2017.

Your brother,

Emmanuel Amoo-Gyimah

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Course completion in Tamale, Ghana

The students have finished with the two-year studies and are out on the field of work waiting for their graduation in November. The new class of 14 students is to start in July this year.

Up Keeping of the School

The management team of the school ensures that the school compound always keeps clean as an Institution. This is done by spraying the weeds with weedicides in the compound just to make the school looks attractive and clean.

 More Campaign for Students

The team continues with the campaign for more students as it has been our vision to meet the mark of the set goal. One Moses from Kpalisugu who came to the school two years ago and could not complete the two year studies has been visited and was given some encouragement and on his part he also promised to join the school in July 2017 enrollment.

Team continues to recruit more students and has contacted two more students this month to be enrolled. It is our prayer that God would touch all those picked the forms and give them the desire to come and study His in other to better themselves save the lost.

Loss of a Strong School Board Member

It is a bit sad to report the unexpected and untimely death of a strong and active board member of the school, brother Fushieni alhasan who slept in Christ in Kolebu Teaching hospital on Thursday 11th May 2017. We may feel sad in the flesh, yet his death is a glory to the name of our Lord.

Welcoming New Students

The management team is planning to meet in the school for some days to put things in order in preparation to welcome our next batch of new students who are to commence with their two-year studies in July. Please pray with us.

Your brother,

Alex Jabado

Posted on May 31, 2017 .

New quarter to begin in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from fellow soldier of Christ.
Our students start returning to the BVBIN AND SWSE IBADAN main campus on Sunday evening and those that are now in campus reported the conversion of ten souls and restoration of twelve souls as a result of their joint efforts with the ministers of the congregations where they went for the vocational training.

Last Saturday, I taught twelve students at our satellite campus in Ikorodu Lagos on Research methods between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

On Sunday, one of our year two students named Bro. Makinde John taught on “The Image of Man” at Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation in Ibadan while Bro. Dada Lawrence, one of our graduates and the church youth minister, served as the interpreter while I admonished the church on “Love.....The greatest need in the world today.” We are sixty in attendance with total collection of N6,700 only. 

Brethren, classes begun as scheduled at Butubutu main campus on May 22, 2017. Bro.Kayode Eniafe will be teaching on OTP-Major and Practical (Expository sermon), Bro. Isaac Olaniyan on Church Leadership & Administration and Romans,  Bro. Abiola Joseph Olusoji on Revelationand Hermeneutics-2, Bro. Ilori Gbenga on Evangelism -2, Bro. Abraham Idu Yeje on Pastoral Epistle, Bro. Silas Guda on Greek -2, while I, Bro. Makinde Ebens will be teaching on Research methods, Discipleship Training, Methodology,  Homiletics -3, Evangelism -3, and Psychology / Christian Disciplines.

Our WBSFUW team will be visiting some schools Lord willing on Thursday and Friday this week to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and recruiting students for free WBS correspondence courses from USA. 

In conclusion, we deeply appreciate your partnership and love. May the Lord continue using each and every one of us for His glory in Jesus Christ name, amen. 

I remain your fellow laborer in Christ 's vineyard..... Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies and Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN and SWSE IBADAN)

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Big plans in Cameroon

Jesus Christ is Lord. We praise His name. Special greetings from our country Cameroon and from Mbanga were the church is gradually going to maturity and the school of preaching is preparing brothers for a lovely ministry entrusted to us by the almighty God.

We are happy to report again this week even though a bit late due to other circumstances beyond our control but we thank God for His grace. We are happy to say we no longer have two years in school and no longer eight quarters, because we have gone through our first two months in school and have started with our first quarter exams. We will begin with short courses come Monday 5th of June.

It has not been easy with our students most especially with the change of season. Right now we a retired nurse from our neighborhood is taking care of two of them with their dally treatment. Some students are also been traumatized due to numerous call back at home which might hinder their studies if care is not taken. We shall need serious prayers on behalf of this brothers.

David will be teaching on the God Head this June in Mbanga and we shall also be planning for a grand evangelism at ntiem or nsanke where Abraham is working presently. This is an extension of his work that is to establish a new assembly in that area may be he will now have three congregations while waiting for the next batch to graduates and help him in that area were there is a lot of work. God blessed you.

It is again time for to prepare our entry into our new side even though some little delayed,we strongly believed that by the end on this quarter,all will be fine nevertheless we still appreciate the hand work of God upon our lives.

New grounds for mission work 

It is our plan this year and with this new set of students to go as far as to the hinterland of the center region to plant new congregations. This is a dream and I pray you join me to realize that dream with your prayers and support to go and preach th gospel to the lost souls.thanks for your corporation. 

