15 baptisms in Ghana

Dear Brethren,

We are happy to report to you, once again, our report for the month of July, 2017.


Our classroom work for both the regular and part time went on successfully. Went on successfully. All instructors and 26 students were present and on time which contributed to a successful teaching and learning.  


Both instructors and students continued efforts in evangelism, visiting from house to house teaching them the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. These efforts again contributed in the baptism of 15 souls during the month of July, 2017

May the good Lord richly bless you all.


Posted on August 15, 2017 .

Jerry Bates teaching in Nigeria

Dear fellow soldiers of Christ, Greetings from the students and instructors of BVBIN & SWSE,BUTUBUTU,I BADAN and fellow WBSFUW in western States of Nigeria .

I am writing on behalf of my self and Bro. Isaac Olaniyan who has just completed a three years Master's Degree program organized by the BVBI USA for ministers in the Lord 's Church especially the instructions in Bible Colleges in Africa. 

Our able lecturer as usual taught both intensively and extensively on the book of Hebrews between 9:00am and 4:30pm from Monday through Friday at Bear Valley Bible Institute School of Graduates, Accra, Ghana .

Brethren, we appreciate you all for your thoughtfulness, trust and supports through out our studies in Ghana. May God in His abundant blessings continue to bless all your endeavors in Christ Jesus name, amen. 

We are now expecting an invitation for graduation on April 2018 from our wonderful director of BVBI USA extension program, Bro. Gary Falis and associates. 



Posted on August 15, 2017 .

Exciting plans in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

We send greetings from your brothers and sisters from this end.  We are doing fine and we have reasons to appreciate our God for His love towards us. Things are moving well as our Bible students continue to study.

This week they are in a more serious mode as they will start preparing to write their third quarter exams. In few weeks and two short courses will take the stage. The short courses are “CHRISTIAN EVIDENCES” and “THE BOOK OF GALATIANS.” We will round up the quarter by sending the students to different locations for evangelism in the last of September.

As I write this report, all students who went out for mission work have made it back safe and sound. Many had disturbances with their movement because of rains. Not only did persons struggle to move but the van struggled as well.


We shall start our west coast mission soon. We may join with our sister school in Mbanga for mass evangelism if time permits.


God bless you for your prayers towards this work and all you do to sustain it. God will continue His blessings upon you and the congregation. Share with others our news.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC- Wotutu 



Posted on August 15, 2017 .

A new motor bike in Sierra Leone

Dear Brethren,

We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Just coming from the holidays, as we have resumed normal classes for the third Quarter nothing new has happened.


We thank our donors for providing us with another motorbike to ease our transport problem in the field. We also have set up the computer room for our students who are presently doing computer studies as part of their course.

We want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the tremendous effort made towards the smooth running of the school in Sierra Leone Not forgetting our able West Africa coordinator for making things happened on our behalf through the grace of God.

We have also provided uniforms for our preachers to put on during school session.

Hope to keep up to your standard and expectation as we forge ahead for the promotion of the gospel in this part of the vineyard.

Thank you

Yours in christ,

Bro. Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on August 15, 2017 .

Successful campaign in Cameroon

Accept our sincere greetings from Cameroon and from Mbanga in particular where the Church is operating a Bear Valley school of preaching. We are sorry for this late coming of our report for the week. We had no power since Monday. Nevertheless we suspended our classes for five good days in order to meet up with the Macedonian call. This time around at it was Ashum village situated along the Kumba to Manfe road. We participated massively during this great campaign with some ex-students, the present students and myself along with a few others who were interested and followed us with the van.

We worked tirelessly with in the space of five days as well as the ran the vans drivers who were transporting the laborers from one village to another. We evangelized a total of four villages. There was a fifth village which was not included but we went there with Elangwe and made some ready prospects for evangelism which by His grace some students who might be going there will one day put them on track.

Just as the Lord added on the day of Pentecost, so too He added about 55 souls last week and restored about 15 members. The majority of these backsliders were from Eyang village where a congregation of the saints has been restored. This is the highest record in Cameroon after the Kwa Kwa records of 54 some years ago.

Our greatest desire is to manage these new converts and these revived members of Eyang.

