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Graduation upcoming in Haiti

What a great week it has been in Haiti! A bit warm, daily temperatures from 98-102 but a cool 75 at night.

The new class schedule is almost finished, the student handbook will be finished soon. The graduating students are excited and the new students are nervous. We will have the first graduation on our campus on August 10th. This is an exciting and major step in our development. This also means, more people will be visiting our campus, speaking with our students and seeing that God's word and His are the focus of our teaching.

As of today, we have 12-15 new students who will be attending. It is also exciting to announce our first two female students. The church in Haiti and around the world need more ladies who are able to share God's message with lost souls. More information and pictures will come soon.

We are also adding a three year Saturday program! This will allow those who have full-time jobs to attend IST. I have been meeting with students, the directors and some of the teachers as we approach the new year. On the 30th, we will have an all-day seminar with all of our teachers. To have well-trained students, it is important to have well-trained teachers. Therefore, a continuing education program is being implemented to help our, already great teachers to become even greater.

This week we had a youth retreat at IST. We had between 40 and 50 youth, spending three nights at IST. The singing was great, the classes uplifting and challenging and they spent one-morning knocking doors in the community. Someone made the stated, "maybe next year some of the American youth can join us." Maybe!!!!

My birthday was the 29th and Brother Viciere and our directors Brother Felix and Beaubrun gave me a surprise birthday party. I am so thankful for my Christian family in Haiti.

Keep the work in Haiti in your prayers. "God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." 2 Timothy 1:7

Larry Waymire

Posted on August 12, 2019 .

Turmoil and triumph in Haiti

PJ Hardy and I are in Haiti at this time visiting with the students and teachers and working on a few other projects.  This is our first trip since January due to violence and unrest.  One of our directors is a policeman and met us at the airport to drive us to the school.  Due to unpredictable gang violence, the local directors have advised us not to leave the school property without Brother Beaubrun, the police officer.  Although, the area where we are located seems very quiet at this time.  

The work continues to move forward with people obeying the gospel.  So far this year we have had more than one hundred baptisms.  This brings the total to more than 1,000 since August of 2014. To God be the glory.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  

I plan to return in July and will spend about four weeks.  We have graduation on August 3rd, if there is no violence at that time.  

Thanks for all your help.

Larry Waymire 

Posted on May 14, 2019 .

A new well in Haiti

The International School of Theology is nearing the end of its fourth year.   These men are serious about their studies and dedicated to the word of God.  It takes all of our students at least an hour to reach IST; some travel three or four hours each way and they do this four days per week.  

We are now looking to the next year at IST.  The new year will bring with it, many challenges and a lot of excitement.   One class will be entering their senior year with graduation set for May 2019.  The freshman students will be coming in August, as we look to enroll fifteen more students.  This will also call for the hiring of one or two new Haitian teachers for IST.  Our directors will do the vetting to make sure each teacher is sound in the faith. 

Healing Hands International recently conducted a dip irrigation seminar for our students and a few visitors.  This will help to provide food for our students and faculty.  HHI also drilled three wells in our area to provide fresh, clean drinking water for the community; one of the wells is just outside our front gate.  John 4 tells us, the women at the well was first introduced to Jesus and then she told others; which led to several believing in Jesus.  IST plans to use the three wells in LaTremblay to reach the lost.  Our students and faculty will visit the wells regularly to offer Bible studies and invite them to visit the church.

Please pray for our students, teachers, directors and the people of Haiti.  Haiti is a great nation with many wonderful people.  The people are hardworking and have a desire to better their lives and their relationship with God. 

January 14th saw a congregation was planted on the campus of IST.  So far there have been five baptisms through their efforts.  There is a regular attendance of about 50.  Each week new visitors from the neighborhood come to visit.  Four of our graduates are working together to lead this work in a positive direction.

Larry Waymire


Posted on May 11, 2018 .

31 students in Haiti

The work at the International School of Theology – Haiti (IST) continues to move forward.  We now have a total of 31 full-time students.  We have seventeen students in the first-year class and fourteen in our second-year class.  The students and faculty are reaching to several locations throughout Haiti with the gospel.  We recently had a visit from one of the local government officials and he was very impressed with the work at IST.  The news of IST has traveled throughout Haiti and we get inquiries from congregations and individuals regularly.  Our teachers and directors are asked to conduct seminars and special classes.  We have also had people from other countries to request information about attending IST. At this time, we are not prepared to receive foreign students.  

