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Gratitude for BV in New Zealand

We currently have three full-time students, and they are all doing very well. Monique, our youngest student, and her mother came up to me the other day saying, “We are so glad you brought Bear Valley to New Zealand.” Of course, I had to inform them it wasn’t me, and I am also thankful to be a part of the Bear Valley family.

The specific reason on their minds was because some Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on their door the other day. Typically, they would have said, “No thanks.” This time, however, Monique had just come home from class and had the Scriptures on her mind. She was able to engage in very thoughtful conversation with the nice lady at her door. They spent some time reading the Scriptures Monique brought up, and God was glorified. We are all thankful for what God is doing through BVBINZ. And we’re thankful for those who sacrifice for it to be reality.

Lance Mosher, Director

Posted on June 25, 2019 .

Counting victories in New Zealand

We are about to enter the last six months of this term, and perhaps the final six months of BVBINZ…for now. It seems that, by December, we will have trained all the Christians we can in New Zealand, so we will put the work down for now. The way that we have had BVBINZ set up will allow us to pick it back up in the future if another student body is ready to enroll. 

We have enjoyed the adventure that BVBINZ has provided. We have worked hard to train several men and women of God for ministry. We are all thankful for those who have sacrificed to make this possible. But we are not finished just yet.

In this past month, we have had another full-time student—Michelle—enroll in BVBINZ. She will continue studying with us through December. And even beyond December, we will work with her through independent studies.

We are working closely with Joziah Townsend to help him graduate in December of this year. He has proven to be a great servant in the church, and we look forward to seeing where God takes him in his ministry.

Lance Mosher, Director

Posted on May 27, 2019 .

Door to door in New Zealand

Some students and staff from BVBINZ participated in a campaign this past month in Palmerston North. The majority of the work revolved around door-knocking and offering the community personal Bible studies. It’s normal in these campaigns for about a dozen people to say yes to a Bible study, and then most of them tapering off, until the local worker is left with two or three Bible studies.

This campaign was different. Even now, weeks after the campaign ended, Kent O’Donnell is studying with thirteen people originally contacted through the campaign! Because of that, our full-time student, Joziah, has stayed in Palmerston North to help with the studies, where he has been taking his courses with us online.

Lance Mosher

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Great course offerings in New Zealand

As I write this, it is the morning of the final exam for my The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit course. The students have been great. I wonder what they would say about the instructor?

We have enjoyed the zeal of some new part-time students who have picked up some extra courses. One in particular has gained much confidence and has been placed on the preaching roster in Wellington. 

BVBINZ Courses This Quarter:

  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Lance Mosher)

  • Public Speaking 2 (Rod Kyle)

  • Life of Christ 1 (James Cammock)

  • James and 1, 2, & 3 John (Kent O’Donnell)

  • Christian Evidences (Trevor Major)

In Christ,

Lance Mosher

Director, BVBI-NZ

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Making Plans in New Zealand

A few nights ago was my final class for Personal Evangelism 1 (Make Disciples Training Program). We will have a graduation of sorts for the class this coming Sunday, 15 April, where we will have our final numbers for religious conversations, Bible studies set, and Bible studies conducted. I hope to report on those next month.

We have begun seriously speaking to our full time students about their plans after graduation in July this year. One of them, Jay, will be working full time with the Porirua church after graduation. He will be preaching, teaching, leading singing, and conducting community evangelism. We really look forward to having Jay on our team full time!

We have been busy planning our upcoming campaign in May/June. We expect to have about a dozen Freed-Hardeman University students staying in Wellington to help us reach out to the community for two weeks. They will also attend our lectureship and camp. This year’s lectureship theme will be “Life After Youth Group: Growing Up With Our Faith Intact.” 

The staff has also been recruiting, and it looks like we may have four full-time students and a few part-time students joining BVBINZ in August. We are also drafting up the schedule of classes for the next school years.

We are excited about the things on the horizon for BVBINZ. Stay tuned. God bless you. Keep serving Him!
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Mass evangelism in New Zealand

Last month, BVBINZ had our third door-knocking campaign, which was organised by John Jones. We worked in the Wellington Region in Wellington city, Petone, Carterton, and Masterton to drum up some contacts for Bible study for the local Christians. We had about a dozen participants, including guests from the USA, Brittany and Scott Simpson. Unfortunately, we were all so busy with the campaign and fellowship, we forgot to take a group photo. The statistics from the campaign are:

  • Days worked: 4
  • Doors knocked: 1,132
  • Conversations: 487
  • Bible study contacts: 23

The BVBINZ students are over halfway finished with their Personal Evangelism 1 course, which is being fulfilled through the Make Disciples Training Program. You can read about the latest news at this link.

Thank you to everyone who is involved in making anything related to Bear Valley possible. To God be all the glory!
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on March 20, 2018 .

Personal Evangelism in New Zealand

NZ 1.jpg

We are happy to report on another busy month for the students and staff of Bear Valley Bible Institute-New Zealand. This quarter is very demanding for the students. For one, they will be taking two biblical language courses (not at the same time!), plus they are also taking my Personal Evangelism course, which requires them to close the books, go outside, and talk to people! In addition to that, next week, we will begin a local campaign to help up to four different congregations drum up some contacts for follow up work.

I am currently teaching my largest class yet with Personal Evangelism 1. I have thirteen eager students. The word training may be a more appropriate word, rather than teaching. Training requires doing that which is taught. The students are having to step out of their comfort zones this week to begin spiritual conversations with at least three people using the tools we have given them in class. I am taking them through the Make Disciples Training Program.

As always, we are very thankful to be a part of this work, and we’re thankful you are, too! We hope this brief report has encouraged you. Please continue to pray for us. 
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on February 22, 2018 .

Exciting news from New Zealand

Is it already October? We in New Zealand are loving the change of weather. We are in full spring, and it’s looking like a promising summer. Thank you for your support of our work!

The Porirua church now has its own building. Previously, we were renting a school hall for two hours a week, but now we have a location with 24/7 access. Because of that, we have relocated the classroom from Wellington to Porirua. This allows us to have one more part time student, and it is closer to 90% of the current students and 100% of the staff. 

Nathan Franson is currently teaching his second course in BVBINZ, and things are going well. As I type this, I can hear the muffled voices of the students and Trevor Major in the other room as they enjoy their first class of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude. 

We were blessed with a short visit from Mark and Mindy Reynolds. Mark is the Regional Director of BV in our part of the world. He spent some time encouraging the students and local staff. He also spent some time teaching in the churches and in my video studio. Check out his first completed lesson at this link.

Thank you all for your love and support. Keep praying for us. Keep the faith. Keep serving Him. 

Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on October 12, 2017 .