I was also opportune to preach during this program and also carried out translation as some French speaking people were around. I also went into the stream myself to conduct some baptisms at night.

Your brother,


Posted on August 15, 2017 .

A baptism in New Zealand

Bear Valley Bible Institute-New Zealand has officially been in operation for over a year. We are all better for the experience and knowledge we have gained. Thank you to all who have encouraged the work here.

A few months ago, the Wellington church received a visitor, Kevin. Right away, Daniel, one of our full-time students, spoke with him about Bible study. He agreed, and after a couple of months of study, decided to be baptized into Christ. We are thrilled to see our students reaching out to those who need Jesus.

Again, thank you for your love and support. Keep praying for our students and their studies!

Keep serving Him,
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on August 15, 2017 .

A new class is ready in Ukraine

Denis Sopelnik, Director of the Bear Valley extension in Ukraine, reports at number of baptisms in several congregations, as well as a new batch of students prepared to begin their studies. These are exciting times at BVBIU and you can read more about it HERE

Posted on August 8, 2017 .

55 converted in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

We send you greetings from the beautiful nation of Cameroon and more precisely from the village of Wotutu. I write this report with great joy in my heart to be able to share with you what made news in Cameroon last week. We had a 5 day break here in BVBIC-Wotutu and we used those five days to make Jesus and His church known in Ashum community. This took us to 3 other villages sharing common boundaries with Ashum, which was our main target, Some brethren whose village of origin is Ashum decided to invite us to come and help established a congregation in their village. They don’t live there but they want by all cost for a congregation of the church of Christ to be in their village, so that their friends, family members and strangers can possibly come closer to the truth. 

They called it the Ashum for Christ project. They supplied the accommodations, food, and medicine for us as we spent time sharing the good news. It was awesome for us to be a part of the calling to go to Ashum and preach. As I write this report, all of the students, some staff, and some graduates that we took to Ashum, are all back safe and sound, although we are all very tired and worn out because of the intensive work and the long distances that we covered. Thank you for your prayers towards this project.

The good news is there were 55 new converts and 9 restored Christians. It was amazing to harvest 55 souls with 5 days of our break. This is the highest number of baptisms at one time for any program in Cameroon. In 2003 during a lectureship 54 baptisms were recorded. This week we break that history. A new beginning has just begun in Cameroon. Please, please pray for us and the work in our hands. We shall have some challenges but it is clear that the field is ripe. We established 3 new congregations. Ashum, Bakebe and Nfaitock villages now have congregations. Eyang was revived and restored. Please keep these works in your prayers. Our students will begin traveling long distances every Friday to make sure these congregations are nurtured and kept safe.

We are looking for more evangelistic opportunities to virgin land.


God bless you. May the good God that has allowed you to stand with us to help expand His kingdom, bless you and grant you your heart desires. Keep up the great work. Please share this good news with others.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu



Posted on August 8, 2017 .

Brighter days ahead in Tamale


The new management team of the school gives glory to the Lord for His support in our struggle to bring the school back to life. The team took over at the time the school was almost closed down. The school was having seven students and out of the seven only three were having Junior High School certificates. Apart from the poor enrollment with the low educational standard, the school compound was turned to forest and home of goats, sheep and fowls. A lot of negative comments were said about the school and that the school cannot longer see any progress due to the situation in which it was at the time.

The roof of the building was leaking all over and parts of the walls were almost fallen apart which the new management put in order. There are still some other things realized not being in good place that the team is trying to put them one after the other as and when the opportunity and funds come. 

The New Enrollment:

The effort made by the new management with your prayers to make things put in other and in place, we are now able to enroll 14 students that commenced the new school year on the 10th July 2017. Though we have not met our set goal of 16-20 students yet, the 14 in number is a great change. We are still campaigning for more till the end of 2017.

The School Farm:

The new management team with the new vision has converted the one and half acre land of the school that was turned from forest to maize farm. This farm when well manages can provide food for seminars and students which can help reduce some financial burden of the school, especially the seminar feeding expenses.