 A new congregation will be planted on the campus of IST, January 14th, 2018.   Brothers Martial Viciere and Origin Beaubrun will serve as the ministers; both of these men are graduates of IST. Martial is now one of our teachers and Origin is one of the directors of IST.  There have already been several baptisms in the community through efforts of the faculty and students.   We plan to air our first services live via Facebook so I encourage you to join us on that day, if possible.  Since it will be stored on my Facebook page, you will be able to view it later.  

Our new facility is almost completed!  Due to the help of several congregations and the kindness of many individuals, we now have office space, three good size classrooms and a room for our visiting teachers.  We will now be able to add our third class in August of 2018.  There are still a few things that need to be finished but we can now use the entire building.   Our major need now is to make sure we have electricity.  Electricity in Haiti is never a sure thing on a daily basis.  We may go two or three days with no electricity and can only count on having electricity about four days per week and then only for a few hours. It is like this throughout Haiti.  Therefore, we are trying to raise $15,000 to purchase an 11KW generator and new batteries as well as install solar panels and finish the building. 

Thanks to all who help support the work in Haiti.  This is not my work but it is the Lord’s work in which I am privileged to serve. If you would like more information about the work in Haiti, you may reach me at 731.798.0136 or

Posted on December 15, 2017 .

A new year in Haiti

A New Year at IST:  Year four has started at the International School of Theology - Haiti.  This year we have expanded our facilities to accommodate our new students. While we have almost finished the new facilities, there is still much to be done.  There are twenty-five students in the first-year class and fourteen of the sixteen second year students have returned.  We are now moving into the growing phase for IST.  We have a first year and a second-year class and in 2018, we plan to add a third class.  We will have our next graduation in May of 2019 and from that point forward, we will have a graduation each year.  

Meet our Haitian Faculty:  We now have one full-time teacher who will also serve as the administrator for IST and we have four part-time teachers.  

Jean Claude Lemours has a degree in education from the University of Haiti.  Brother Lemours is a 2016 graduate of IST and was our valedictorian.  He has served as the minister for the Butte Boye church of Christ in Haiti for almost twenty years.  He plans to continue his education toward a master’s degree in Bible.

Jean Yves Desmosthene has several years’ experience of preaching and teaching and holds a degree in administration.  

Derrises Alin is a graduate from the school of preaching in Cap-Haitian and he attended one year at IST.  He has served as an evangelist for many years.  

Saint Hubert Felix has been a gospel preacher for thirty-eight years and he is the director of our elementary school and serves as one of our directors at IST.   

Martial Viciere is a graduate from IST and serves as the director of the Sunlight Children’s Home.  He oversees an education program that includes about 125 young people from kindergarten through collage age.  He also is the director of the nutrition center where two hot meals are served five days a week to more than 100 children.  

Church Plant:  Beaubrun Origene, one of the directors at IST, and Martial Viciere have agreed to serve as the evangelists at the La Tremblay church of Christ on the campus of IST.  Plans are being made to start a congregation at the school in January of 2018.  The students and faculty have already started contacting people in the community and one person has been baptized into the body of Christ.  Please pray for this new work.  I will keep you updated at the work progresses.

 As the school grows, so do the needs.  We need both one-time and monthly support.  If you would like to know how you can help, please contact me directly at or 731-798-0136.  You are also welcome to contact Bear Valley Bible Institute.  May God continue to use each of us as we continue to serve Him.  

We are thankful for the help of Bear Valley Bible Institute and so many individuals and congregations who have made this possible.  The glory belongs to God for all that has been done.

In Him,

Larry Waymire 

Posted on September 5, 2017 .

Excitement Is High As Students Near The First Graduation In Haiti...

We serve a living God! 
In the name of our Lord and Savior, we greet you; our fellow workers in the kingdom of God. As we prepare this newsletter, we are reminded of your love for us and the work we are doing together. God has blessed us with many good people and congregations with whom to labor. It is our pray that God will continue to accomplish his will through each of us. We say, “Thank You” for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. This is not “our” work but God’s work; we are but his servants. 

