The first graduation in New Zealand

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We made it! Our first school term has closed, and we have honoured three students for their hard work. They have taken 48 courses together. We have seen tremendous growth in them in the past two years. On the 29th of July, we were blessed to have Mark Reynolds from Bear Valley in the USA bring a fantastic sermon on “The Faith of Our Fathers.” We then held graduation at the Porirua church building for our students.

Jay was a banker by trade in 2016. He left his job to study in BVBINZ for two years. Having graduated, he will now work as a full-time evangelist with the church in Porirua.

Daniel was a builder by trade in 2016, and he put his career on hold to study in BVBINZ for two years. Now that he has completed the program, he plans to move to another city in New Zealand where the church could use some help. He will continue his work as a builder while applying his knowledge and skills gained at BVBINZ to the local work.

Dora was a school teacher in 2016. She left her job to study at BVBINZ. Now that she has completed the program, she is going to work full-time as a private Bible teacher, evangelising within the community of Porirua.

You can watch the graduation at this link.

This past month, we welcomed Mark Reynolds as one of our instructors. He did a great job teaching Leadership, and he clearly made a great connection with our students.

On the 4th of July, the Robert Swain family and I visited with the Morningside congregation in Auckland to promote BVBINZ. Robert preached on the value of knowing God’s word in a deep and meaningful way, and I gave some information about the school. Through that effort, we gained a new full-time student. We also provided information of the school to some faithful brethren who will pray for the work.

The new term begins the first of August. We look forward to keeping Joziah as a full-time student. We also will be welcoming at least three new full-time students: Giselis, Anita, and Monique.

Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible. Keep praying.

Lance Mosher, BVBINZ Director

Posted on July 30, 2018 .