The Land Lease:

We have also much work with the land lease documentation of the school land   that has been delayed for a very long time. What is left now is for Steven to come with the original land documents for the chiefs to sign to make it mature for ownership registration.

The Tamale Team


Posted on August 7, 2017 .

3 new congregations and 15 baptisms in Zimbabwe


In the little time that BVBIZ has existed, the school continues to be exposed to new things. Many plans have been made and continue to be made. It has succeeded in some, while forced to go back to the drawing board for others. One of those that came to fruition is the first ever Field Program. In this July report, more space shall be dedicated to report on what is transpiring in the field as students are putting theory into practice. 


Another term of learning ended on the 13th of July. Final examinations were successfully written and compilation of results is in progress.  Averagely, the performance of students is satisfactory.


Mashonaland West Leadership Workshop - The school was invited to a provincial workshop for church leaders. This took place at Chirau on the 15th of July. The theme was “Leadership and Evangelism.” The Director and one our teachers, Howard Suwari presented lessons. The leaders went into a planning session after the presentations.

Matebeleland Lectureship - This lectureship was held from the 28th to the 30th of July. Brother Ishmael Mutichu, our full time instructor and Mathew Muchingami, the director, were part of those who attended. Brother Muchingami presented a topic on “Developing a Self Sustaining Church.” 177 people were in attendance. 


BVBIZ is welcoming applications for the 2018 intake (second intake). Some have already been turned in. 


Preparation - Several efforts were done to prepare students for field program. Several lessons and workshops were done. At the end of the term, Brother Gushakusha, a personal work teacher, came to fine tune the students for the work ahead. The leadership class also benefited in one of the sessions. The ladies were also taught by Brother Gushakusha’s wife on the “Preacher’s Wife and Work.” In one of the pictures attached, students and the leadership class are taken through some essentials in Singing and Personal work.

Farewell Dinner - Before students left for their field practicum, a farewell dinner was held for them by congregations in Gweru. Every weekend, students have been going to these congregations for their weekend evangelism. BVBIZ appreciates this gesture. Each of the student was given a few toiletries that were going to help them for the first few days.

Deployment - Students were deployed to their camps from the 14th-17th of July. Over 1500km were covered in taking the students to their centres. Unfortunately, the vehicle being used broke down in Masvingo (about 160km from Gweru) on its way back to Gweru. About $450 is needed to get it back on the road.

Tracts - BVBIZ received a consignement of tracts  (from Mission Printing) for use in evangelism through Jubilee church of Christ in Mutare. These shall be an important tool for students in our evangelism efforts.

Follow Up - Teachers have already made their first follow up of students. Each teacher is expected to stay a minimum of 2 days with his team. Besides, these teachers, our students are learning from experienced preachers whom they are working with at the various congregations. News from the field so far indicates that all is going on well. Congregations are doing their best to take care of the students. In one of the attached pictures, a student is pictured working with one of our oldest preachers in the country, Brother Mupanduki of Gokwe Nembudziya.

New Congregations

BVBIZ is happy that 3 congregations have been planted. The first was at Deure in Masvingo Province. The team of students at Triangle was at Deure (the home area of Dzingai Mugova, a preacher at Traingle and BVBIZ ambassador for Masvingo province), about 10km from Jerera Growth point. A few other preachers for the Gospel Chariot in Masvingo were present.

The second was at Chikuku, again in Masvingo Province. Brother Panganai Toperesu (the man at the far right in the picture below) and his wife have been instrumental in making sure that a congregation is established in their home area. They are sponsoring the work. BVBIZ also appreciates Brother Auswich Mashaba of the Gospel Chariot for being with the students for a week and evangelising the area. Please see an attached picture of one of the newly planted congregation.

The third congregation is now at Insukamini. A congregation once existed there. The work failed 3 years ago. It is a joy that BVBIZ has resuscitated the work.


Finally we would like to thank you all for your moral, spiritual and financial support. Our request this month is that you keep remembering the students who are in the field. This is a new experience for them. Our desire is that the world be won for Christ. To God be the glory!