Remain blessed from your faithful servants and wife

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

39 baptisms in Chimala!

Greetings! Hello brothers I’m very glad to give thanks for your prayers and support of Lord’s work, here is a report for this month in different areas.

First we had a trip l and Frank to Kyela for Gospel Chariot Campaign and visiting Mwangonde family for encouragement.  After sharing the information about the campaign the church said they will meet and discuss them they will let us know.

On May 14 we went at Chimala A Church of Christ with Peter, Lenkos, James, Xavier, Frank and I to talk with the church about a preacher misunderstanding, but we did not have our planned meeting because one of the preachers went another place for Sunday. When we discussed their problems and the conclusion was the church decided to stop their position as the congregation’s preacher and having a time for choosing another for a while.  The church appreciated very much for CBI caring them and bring the comfort and unit to the congregation because the situation was not good to them most of the time, but they believe the steps we suggested will help them.

On 16 of May I , Lenkos, and Ezekiel we travelled to Chamwino Dodoma and met there with brothers from Temeke, Dar es Salaam, to solve the problem of Sadala with the Congregation.  We thank God we had a great day and wonderful meeting with the Church, after the whole day having information from both side. Sadala asked forgiveness to the church and he said all of the problems were caused by him instead of being a good advisor he became trouble maker. Now, he decided to change and co-operate with the church and he was ready to bring back church registration, the church’s Lord’s Supper trays and every thing he took from the church to his house.  Yesterday I received the call from Chamwino that he did on Sunday every thing as he promised the congregation. We thank God that unity and fellowship is alive and well in Tanzania.

On Friday may 19 – 21 we had a wonderful meeting with Mbozi preachers I, Peter Kamatula and Naaman we were teaching about Obeying the authority, economy and preaching methods.  Really we had good time exchanging ideas and bringing our unity together for helping the churches to grow and being strong.  After finishing the three days, all asked to have that kind of meeting for one week so we could go deeply in every thing because the things we covered it seems are most of them hindering the work to go forward.

On of the way, I am making following to the students locations and what they are doing when they are back homes.  I found some of them doing a great job in the Lord’s Kingdom.  One of them is Yakobo. He is preaching and he had baptized 4 people. Another by the name Fredrick is doing great and wonderful job at Isakajoma at Shinyanga region near by Mwanza region he accompanied with Joseph and worked hard. Twenty-nine people obeyed the Gospel by being born again into the Lord’s Kingdom. Also, reports from the Radio program was that 4 souls were added to the church, one at Mengele and one at Matebete.

Really even the angels at heaven are very happy to witness 39 souls to be added in the heavenly Kingdom.  Let us continue praying for their souls to grow and glorify our Creator.


Posted on May 30, 2017 .

A new building in Nepal!


After many months of planning, raising funds, and doing the 1,001 things necessary, we have happily and excitedly moved into our new school building.  It is built on our own property.  Not only are the facilities better and the location closer to an established congregation, we can also enjoy the other advantage of not paying rent, fully realizing there are responsibilities and expenses associated with being the owner.  We are 100% moved in while we will complete about 10% of some finishing touches.

The old building was vacated just before the six students went on their three-week holiday over the Nepali New Year [Mid-April].  This group of students will graduate in late September.  Some of their more difficult and challenging topics for class work greeted them upon their return.   The first class was Christian Evidences and the present challenge is The Revelation of John.  Considering the low literacy rate in Nepal, magnified by a school system that teaches reading to memorize without considering content or asking questions, the students are doing quite well.  Their exposure to critical reading to understand, asking questions, and searching for truth began in November 2015. 

In addition to the normal classes, a Saturday Ladies Bible Class was hosted and enjoyed by abut 12 Christian ladies.  Sunita did most of the teaching, assisted by Jerry giving a summary of each section and helping to answer questions.  They had some lively discussions and, as happens in most ladies classes, their enjoyment was obvious by the frequent laughter.  The students cooked and served lunch, and then did all the clean up. 

June 13-16 will be our first Lectureship with past graduates and other preachers invited.  Some of our graduates, selected Nepali preachers, and also some of our present students will present the morning classes.  Each afternoon Jerry will teach a class on fellowship, cooperation, and unity within the church.  In addition four denominational doctrines that are gaining popularity within Nepal will be addressed.  We will begin with questions to have the audience define the doctrines, identify what is based upon scriptural foundation and what is man-made tradition, and then we will teach what the Bible has to say on the topic.  

Please remember us in your prayers.

In Christian service ………..

Gajendra Deshar, Director               gajendra_deshar@yahoo.com

Jerry Golphenee                                jrgx21958@gmail.com 




Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Another good month in Togo!

