Agriculture Seminar in Takoradi


The school went on a two-week break after the seminar in August and returned on the 18th of September. Classes began immediately for both the regular and part-time students. Three more students have joined in the part-time class bringing the number to sixteen.  


Earlier discussion had gone on between healing hands international and the school on setting up a poultry project. The main purpose for this project is for both students and instructors to learn about keeping poultry that would help sustain them in the preaching work.

Funds ($3000) had been provided by HHI to put up a structure, buy two hundred and fifty day-old chicks, provide their feed, till maturity, among others. Brother Ebenezer Udofia from Healing Hands International arrived in Ghana on the 20th of September to the 22nd to organize a one-day workshop on poultry keeping for fifty-four brethren, including students who were in attendance. The birds are in their third week and are growing well.


The school made an appeal to brother Steven Ashcraft to help provide the school with a motor bicycle to enable the students use it in evangelism and visitation in the villages around the school. By God’s grace an anonymous donor has provided us with $1200 which has enabled the school to purchase a brand new motorcycle. 


The Howe church has provided the school with $800 to undertake the second major campaign for Christ this year. Unfortunately what we know to be the minor rainy season has turned out to be a major rainfall.

Arrangement with a congregation at Foso in the central region had been done to assist in their campaign in the middle of November. Full report on this campaign will be sent to you after we have it.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Posted on October 18, 2017 .

God's Synergy in Kenya

God’s Synergy in Kenya

Synergy – the extra energy or effectiveness that people or businesses create when they combine their efforts (Macmillan online Dictionary).  Synergy was a “buzzword” used (possibly overused) in the business world in recent years to describe the phenomenon of people or organizations working together to produce more collectively than each individual could possibly accomplish alone.  At the point of being cliché I would like to use the word “synergy” to describe the work being accomplished in the Kingdom in Kenya.

We may want to start with the men who were trained at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania who are currently doing a mighty work in Kenya.  Now consider the more than ten graduates of ACSOP who are currently teaching at the Kenya School of Preaching in Kisumu, Kenya.  KSOP is currently in her third class (with nineteen current students) having graduated thirty-two in the previous classes.  Nearly all of the graduates and current students are preaching and involved in evangelism.

Now Christians for Kenya enters the picture.  Christians for Kenya trains men to preach and teach the Gospel who cannot enroll full time at the Kenya School of Preaching.  The men meet five days a month for two years to learn how to better minister in Word and deed.  Christians for Kenya, in addition to equipping God’s people for works of ministry (Eph. 2:12) has provided several quality students at the Kenya School of Preaching.

On a much more elementary level the Ahono Tumaini School (a pre-school through class seven Christian School in Ahono, Kenya) is preparing several young men to enter either Christians for Kenya or KSOP in the future.

Let me give you an example of synergy at work in Kenya.  In 2012 I spoke at a one-day Bible seminar at Nyamasare (close to Ugunja).  Brandon Kerns, founder of Christians for Kenya, and his mother, Linda also spoke at this seminar: Brandon to the men, Linda to the women.  While I was speaking, Joseph was walking by.  He stopped to listen, liked what he heard, inquired further, studied, was baptized and soon enrolled in Christians for Kenya.  Upon graduation from Christians for Kenya, Joseph enrolled in the Kenya School of Preaching where he graduated in the second class in August 2016.  Recently, in the market place, Joseph met a man named Moses.  They talked, a Bible study followed, Moses was converted and is now enrolled in Christians for Kenya.  Both Moses and Joseph attended a one day Bible seminar I conducted at the Rambula Church of Christ September 15, 2017.  Both Moses and Joseph are actively teaching and preaching God’s Word.

God is actively using Christians for Kenya, the Kenya School of Preaching, the Ahono Tumaini School and many churches in the area to create a “synergy” that can only come from His mighty hand.  Truly God is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” and “to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21).

The current class at KSOP has entered their second year of study.  I first taught these men in February.  I was able to teach this class again September 18-22.  Their writing skills and study habits have drastically improved.  Charles Ogutu, KSOP director and Elias Omollo, deanare to  be commended in the excellent instruction they are providing the students at KSOP.