Your brother,

Mathew Muchingam

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

13 prospective students in Ghana


“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” – II Peter 1:2 The entire student body, with their instructors and all other working force of SIBS, extend warmest greetings to our sponsors, donors, friends and well wishers. We are much grateful to our LORD God and also to our sponsors and donors. We appreciate all that all that they continue to do for the institution.

While the Week-End Department continues in their normal classes, the Regular Department had just return from holidays and classes began on July 10.

During the month under review, the entire Bible Instructors met with the Director of the college (Brother Seth Osae Larbi) to evaluate the school. Some of the issues that were put on the table for discussions were are as follows:

Potential Students
On records, it was found out that 13 potential students had applied for admission. As a result of this, the house decided and agreed upon that September 8, 2017 should be a day to interview these students for formal admission.

School land
During the meeting a delegation was formed to make a follow-up to the land to ascertain the progress on it. It would be recalled that, the former owner was then farming on it when management made a trip to it. The outcome of the visit will help management to plan toward the land.

Evaluation of the school
On the evaluation of the activities on campus and of course the entire institution, it was found out that, relationship between students and instructors were very cordial. Students are punctual and assignments are submitted on time.

Asserting the work done so far in the office, the entire teachers at the meeting, praised the administration so much so well that if it the office was the best would be among the best.

Compiled by Emmanuel Amoo-Gyimah

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

78 baptisms in Liberia!

Dear Brethren,

We bring you greetings from the Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia, hoping all is well with you and your family.We are all doing very well here and grateful to God our merciful father for everything.


What more can we say after this campaign, than to thank God and give Him all the glory, praise and honor for the increase He gave (I Cor.3:6) through the campaign team. We spent twelve (12) days in three different towns on our usual house to house evangelism and public preaching and the results were very overwhelming. Sixty six (66) people accepted the gospel message and were baptized into Christ. Meanwhile, it is truly a blessing and great privilege to be part of a team that is willing to go all out with the saving message of our Lord.


The students are now on vacation and report from their various locations proves that they are all doing very well. They are all  working actively with their local congregations in teachings and preaching and carrying out more house to house evangelism. And their efforts has already resulted in twelve (12) new baptism and some restoration of falling members.


We first of all want to thank Brother Steven Ashcraft who raised the extra funds for us to have more than one campaign in this quarter. we also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Bear Valley family for their support for the school here.Many thanks to all of you for your continue services in the Lord. May God richly bless you.

In him,

Robert P. Dahn Jr.

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

Life and death in Nigeria

Dear fellow ministers of God, 

Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE, Butubutu,Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in Western States of Nigeria .

Reports reaching me so far from the students in teaching practice show that their joints effort with the preacher and brethren of the congregations where they are currently serving have results into conversion of 20 souls and restoration of 25 erring Christians and 300 WBS introduction lesson collected from the students. 

Beloved, I taught yesterday on Life after this Life (Luke 16:19-31)at Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation in Ibadan while Bro. Lawrence Dada admonished the church on Freedom from sin. We are 55 in attendance with total collection of N3,220=

Over 200 preachers and WBSFUW from Western States of Nigeria was in attendance at the burial ceremony of late Bro. Emmanuel Adediran in his house -Academy Ibadan on July 28,2017. Over 1,000 brethren witnessed the burial of this faithful man of God. 

NOTE : It 's a pity to inform you that our school van just break down after the Saturday visit to a WBS student in Kukumada area of Ibadan in Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State .As of this morning the mechanic is yet to find the mouth piece of the engine that cause the van from moving. 

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

Zambian students making a difference


This is again another opportunity to write and report about the school activities during the month of July, 2017. 

It is incredible to see that in the next two weeks, our students will finally complete their two years of study here at Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia. They are now busy preparing for their final examinations in four remaining courses. These courses are: Christian Ethics, the Book of Revelations, Denominational Doctrines, and Church Development. They are really excited to finish and eager to go out and preach. 

Apart from the demands of these courses, they are also tirelessly laboring with the surrounding congregations of Luanshya and Mpongwe districts. Students have been active in visiting the sick at the two hospitals that we have here in Luanshya. These are the places where much of our evangelism efforts have been made and students have set private studies after class hours. We have not spared our students because we need them to be more practical before their final completion of training this quarter. Each student has made tremendous progress in what they are doing now. 