APRIL 2017


One of the highlights of the month under consideration was the first Kloto Church of Christ ladies lectureship. The event took place on the April 15.One hundred and twenty four (124) ladies from thirteen (13) congregations participated in this first annual lectures, using the theme “The Role of a Christian woman in the home”

The Christian ladies of Grande Kloto are seeking other ladies groups in the US to partner with them in their development. They are seeking support to provide skills such as beads making, soap making, powder making etc. With such skills, the ladies would be able assist their husbands provide for their families.


Our April campaign took place in Kpime- Tomegbe about twenty minutes from Kpalime. The campaigners included church members, preachers and students of BVBI. Activities included: house to house, open air preaching, tract distribution and it climaxed with worship service on Sunday. Though there was no baptism recorded during the campaign, there are several prospects. In view of this, students have been assigned to conduct bible studies weekly and lead the worship service.

DAILY ACTIVITIES OF THE CHARIOTIn order to keep the chariot busy, activities such as the dawn preaching is organized in some selected villages. These pictures were taken during one of such visits to Gbalave –Avenon near kpalime. Such activities are often used to prepare the town folks for a possible campaign and church planting. The dawn preaching starts at about 5:00 am and ends about 6:00 am. It commences with singing, followed with reading of scripture and then a short message of exhortation. All these take place over the chariots P.A system.


As part of the practical training at BVBI, a day is set aside for student’s activity.  Students are taken to a community to share the gospel message using tracts and personal one on one bible study. They visit homes, give out tracts on the streets and visit traders in the market place.



Our weekly radio program Planet FM 98.5 is on-going despite a few challenges. For the month of April the presenters responded to several questions received from listeners. The program is making impact in the communities we have been visiting. Students are invited sometimes to assist the speaker by reading scriptures. The airtime for 2017 has been paid but we shall need funds to pay for next year 2018. Most of the callers are directed to the resource centre where teachers are available to teach. Airtime per month costs $52.00, and that adds up to $624.00 per year. 


In order to better serve the public, we have relocated the Resource Centre and the Chariot office. Preacher Azuka and Agnala are the two workers in the office. Apart from tracts, we have other religious materials and have made provision for visitors to sit and read. The picture above shows Azuka stapling French tracts that have been printed in Ghana on Risso machine provided by Gospel Chariot Mission in South Africa.

Tract rack in front of resource centre


The computer training class is a blessing to the students at BVBI. I had the opportunity last month to interview them about the class so far, and I was amazed at the progress they have made and the benefits.


1 Christian evidences

2 1st , 2nd Timothy and Titus

3 Ethics of the preacher

4 The books of Ezekiel and Daniel

5 The book of Romans

6 The Minor Prophets

7 Maintenance of computer

In Christ,

Willie Gley

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Campaign success in Ghana

Dear Brethren,

          We are happy to report to you our operating for the month of April, 2017. We are thankful for God for His immense blessing during the period, and very grateful to our sponsors for keeping faith with us.


          Classroom work for both our regular and part time work went on successfully. All thirteen (13) regular students and thirteen (13) part time students were in attendance during the period. There was a terminal examination which all the students participated. This was for both regular and part time students.


          As indicated in our last report, follow-ups continue on our last campaign for Christ at Essipon by both instructors and students with much assistance from the church at Essipon. This and other evangelism efforts resulted in the baptism of eight (8) souls for the period. Attached are pictures showing some baptisms.

We thank you all for your prayer and great concerned for the work here. We pray the good Lord richly bless you and all of yours.

Your brother,


Posted on May 30, 2017 .

A new quarter in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren in Christ.

We salute you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ as we start the second quarter of the first year program in 2017. The break is now over and we have resumed classes  with seventeen students three more are yet to come. Their colleagues are skeptical about their coming due to their family commitment at home. However, we are still trying to reach them and see if we can give them some words of courage to continue their course.


We thank God and our sponsors for their support in providing food to help our student to study the word of God here in the vineyard of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We want to extend our profound gratitude to those who contributed in diverse ways in funding our school in Sierra Leone. Not forgetting our West Africa Coordinator for his relentless services renders in the sub-region.  We give cheers to the Academic Dean who is purchasing our food items with good bargaining price in the market to make ends meet for the institution.


As the break is over, our students have started reporting for classes for the second quarter of the program which commences on the 24th April, 2017. Normal classes have resumed with two lecturers and students already responding to teachings with their new supplies of school materials for the course.

We pray for a successful class session for this quarter. As we plan ahead for our campaign trip to Segbema before the rains intensify. Hope to update you on this later.

Compillied by Bro. Ishmael

Director, BVBI-SL

Posted on May 30, 2017 .