Mike Reese, Coordinator KSOP

Posted on October 18, 2017 .

Classes resume in Accra, Ghana


May the peace of Lord be with you!

On behalf of the school Director, entire teaching staff and other workers at the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies I salute you.

We appreciate and pray always for you for your effort in support for the betterment of the school. May all that you have lost for the sake of the school be replaced in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


School resumed and classes began on 9th October, 2017 at 8:00am.  All students were present in their numbers except one brother Senyor Dowu Emmanuel, who, unfortunately couldn’tmade up for class as a result of his son who was seriously ill and had been admitted at the hospital. All instructors and other workers were present.


The rented building that is housing the school is currently under renovation; construction of fence wall, tilling and painting. The master’s bathroom has been fixed, the WC and tap are in good condition.


As part of the school’s quarterly programme, we with one accord went to New Ningo, Accra to carry out a 6 day evangelism activities. The students of the SIBS together with the staff, past students, and some other preachers from various places were present and we all participated in the field work propagating the gospel. 

With the power of the message and the hands of God, we were able to win eight (8) souls of which six (6) were men and two (2) women, two were restored.


Alex Osei is one of the first batch of students who graduated in 2016. He after graduation first ministered as a preacher at Bori Church in northern Ghana and currently preaching with the Dobro church of Christ which is meeting in the facility of the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies. He is yet to marry.

According to Alex, the school has helped him so much, according to him is enlightened in the Word of God, and able to teach and preach more perfectly than before. 


Our second batch of students of the regular department of 12 ends their two-year of studies in December, 2017. Their graduation will come on next year. We have had a two-time interview of students to commence the new School Academic Year in January, 2017. We will need to have another interview by December. So far we have interviewed 12 and have 6 other completed forms submitted.


We now have 30 students in the part time department. They attend school on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. This section is non-residence, however, some of them spend the Friday night in the school; whereas the Regular is two years, this is four years.

Please continue to pray with us, God bless you.

Posted on October 16, 2017 .

Graduation upcoming in Tamale


                                                   SEPTEMBER 2017 REPORT.

Back To School:

By God’s grace we are successfully resumed to school and all the students are reported in their numbers accordingly. All the instructors are also responding to their time scheduled and everything is going on well.

As usual any time we are on break we continue with the campaign for more students to be enrolled into the school and God being so good we had another new student this time who has increased the number from 14 to 15 students.

Administrative Activities:

Administratively, everything that supposed to be done to keep the school on its feet is ongoing and it is our prayers that the good Lord will give us the strength to be able to do more than we are doing now.

We are also putting everything in place preparing for the upcoming of November 18th graduation ceremony. The invitation letters are written, some are sent and others will soon be sent to the local congregations inviting them all to come to cheer up the occasion.

The Pajero is undergoing maintenance and we hope to have it soon to do the rounds. The school land papers are almost ready for the registration and very soon we will finish with it. Tamale High Court has endorsed it and put the seal and it is now genuine and currently submitted to lands commission for the registration.

We are making every effort to properly run the school to the glory of God. We keep on reminding you to put us in daily prayers list.

Your brother,

Alex Jabado

Posted on October 12, 2017 .

20th Anniversary in Ukraine

The first Bear Valley extension began in Kramatorsk, Ukraine in 1997 and it is celebrating it's 20th anniversary! God has richly blessed this nation through the school. The Ukraine extension also was blessed this past week by have BVBI President Denny Petrillo come and teach a course. Read more about the happenings in Ukraine HERE

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Exciting news from New Zealand

Is it already October? We in New Zealand are loving the change of weather. We are in full spring, and it’s looking like a promising summer. Thank you for your support of our work!

The Porirua church now has its own building. Previously, we were renting a school hall for two hours a week, but now we have a location with 24/7 access. Because of that, we have relocated the classroom from Wellington to Porirua. This allows us to have one more part time student, and it is closer to 90% of the current students and 100% of the staff. 