Albert Phiri is regularly preaching at Mgengelwa Church of Christ in Mpongwe district. Before Albert came to school, this congregation depended mainly on regular members for preaching each Lord’s Day. And this type of arrangement made this church to stagnant in growth for many years. But since Albert begun helping, we can safely say that there is a steady growth both spiritually and numerically. Looking at what this young man is doing to foster growth of this congregation; it is without a doubt that a lot will be achieved even when he graduates from Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia in two weeks time.

Clive has positioned himself at Luanshya Central Church of Christ in working with the Sunday school children. He wants to help the church by working with young children. He together with the leadership of Luanshya Central has formulated a plan that will continue catering for the young ones not only at Luanshya Central, but throughout the Copper belt Province of Zambia.

Boniface continues working with Mikomfwa Church of Christ in Luanshya. It is worth noting that this congregation is the one Brother Cephas Mwamba, one of the lecturers at BVBI Zambia, is working with. We are very glad to report that these brethren are working very hard to see that Mikomfwa church grows both spiritually and numerically. It is also worth to note that, this month they have taught and baptized four new members at Mikomfwa church. The profile of the Kingdom of God can only expand through such efforts. We thank God for results like these!!

Stephen and Joseph are also very busy helping with Baluba Church of Christ in Luanshya district. Again and again, the entire student body has been asked on several occasions by the brethren from Roan congregation here in Luanshya to help them in building the church building. Most of our students are not only super students in academics and preaching but they are also good bricklayers and plumbers.  We can humbly boast that these students will really make visible influence in the world when they graduate from the school.  

We continue to be very grateful to the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for the continued support of the work here. Moreover, all your efforts and prayers for the work here are highly appreciated.

Zambian Team

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

Campaign prep in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

We send greetings from your brothers and sisters here in Cameroon. We are always grateful whenever we have an opportunity like this to share the great work the Lord is doing in His kingdom here in Cameroon. Every day we see that God is busy accomplishing His will in our lives and the lives of many others. That is why there is always news to share with you who are attached to us with in the Lord and His work here in Cameroon. We are happy to take the time to share the news with you, so that you too can see what He is doing here and we all give the glory back to Him,

Last week was also great as weeks before. We have one thing that we can do and do it well. We train men to preach and to save souls. We do that weekly and this week as well we were in that same business of preparing men for full time ministry. We can see with our eyes how they are excited, how they are committed towards that time to be free from school, and also how they are more committed to the business of saving souls using the great knowledge they have gained by what they have learned in BVBIC-Wotutu in the classroom and the application of what they have learned in the field. Keep our students in your prayers as the devil goes up and down looking for ways to distract, discourage, and reduce their zeal, for the devil is aware of what these brothers will do to the kingdom of darkness when they are fully baked and ready for the Master’s use.


We are on the count down now to move to Ashum for what we are calling the Ashum mission. We are going to this village with all our students and many of our graduates to plant a new congregation there. We have prepare tracts, some Bibles, communion cups, communion trays, and many other things which will be needed to fully equip this congregation so that it can stand to help to the gospel to also reach three other nearby villages. Please, please pray for this work. We shall share the outcome of this mission with you this weekend.


We say thanks to God for bringing you in our lives and our ministry.  Your involvement in the work has made a great difference and we thank God for you. We are doing that daily. If not of you, we still doubt how this would have been possible. I will continue to plead for a motorbike on behalf of preachers here who are laboring tremendously. A motor bike will help them move to other locations for the work of preaching. Some preachers preach in two or more congregations each week. It is not easy to make for them to MAKE IT ON FOOT FROM ONE LOCATION TO ANOTHER. PLEASE! PLEASE! A VOICE SOMEWHERE IS YELLING FOR HELP. Please share our reports with others.

     Elangwe and family

    By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu



Posted on August 7, 2017 .

Grand opening in Mbanga!

Dear Brethren,

The showers of blessings that flow into our lives every day are like the four streams that flow from the Garden of Eden in the days when Adam and Eve were still the original inhabitants of the God given area which was demarcated with wonders of God. It is rainy season in Cameroon and it is wet everywhere, not only with running water, but also with the blessings of the almighty God. Our mission is evangelism and evangelism is our mission.

