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The school in Lesotho is making a difference


The teachers are pleased with the students’ performance in and outside class. Students have engaged with more prospects and some souls were added to the church. Evangelism weekend is set to be on the 28th of September 2019.

The students have dedicated their lives to study the word of God. Their performance in class shows how serious they are to know more about God’s word and to proclaim it. Not only are they excelling in class but also in their respective congregations. The school continues to receive testimonies from different congregations pertaining the impact our students have in their assemblies. Hence, the teachers are happy with the performance of the students.

Maseru church of Christ has this year established two congregations, one in Sehlabeng and the other one in Ladybrand (South Africa). The church sometimes sent some students to assist these two congregations. As a result, Sehlabeng and Ladybrand church of Christ appreciate the services provided by BVBILesotho, they would like the students to visit them every week but due to financial constraints that would not happen now. The students who sometimes visit these assemblies confessed that the opportunities they got to preach was one of the ways to practice what they learn in class. Therefore, the teachers would want all students to have chances to preach and teach mainly in these two congregation.  

About 50 prospects have been engaged with BVBIL students. Moshe Tsoene and Vincent Shata are continuing with their series of Bible study with Sekamaneng Apostolic church in Zion. The attendance has increased to 16. Likhama Leuta has organized a Bible study with two soldiers who have high ranks in Lesotho army, the studies have been going on for two weeks now.

Moliko Moliko, Motlatsi Ramphielo and Tankiso Rahlao are doing well on the radio programme, they are also marketing the school on the radio apart from their weekly lessons ‘Why we are the church of Christ’. Sibongile, Senate and Litlhari have been instrumental in organizing Bible studies with young men and young ladies. As a result of that, a young man and a young lady obeyed the gospel and were baptized.

Moholo Lesesa has organized a group of teen boys and Tawanda is helping them with counselling and Bible studies. The topic in July was ‘Who am I?’ and August was ‘Does God care about me?’. These lessons have made great impact in these teens, two put on Christ in baptism.

The school will have its first outreach on the 28th of September 2019, pray for this event to be successful.

In conclusion, the school would want to thank everyone who is behind the success of BVBIL. Our students are engaged in personal work and their influence has impacted the church. We are looking forward to have brother Donnie Estep in September who will be teaching ‘The Scheme of Redemption.

In His arms,

Tawanda Mwadiya                                                                                                                                                                BVBILesotho

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

A great start for the new school in Lesotho


Church of Christ in Lesotho has made great strides in partnership with Bear Valley Bible Institute. Two courses have so far been taught; students are excelling in their class work. One soul put on Christ through personal evangelism by our students.

The church of Christ in Lesotho with the help of Bear Valley Bible Institute has established a Bible school which commenced on the 4th of May 2019. The school started with 17 students in the first course, How We Got The Bible and 20 students in Old Testament 1. Tawanda Mwadiya taught the first course, and the second one was instructed by Vincent Shata.

The school is only two months old but the impact that it has shown seems like it has been existing for more than a year. The students have started to put what they are learning into practice, the school has encouraged every student to find at least a person to study the Bible with, therefore, our students are involved in personal work. There are more than 45 prospects who are having Bible studies with Bear Valley Bible Institute Lesotho students.

The congregations around Maseru have started appreciating the great impact our students are bearing in their communities. Moshe Tsoene and Likhama Leuta are having Bible studies with 14 men and women who belongs a certain denomination called Sekamaneng Apostolic church in Zion. Their topic is ‘The true church found in the Bible’, Moshe Tsoene has been given chances to teach them during their Sunday worship. There is a great potential that souls are going to be won from this denomination.

Motlatsi Ramphielo, Tankiso Rahlao and Moliko Moliko have managed to get a slot on the radio every Sunday at 2100-2200 hours, their topic is ‘Why we are the church of Christ’. This radio programme has a lot of listeners and is engaging many people hence, 5 people have requested for Bible study.

Senate Mosisili and Sibongile Nyamatana have been instrumental in organizing Bible studies. The group that they have managed to organize for Bible studies has now more than 10 young men and young ladies attending. As result of this initiative, a soul has been saved.

Finally, BVBIL would like to thank God and everyone who is behind the establishment of the school. God is at work in Lesotho and we are just participating in what He is already doing. Our students have started to be evangelistic and they are also deeply involved in different ministries in their respective congregations.

In His arms,

Tawanda Mwadiya

Posted on July 13, 2019 .