Nathan Franson is currently teaching his second course in BVBINZ, and things are going well. As I type this, I can hear the muffled voices of the students and Trevor Major in the other room as they enjoy their first class of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude. 

We were blessed with a short visit from Mark and Mindy Reynolds. Mark is the Regional Director of BV in our part of the world. He spent some time encouraging the students and local staff. He also spent some time teaching in the churches and in my video studio. Check out his first completed lesson at this link.

Thank you all for your love and support. Keep praying for us. Keep the faith. Keep serving Him. 

Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on October 12, 2017 .

56 more baptisms in Zimbabwe

The Great commission seeks men and women who avail themselves so that it can be achieved. Students and staff at BVBIZ did just that. They successfully did their practicum and are back in class. In this report, we shall give the final report of the filed program and several other activities that took place in the month of September. In all this, God has been wonderful.

After taking a short break from their practical, students are now back in class. All succeeded to come back. School resumed on the 26th of September. They shall be sharing their experiences from the field. Where challenges were encountered, they shall be assisted accordingly.

Two opportunities arose this month to make people aware of the presence of BVBIZ in the country. At these occasions, congregants were made aware of next year’s May intake. The first was at the Annual Men’s Lectureship at Ruwa while the second was at the Uzumba lectureship. We want to thank brother Charles Jokonya, our ambassador for Mashonaland East who stood on behalf of the school at Uzumba.

This year’s field program came to an end on the 10th of September 2017. This was an 8 week program. A lot of experience has been gained by the students. The seed was planted. We praise God for the souls that have been added to the church and those that have been restored. Members were left edified while 3 congregations were started. We appreciate congregations and individuals who took care of our students. Among other results, there have been 56 baptisms since July 15.

At the end of every month we look back with gratefulness to what God would have done through us. We look back with thankfulness everyone who also played a part in getting us this far. Thank you for your moral, spiritual, material and financial support. It is our prayer at BVBIZ that God continues to bless you. To God be the glory.

Mathew Muchingam, Director BVBIZ

Posted on October 12, 2017 .

More graduates in Chimala


The 2017 graduate Swahili Program students began school in January 2016 at CBI with a number of 22, however, five of them quit after the first semester.

Their school program was that seven weeks they were in class and one week they were out doing evangelism campaign. Until now five congregations have asked five graduates to be their preachers, because they have seen how great job they a doing. This schedule was followed throughout their entire school program.  Plus one entire month of evangelism campaign with WBS – Gospel Chariot

During these campaigns they would visit several villages to work with congregations.  Their work involved door knocking, handing out lessons, visiting the sick and those who fallen away.  The purpose for all these was to equip the students with knowledge from formal sources (books) and to train them how to do the actual job of an evangelist in a actual environment.


In every congregation where they have worked, the students have left a great impact. First on the church by stimulating the spirit of evangelism because theywould usually use the local church members to walk around with them.  Second, to the village whom they preached to because apart from the great numbers of baptisms that have resulted from these campaigns. The message of Christ has reached more new ears, like in a village called Maninga -- a place in Mbozi where they never knew the church existed, have heard the good news.  Others are Utambalila, Bara, Ikonya, Isakajoni in Shinyanga, Matamba Tukuyu all these are new churches due to these efforts.

In previous years a two year campaign normally resulted in 400 baptism to 500 baptisms but for 2016 – 2017 more then 1000 souls where added to the church.  In 2016 alone, 720 souls were added due to campaigns and seminars which were held monthly.

Joseph Haonga, 

Director, Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on October 11, 2017 .

Agriculture seminar in Nigeria

Dear fellow soldiers of Christ, 
Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE,Butubutu, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW team in South West Nigeria. 

Bro. Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya arrived Ibadan by 11:30am for Agriculture Seminar on Wednesday, September 27,2017 and was picked up at Ibadan Air Port by the School director, Bro. Makinde Ebens and reached the school main campus some minutes later for the business of the day.