I am happy to be able to give you up to date information on our missions in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular.

You just can't imagine how time flies. We are already in the month of August and in less than no time, we shall begin our quarterly exams and then begin with another session of short courses. We are proud to tell you that the brothers are growing and we see changes in them beginning in the dormitory, and going on from there. 

The congregation in Mbanga is inviting you for her fellowship meal and a grand opening of their school auditorium on the 20th of August 2017. This will be an occasion whereby all our neighbors will be invited from both the former area and in the present area. This will also call on the presence of some village authorities such as village head, and quarter heads with a hand full people to accompany them. It will be a great day for evangelism with very powerful lessons. May we commit all of that into Gods hands through our daily prayers.

In one of the pictures, you will see me, brother Ititi, standing with a young man or sitting with a young man. This is brother Joseph who was Christian in the church in Kumba prison but who released on this day. He was almost stranded in the city until when he set his eyes on my younger brother Olivier who accompanied brother Agbor James, the prison minister,  just last Sunday before his release. But it turned out that this was a great moment for this brother who was just wandering in the city. God used us to get him out of this stress. After giving him food and water, brother Leonel gave him some words of exhortation as he exposed what caused him to go to prison. We concluded with a word of prayer that I offered to him on behalf of the church. I then gave him some addresses of the congregations around the area where he was going and then helped him by giving him some funds for transportation fare to Muyuka then finally to Muyenge.

We worshiped with the congregation in Bomono ba Mbenge where the congregation around the Moungo zone gathered this week end for a monthly campaign. About nine congregations were present. Our Sunday worship was over 100. Our next venue will be in Bekoko come August 27th. God blessed this mission with 2 baptisms and 5 restorations. This was our first time to represent Mbanga in this gathering. Our present there made us to know a lot about the Moungo zone and their difficulties. Where we worshiped yesterday was an obsolete building and with rains during worship it was not easy. Some of us were in the rain even though we were inside the house. I commit these assemblies in the hands of God. May we also pray for the new converts and those restored.

I shall joined the team to Ashum evangelism campaign come Wednesday where I shall present a topic in a public, open air lesson on "Jesus and His Church."

Accept greetings from my wife Mary and the congregation in Mbanga.

From the slave of God,

Ititi Benedict.  

Posted on August 7, 2017 .

72 baptisms during break in Arusha

Students recruitment trip!

How then will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THING!”  (Romans 10:15 NASB)

It was a long and blessed month of July, when I and Michael traveled to visit our up coming graduates students. Along with other activities, we were able to meet with brothers and sisters in Christ of various congregations in Tanzania. Truly speaking we had a wonderful trip to the northern part of the country.

This year we have 15 students who are going to graduate from the Swahili class (14 from Tanzania and one from Kenya) and 9 continuing students from English program. All of our students are doing a wonderful job, it is good to see them are involved in church work in some way. Most of them are preaching on regular Sunday Bible class. They shared with us a number of successes from their evangelistic effort. A total of 72 baptisms from our students during this holiday break were reported. Please continue to pray for these precious souls as they continue to grow and mature in Christ. 

On our journey, we made several stops to meet with our former graduate students. It’s good to see that most of them are faithful in the Lord. Lucky enough most of them are still involved in recruiting process as they stand as good ambassadors for Christ and the ACSOP. Our numbers here grow year after year, since 2003 up to last year we have had a total number of 152 graduates. 

The main purpose of our journey was to visit our coming graduates in their local congregation and encourage faithful men from their local congregations to send them to school. These students will have opportunity to be trained for two years and go back to their local congregation to work with their natives.

For the next year Swahili class, more than 12 applications have been turned in already. I have about 15 applications, which are not complete. The school expects to register over 30 students next year. The school is marked to be the best school in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Over 10 new congregations have been established for the past two years by our graduates and this is mark as among many other successes for the school.  

