Year-End Results In Haiti Indicate The Gospel At Work...

We serve a great God!

The blessings which God bestows upon us is far more than we can comprehend. There are blessings that come every day, unexpected and undeserved. One of our greatest blessings is being able to work in the kingdom of God and to have you as a part of our work. Your kindness, love, thoughtfulness, prayers and financial support are what makes our work possible. Thank you!

We pray that 2015 was a great year for you and that 2016 will be even better. What was accomplished by our students...

1. Baptisms: 252
2. Restorations: 150
3. Sermons Preached: 588
4. Bible Studies Taught: 615
5. Campaigns: 24
6. Some of the students have started a prison ministry. They have distributed over 500 copies of a six lesson study through World Bible School. These lessons are in French.
7. There are eleven congregations represented in the school.
8. Two of our students are now elders at the Santo congregation.
9. Our secretary is now married.  
10. Olia, our cleaning lady and her husband at a baby boy.
11. One of our directors, Widlord Thomas is now married.
12. We had 13 different men to travel to Haiti and teach at IST.
13. We had three Elders/Preachers conferences.
14. We had three groups of ladies to teach a series of lessons for the student’s wives and other ladies, average attendance 30.

Your Help Is Needed
As the school grows, so do the expenses. Your helpis urgently needed as we expand our program. We plan to move to the new property in April and will start a new chapter in our work.   We are asking you to consider a monthly support and if that is not possible, please consider a generous one-time donation.  

The cost of the property, the cost of repairs and the construction that needs to take 

place is very important. Every dollar that is given goes 100% toward the work. A Financial statement can be provided upon request for all of our contributors. Thank you for considering this work. Without your help it would not happen.

Contact Information:

Larry Waymire
Mobil:  731.798.0136
Office:  731.968.6688

All Contributions Should be sent to:

Broad St. Church of Christ
Caribbean Ministries
131 N. Broad Street
Lexington, TN 38351
Larry and Carol Waymire

To see the Waymire’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on January 17, 2016 .