The seminar was held in Bro. Doug Wheeler Event Hallfor over two hours. Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe served as the moderator while Bro. Ebenezer Udofia taught extensively on animal husbandry and animals nutrition.  The program was attended by the students and some of the instructors. 

In conclusion, one of the students named Bro. Andrew Adeolu gave vote of thanks on behalf of the school with closing prayer by Bro. Ebenezer Olugbenga Ojo by 5:00pm.
Brethren, we appreciate so much the present of Bro. Ebenezer Udofia in our school for the short time. May the Lord of blessings continue to bless all our efforts in Christ 's name, amen. 

Your fellow soldier of Christ..... Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies & Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN & SWSE AND WBSFUW COORDINATOR)

Posted on October 11, 2017 .

Prayer request for Liberia

Hello Brethren,

We bring you greetings once again from the Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia. As we await the coming of our Lord, we pray that He continue to shower His many wondrous blessing upon you and your families for your partnership in the gospel as we work together in this part of the world.


After a short break, our students returned in full on August 6 to begin the first quarter in their final year and things had been going very well by His grace. They are all in high spirit and are doing very well with zealous approaches to the lessons.


The students were blessed to have two souls baptized during the course of August and six baptism in this September and our new brothers and sisters are very happy to be added to the church. Please keep them in your prayers.


Two of our students are faced with death problems in their families. Student Arthur Jacob lost his mother last week and just last night news came that one of the son of student Harris Wonlah, the school prefect , died on the farm as a result of snake bit. Its not easy on the both brothers, please keep them in your prayers...


The school ( Bear Valley Bible Institute -Liberia) now has five computers of our own from a $1000 donation made through a generous donor. It is truly a blessing to have our students train in basic computer knowledge that will help them in their research, lesson preparation and others opportunities ahead. We thank the person that have made this possible and many thanks to brother Steven also. 


In 14 days my country Liberia heads to an election to select one president, one vice president out of 20 presidential candidates and 20 vice presidential candidates and 73 Representatives out of 976 Representative aspirants. Brethren, this little poor country has gone through so much already. A very brutal civil war that took away (killed) over 1.5 million lives and a very deadly Ebola that took (killed) over 2000 lives and many more unaccounted for. Please pray for my country that God Himself will guide the process and peace will continue even as we struggle to live.

Many thanks to all of you for your continue services in the Lord. May God our loving father richly bless you.

In Him,

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director- BVBI-L


Posted on September 27, 2017 .

A new partnership in Trinidad!

The Trinidad School of Preaching, located in San Fernando, Trinidad, has been training preachers for over 40 years. In an effort to make the program even better, TSOP and Bear Valley are joining hands in a partnership that will benefit all. We are excited about this! You can see the most recent report from Director, Dominic dos Santos by clicking HERE

Posted on September 27, 2017 .

Preparing for graduation in Togo

Evangelism in the Kloto Region has seen a lot of improvement since the Gospel Chariot came in a little over three years ago. We are reaching more people with the gospel and several have been led to Christ. As a result, we have been able to plant more congregations in the region.

Activities of the gospel Chariot include, gospel campaigns, tract distribution exercises, dawn preaching etc. Recently, we introduced the use of motor bikes and megaphone in our outreach programs. The motor bikes access areas that vehicles cannot go. The preaching of the gospel is an urgent matter, thus every available means must be employed. There is no excuse for not preaching. This is the message these pictures seem to convey.

We practiced street preaching in a village, This type of preaching starts as early as 5:00 am. Most people listen while in bed and then come out to ask questions. A megaphone and a motor bike-powerful tools in evangelism.

We have continued touse every available means to preach the gospel. Our tract ministry is very vibrant and our goal is to get these tracts into every house in Kpalime by 2020. Since we do not have the French tracts readily available in large quantities, we print them on a Risso machine provided by GOSPEL CHARIOT MISSION in Ghana and transport them to Kpalime, Togo. At the resource center the tracts are stapled together for distribution. 

During the last month , there were five baptisms. Some of the area preachers, who meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, deliberate on pertinent issues affecting their individual congregations and also enjoy a meal together to strengthen their fellowship.