The school is still on holiday, but believe me all the teachers and staff at the school are busy working. We have had a number of brothers and sisters visiting from USA, working with local congregation in the cause of Christ.  Teachers are preparing good material for teaching in coming classes. Please keep this good work on your daily prayer, because that is what is pleasing in the sight of God.

In Christian Love,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students - Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school

Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on July 25, 2017 .

Student campaigns in Nigeria

Dear fellow soldiers of Christ, 

Greetings in Jesus Christ name from students and staff of BVBIN AND SWSE, BUTUBUTU, IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW team in South West Nigeria. 

I am glad to inform you that a soul was added to the Lord 's Church as the results of our students weekend evangelism in Butubutu village last Lord 's day, 16th of July 2017. Tuesday and Wednesday, July 18 &19 was set aside for practical exam on Homiletics at BVBIN AND SWSE, BUTUBUTU, IBADAN. All our students were in the campus to present a 20minutes teaching on Topical and Textual sermon in preparation for a month Teaching Practice( Practicum) between July 21-August 20,2017.

Presently, four of our students are with me and Bro. Dele Shotola in Okitipupa town for a week preaching program in Ode -Aye with the intention of planting a Lord 's Church in Ode -Aye town of over 10,000 inhabitants. Four will be serving in Ekiti State also , four in Taraba State and twelve in Lagos State. Seven students will serve in Oyo State ,two in Osun and a student in Kogi State. Only one student is joining us in this last outreach from BVBIN & SWSE -Lagos Campus. 

This last teaching practice for the year 2017 will cost us about $500 for transportation and printing of tracts in our native language, that is, Yoruba language which are already shared for the students before we left Ibadan campus on Thursday afternoon. Each of our students travelled with the Mission Printing tracts, 5 copies of VOTI VOL 91, and two pack of 5 of our local tracts for the one month Teaching Practice. 

Sincerely His and yours..... Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies & Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN & SWSE, Butubutu, Ibadan and WBSFUW)

Posted on July 25, 2017 .

Many souls being saved in Chimala!


Hello brethren we are very glad to let you know the great work which has been going on here at CBI around the vacation period.

As well we have been receiving reports for the students this week and they have done great job in their vacation. They were giving lessons, tracks, visiting peoples, and churches, having campaigns and seminars in their home areas as we here at CBI were doing with teachers and preachers.

As a result, from May to June we had 47 Baptisms and from students report we have 94 Baptisms and 23 restorations. This makes the total number to be 142 Baptisms and 23 Restorations.

The update from January – March were 169 baptisms and 67 restorations, on April we had 18 baptisms and 4 restorations. The conclusion is from January to June we have 338 Baptisms and 98 Restorations.

Lastly we thank God and you all for your prayers and supports. Keep praying for this great work which our Father of heaven Hasgiven us.


Joseph Haonga on behalf of CBI Team.

Posted on July 25, 2017 .

Continued success in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Calvary greetings from your brethren here in Wotutu village and to you. We do hope that you, the entire church family, and your biological family are doing well in all that they do.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu went on well. Students are growing but some are still weak in assignments and other academic work. Keep them in your prayers because that is why they are here. They must validate courses within the time frame.

Weekend evangelism this week was characterized with lots of rainfall. It was very severe and hampered movement to many villages. But, of the students who went, some reached their locations late on Friday night and others could only make it to theirs on Saturday afternoon. They did their best to go house to house to share the gospel message and also to nurture congregations. Our dreams our alive and we thank God for it. We also thank you for making it possible.

As I write this report, all the students who went out, are back home. Some came back sick and with pains because of the nature of the roads. But, our nurse, sister Senge was there to help get them back on track to be ready for classes that will continue tomorrow.


We have a serious church planting mission coming up in August in Ashum village. We shall have a mass evangelism campaign there. Some of our graduates will come with us if they desire to do so. Our sister school in Mbanga will be part of the mission also. Please keep that dream in your prayers as this is a virgin land mission. IT IS TERMED “ASHUM FOR JESUS.” We are going to evangelize, to plant and to begin nurturing every week as we shall be sending students there to keep watering so that the gospel will multiply as He wills.


God bless you for your prayers and support. Keep it up. God will reward you in due season. Do your best to share our report.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu


Posted on July 25, 2017 .