Good news in New Zealand

This month, we welcome Nathan Franson from California, USA, as BVBINZ’s newest instructor. He is teaching the students Biblical Interpretation 2 through Skype. The feedback from the students has been great so far. We are thankful for technology and those who helped finance our tech.

We are also happy to welcome Robert Fiddes as the newest full-time student.

As I type this, Mark and Mindy Reynolds are in Auckland, New Zealand, awaiting their flight to Wellington, where I will pick them up. Mark is the regional director of extension studies of Bear Valley that includes New Zealand. It will be his first time visiting the school here, and we look forward to his work for the next week.

If the Lord wills, the Porirua church will have a new meeting place starting in mid-September. For the past six years, the church has been renting a school hall for two hours a week. If this works out, we will have access to a building 24/7. In addition to all of the evangelistic and edification opportunities this building will open up for the Porirua church, we will also plan to use the building as a new BVBINZ hub, rather than having it in Wellington CBD. It will be a much closer commute to 90% of the students and 100% of the New Zealand instructors. 

We are thankful to the Lord for you and your love for training men and women of God.

Keep serving Him,
Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on September 8, 2017 .