This was a recent staff meeting atBVBI,inKpalime. The meeting was used to discuss the final quarter courses, the forthcoming graduation, and the on going recruitment exercise. List of the courses for the last quarter at BVBI

1 The book of Revelation 2 The Major cults 3Comparative Religion 4 The book of numbers and Deuteronomy 5 History and Geography of the Bible 6 Biblical Teachings

The Agou Nyogbo Agbetikor Church of Christ used to be a denominational church but was converted last year. It continues to grow and make a lot of impact in the community. Top right picture is the ladies Bible Class of the Church


Bear Valley Bible Institute is going to graduate ten men on Saturday November 11, 2017 in Kpalime, TOGO

Willie Gley, Director


Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Graduation in Nepal

Greetings to Brothers in the Kingdom:

Thank you for your generosity, the charitable and spiritual love that precedes your gifts, your prayers, and the hard work that is motivated by a heart of love and results in benefits to those in need, both spiritually and with the problems of life.

Earlier this month we had the graduation program for our six students.  It included a four-day Lectureship.  Over 100 people attended the classes and celebrated with us. Gajendra, Arun, and I met Monday to discuss a 2-3 week campaign trip to re-evaluate the current earthquake needs and to incorporate 2-3 days of Bible classes at various areas.  Unfortunately we can also add Flood Damage to the natural disasters from which people are suffering.  At the present time we have 18 village congregations in 4 districts that top the priority list. 

100% of the funds will be given for [a] rebuilding homes of Christians, and [b] repair of damage to meeting halls [church buildings].  The campaign trip begins on Friday, October 6.  I will return on October 19.  Gajendra and Arun will continue to a Nepal village on the border with Darjeeling, India.  There is rebellion in the India tea plantation area resulting in violence.  Gajendra's wife is from this area.  We have graduate students here and we work with a few congregations in the middle of this dangerous area. 

They hope to visit these villages if ... IF ... it is safe, which will be determined when they get close.  They will return to Kathmandu on October 23.  Final decisions regarding amounts sent to each area will be made once we are back in Kathmandu.  The funds will be sent bank-to-bank in early November.  This is after a national holiday time where cultural customs present temptations that may deflect the focus on the immediate want rather than on the long term need. 

We have selected the books of James and Philippians as the theme of our spiritual lessons.  The local leaders are to have their members read these books three times before we arrive.  The teachers need to come prepared.  The audience needs to come prepared!  Each class day will have six lessons ... 3 in the AM, 2 after lunch, and 1 evening devotional.  Each selected district village will have 2 or 3 days of lessons.  Some of our graduate students will teach a few lessons in their local areas.  A beautiful lesson is taught when the audience sees their example of progress in Biblical knowledge, understanding, and maturity.  The foreigner can't teach that much needed lesson and provide the purity of that encouragement. 

Although the bus rides and some of the beds may be less than desirable, we are looking forward to our time with our sisters and brothers. I began by saying Thank You.  Realism teaches us all that there will never be enough funds, supplies, or workers for earthquake/flood relief or for spiritual needs.  However, we give thanks for what we have as we also give thanks for the sacrifices of those brothers and sisters we will never meet this side of heaven.  We give thanks to our God who gives us the eternal victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your fellow workers in Christ,

Jerry and Gajendra

Posted on September 26, 2017 .

New preacher's wives program in Cameroon

We are reporting today from Cameroon Mbanga, from the church in Mbanga, and from the Bear valley school of preaching in the French region. The Gospel is also to be preached in the French world.

We were busy last week teaching the students their last short course. We also taught the preachers’ wives their first ever course. We have started the preachers’ wife’s program with this new batch of students here in Mbanga.

We began the training with the wives of the student preachers as well as with some preachers’ wives who have never had the opportunity to take this course.  It was great to have them here to enjoy their first time in class in Mbanga. This started on Monday the 11th and ended on Friday the 15th of September 2017.The instructor of the women class was brother Bekwike Norbert and the translator was brother Bodja Giress. We needed a translatorbecause the course was written in English and some of the students’ wives speak French, some speak English, and some are multilingual. We shall be glad to have the notes in French and in English.