Update: Roberta & JoJo
For more than twenty years our sister in Christ, Roberta Edwards, was the only parent many of the children in the home had known. With her tragic death in October, 2015 there was a loss that words cannot describe. Her absents is felt every day. The five men arrested in connection with her death are still in jail and await trial. While evidence seems to point to the innocence of one of the men, the courts will decide. The investigation continues to move forward and from all indications her death was out of revenge. Two of the men had broken into her home and she reported it to the police. The two men were arrested and the other two brothers took out revenge on Roberta. JoJo has not yet been found. This is so sad and so unnecessary. It is not easy to get information but we will try to keep you updated. 

New House Parents Sunlight Children’s Home: Martial and Ketty Viciere (Lit Amar - 16, Ken Lee - 8)
With the death of Roberta, new parents had to be found. Our new family is the Viciere family. Martial is a student at the International School of Theology, a preacher of the gospel and a dedicated husband and father. Martial and Ketty have been married for 18 years and have two children. I had the privilege of visiting with them in their home and the congregation where they attend. Martial has a degree in political science and served on the Royal Police force in Haiti. Ketty attended beautician school but chose to be a stay at home mom and wife. 

While it will take time to adjust, they have made great progress in the home. It is not easy to go from having two children to having 25. The children have accepted them and most are now calling them “momma” and “papi”. We are blessed to have them in the home and as a part of the Haiti mission effort. I hope you are able to meet them in person one day. Please pray for them, the children and their work. 

Riley Hendrix Teaches At IST
Riley Hendrix was able to travel to Haiti and teach a course at IST. His class focused on the importance of our worship assemblies. 

Since 2013, Riley and Brittany (our daughter) have been a part of a mission team working in Coral Springs, Florida. They are reaching out to the Hispanic world. Riley and Brittany are graduates from Freed-Hardeman University. They also have a five-month old daughter, Juliette. 

This was Riley’s fifth mission trip to Haiti but he has also traveled to St. Lucia, Grand Cayman, Montana and spent three months working in Brazil. His dedication to the Lord and his work is a great encouragement to all who know him. Riley and Brittany work under the oversight of the Pomona Church of Christ in Dickson, TN. 

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus
So far this year I have spent seven weeks in Haiti. I have taught two classes, Ministry Technologies and Timothy and Titus. I love to teach at IST because the men are so eager to learn and grow. These men do not simply accept what is said but love to question and study what is being taught. I am reminded of what Paul said about the Christians in Berea, “they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” I would not want them to be any other way. 

The books of Timothy and Titus are important to the work of an evangelist. Paul, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, show the importance of God’s word, the role of elders and danger of false teachers. Take the time to read these letters. 

First Class of IST Will Soon Graduate
The above picture was the first day of class at the International School of Theology - Haiti, August 13, 2014. I wish there was a way to put into words the growth I have seen in these men. Their ability to preach, teach, lead singing and share the message of God’s word proves the importance of IST. Just in 2015 our students were instrumental in bringing more than 250 souls to Christ. They have conducted campaigns, seminars and gospel meetings throughout Haiti. From the picture above, only two men are no longer in the school. We have changed translators and one student, who was a denominational preacher, decided to drop out of the program. 

On May 28th, these men will walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, being the first graduating class of the International School of Theology. It is hard to believe we have almost completed two years of classes. Most of the classes have been taught by teachers from the USA. This will change in August of 2016, when we hire some of our graduates to teach in the program. Each of the men we will ask to teach have degrees from a university in Haiti. 

We have had several men from the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Freed-Hardeman University and others to teach a class at IST. We have also had several ladies to come and teach special classes to the wives of our students and other ladies. While the number of American teachers will decrease, we plan to have eight short courses taught by teachers from the USA. We will continue to have classes for the ladies and special classes that will be open to the general public. 

As we look to the future, I am reminded of the words of Jesus: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." Matthew 9:37-38

Future Home Of The International School of Theology
For the past two years we have rented our facility. While it has worked well, it was also expensive. We are now planning to move onto our own property. We have been able to purchase a three-acre piece of property in the La Tremblay area, outside of Port-au-Prince. The area is seen as one of the best places to live and to own property. When we first contacted the own, the price was $250,000 but after several months of negotiations, we were able to purchase the property for $100,000. We have borrowed the money to pay for the property and the payment is less than the rent we were paying. Plus, the property already has a house, well, septic tank, power pole, partial block wall and the foundation for the school; this is about $50,000 that we don’t have to spend. 