Eight of the women were present with two coming from the North of the country precisely in Garoua and one from the Weh village in the Northwest region (Bamenda). We are happy to tell you that all went well as we ended with the general class. The men and the women took their final exams at the same time. The exams were written and oral. The course for the women was titled, “The Basics of the Bible.” We pray for their presence next December, and we are happy that everyone arrived home safely. These will be powerful women to help their husbands as they teach the gospel to the universe.

The students studied their short course in the Church rented building so that their wives could have class in the new classroom in the new campus. You can't imagine how time flies. A few months ago, we graduated our first batch of students and now we are already planning for another graduation come 2019. It is like I am kidding but in less than no time we shall be inviting people to come for another graduation. The boys are growing both in faith and strength as many are already acquainted with the weekend evangelism. They have started gaining more interest in going on evangelism to various assemblies.

We also ended with the short course on the “NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH.” This course was taught by brother Ename Paul. Through my close observation I realized that the students spent much time to understand very well about the New Testament Church and its pattern of worship. On Wednesday, a lesson was developed on "God Desires Mercy," which explained more about the church. It was really great to see that a lesson could be delivered that was right on course and followed the program.

Our students traveled immediately after their exams on Friday to their various destinations for field work. They are currently doing great as reports come from some their congregations. This time around they are currently active in eight different congregations including MBANGA.  My fellow workers in the vineyard of the Lord, I beckon you to pray for the work in French Cameroon because the Francophones are not as easy to penetrate with the gospel as the Anglophones. We wish a great success in their missions to any Christian who is on a mission anywhere in this world.


Remain blessed my beloved one. Yours in the Lord,


Posted on September 26, 2017 .

ACSOP attracting students from South Sudan

Student outreach program at ACSOP:

It is always an honor for me to share with you the good things that are happening at Andrew Connally School of preaching each week. We are in our third quarter and studies are going on, men are equipped for the good work. The school is now becoming more international, we have six applications from south Sudan which we are considering them for next years class. Most of our students have been coming from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Since the East Africa community has expanded its border and now South Sudan has been added in the community we can receive students from that side. A total of 13 applications have been turned in so far for the Swahili program next year. This is good news for the school, it is happening this way because of the good integrity men of God have built over the years. We pray that the Lord will be glorified through what we do at the ACSOP.  

This year a total of 15 men are going to graduate and go back to their local congregation and help to teach others to love God more. ACSOP has a total number of 24 continuing students, nine are from the first year class. These students are involved in outreach each week as part of the school program. I have been receiving calls from preachers and evangelists from these 13 local congregations that our students are involved.  We continue to give thanks to the sponsors and the school faculty for making this program so successful. Each week every student turns in a report, telling us what has happened while they were out. This past week I received many reports, let me now share with you in brief what had happened. Here are the statistics: three Baptisms, 87 Active Bible classes going on each week, 103 Bible correspondence courses. Please keep this wonderful work in your daily prayers as we strive to train these faithful men of God to win more souls for Christ.

Let us continue to hold our hands together and pray that more souls could be won for Christ. The evangelism team has now put much emphasis on strengthening local congregations around the area. For the past few years several gospel campaigns have been conducted which resulted into more souls added to Christ. The TEAM now revisits all the established congregations and encourages the Christians to continue with the faith.

Thank you again for your support and prayers as we all continue working for Him and the Kingdom.

In Him,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, Tanzania.

Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Continued growth in Cambodia

International Bible Institute of Siem Reap

Greetings from Siem Reap.  We continue to study topics that help us in converting other Cambodians to become Christians and gain salvation.  The school will have a short break for Pchum Ben holiday for a week.  Most of the students will go to their homes during this time.

Serving Our Family & Gaining New Opportunities

Our students have helped one of our couples to move to their new house in Battambang, about 3 hours southwest of Siem Reap. Phearum, Phally and their new baby will be working with Phanat Ouch and his family to strengthen and build the new church there.  The student body not only moved them but also helped them actually build their new home! In addition to that, the Siem Reap church of Christ helped them by giving $160 to purchase things that they needed.  Phearum is a current student and Phally is a graduate.  Phanat and his wife Aya will have faithful Christians to work with when he and his family move there next year.  This will be a great team for the Lord in that area!

Bible Training & Refrigeration Training

Students join together in Darat’s class on “How to answer Bible questions when someone asks you”.  This was a two week course that equipped them with the confidence and knowledge in studying with their native Cambodians.

Phanat has completed his training on refrigeration repair in the U.S. and received his certificate.  He has returned to Cambodia to train the students, staff and some of the older orphans at Hannah’s Hope in these HVAC skills.  Our goal of self-support is an important goal to us.  Phanat does an awesome job of thinking of others at his expense. The students and staff are to be praised for their willingness to learn to support themselves as opposed to just asking for outside support.  This was a week long course that is a part of the curriculum. It gives us a good work ethic and new skills that we would not ordinarily have. 

“We want everyone to know how much we appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to try and build a Bible school that converts souls and trains faithful preachers.”

God Bless You, 

Darat and Piseth

Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Grand Opening in Mbanga!

Dear Brethren,

It is so sweet to work in the vineyard of the Lord. Greetings to all our family members out there. We are doing great in Cameroon and all is well with the Church and the school of preaching.

Beloved brethren, the first picture is with brother Benjamin who is a graduate from our school. He was in the first batch of students and this was his last service with our congregation. Benjamin is making his way back to Tchad with his family. He is married and the father of a son and a daughter. He is planning to settle back in the capital city of Njamena to begin evangelizing some localities in and around the city. Beloved, it was long ago when they left their country of Tchad to settle in to Cameroon as refuges.  Now they are going back to begin a new life of preaching the gospel. I believe that our prayers will be very urgent and very helpful in this new beginning for them.

Picture 2 is with some instructors and their wives who attended the inauguration ceremony in Mbanga for our new campus which was funded by the Frisco Church of Christ with the collaboration of our Coordinator David Ballard and the Pattonville Church of Christ where he preaches. The ceremony was marvelous!  As you can see, there is a lot of mud in the hall as there was a lot of rain and a lot of people present on that Sunday morning. 

Picture 3 gives us the smile of the preacher, myself, Ititi Benedict after the whole event is over. The hall is ready to be washed to come back at it initial stage beauty. The fellowship and opening ceremony was a huge success. We had two of our quarter-heads present as well as two of the block-heads present. A representative of the chief of the village was also there. God has blessed us to be neighbors as we are next door to the personal residence of the chief. A lot of other people in the town were present and even though there were heavy rains that morning, many other members of the church from other congregations were present including our sister school in Wotutu.

The school of preaching in Mbanga has gone through with its final exams for the quarter. We are taking our last short course which is “The New Testament Church.” This began today as well as the first preacher wives class. These will be going on at the same time. The one is in the church premises with the students. Ename is the lecturer. 

The women are in the school campus with Brother Norbert teaching and Brother Giress as the interpreter because we have some wives who speak only English, some wives who speak only French, and some wives speak both. The wife of Evaristus from Bafoussam is here. The wife of Rromario from WEH in Bamenda is here. The wife of Victor and the wife of Raul who came all the away from Garoua are right here. My wife Mary, the wife of Yakoba, and the wife of Philip are here. Due to the rains this early morning, the wife of Abraham and the wife of Bea are not here yet. Maybe by tomorrow they all will come.

The students are greatly improving in their health situation, even though Azor went to Douala last week to get an x-ray his foot. Today we are waiting to see if the doctor will be proposing surgery for him or if he will just prescribe him some drugs to take. 

   By His grace, we shall be going out for field work this weekend to 10 villages in French speaking areas. 


                        Thanks for your concern and keep on praying for them.

                                                     Ititi Benedict

Posted on September 12, 2017 .