Thanks to the congregations and individuals in the Cookeville, Tennessee area, we have been able to make repairs to the house. A family will move in soon to watch after the property and there is a private room that I will use as I travel to Haiti. When we have visiting teachers they also will be able to stay at the home. 

Larry Woods, an Elder from Lexington, recently was part of a crew to work on the property. 

Recently Brandon Pruett lead a group of seven men from Cookeville, Tennessee to Haiti. Four of the men traveled to the area of Jeremey and spoke at several congregations. Their mission was to help train leaders and be an encouragement to the members. I have made this trip and it is not an easy one. While the distance is only about 120 miles, it is an eight- hour trip. I am so thankful for these men and their willingness to serve in this way. 

Three of the men from Cookeville stayed with Larry Woods and me to work on the new property. Our mission was to build an additional room on the existing house. This room will serve as a storage room and a battery room. (When we do not have public electricity, our facility runs on batteries.) We hired three Haitian men to “help” but quickly realized we were the helpers. One day we also had three of the students from IST to come and help. While we could not communicate verbally we all understood the task before us. 

Your Help Is Needed! 
As we move into this new phase of work in Haiti and the International School of Theology continues to train preachers and teachers of God’s word, we request your help. While we have secured the funds to pay for the property and we have raised the money to make repairs to the house and rebuild the wall on the front of the property, there is still much to be done. 

Our financial needs are broken down into different areas: 

1.  Maintain the property. This will include the building of a wall around the property. This is for security and safety. 

2.  Build the new facility. We will one day have a facility to provide education for at least 45 full- time students. 

3.  Pay our teachers and daily needs. We want to use the local preachers and teachers to train men and women in their native tongue. 

We want to give our students one meal each day. Many of our students do not have food at home and what we provide may be their only meal. The married students often take what we supply and share it with family members. 

How Can You Help? 
First and foremost, pray often for the work in Haiti. The field is white unto harvest and we must train workers and teachers of God’s word. 

Second, make a generous one-time donation to help build the school. 

Third, help support the school on some monthly basis. While we wish we did not need to ask, it is a necessity. We cannot do the work without monthly support. 

Fourth, tell others about the work of IST and the needs. It is by word of mouth that many great works have been accomplished. 

Fifth, invite us to come and make a presentation to your congregation or friends. We are willing to go wherever is needed to share this work. 

Development of the Property
As we continue to move forward, there is a ten-year plan we are putting together. We know that time, circumstances, government and events can alter our plans, but this is the beginning point. 

1.    We plan to increase our student body to 45 students. This will be a three-year program. All students will not become preachers but will be teachers in many congregations. 

2.    We hope to have the school officially recognized by the Haitian government. This will allow us to offer a degreed program and make IST more valuable to the work in Haiti. 

3.    We plan to have a congregation that meets on the property. This will be a bilingual congregation with an emphasis on English. There are approximately 8,000 English speaking people in the Port-au-Prince area and no one is reaching out to them. 

4.    We plan for the property to be used for area- wide meetings, seminars and lectureships. 

5.    We plan to use the facility for medical teams, special outreach programs and special programs for the Christian women of Haiti. 

6.    We plan to use the facility and grounds for special youth activities. 

Thank you in Advance
As the school grows, so do the expenses. Your help is urgently needed as we expand our program. We plan to move to the new property in April and will start a new chapter in our work. We are asking you to consider a monthly support and if that is not possible, please consider a one-time donation. The cost of the property, the cost of repairs and the construction that needs to take place is very important. Every dollar that is given goes toward the work. A financial statement can be provided upon request for all of our contributors. Thank you for considering this work. Without your help it would not happen. 

Larry & Carol Waymire

Contact Information: Larry Waymire
Mobile: 731-798-0136 Office: 731-968-6688

All Contributions Should be sent to: Broad St. Church of Christ Caribbean Ministries
131 N. Broad Street Lexington,TN 38351 

To see the report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on April 24, 2016 .

Year-End Results In Haiti Indicate The Gospel At Work...

We serve a great God!

The blessings which God bestows upon us is far more than we can comprehend. There are blessings that come every day, unexpected and undeserved. One of our greatest blessings is being able to work in the kingdom of God and to have you as a part of our work. Your kindness, love, thoughtfulness, prayers and financial support are what makes our work possible. Thank you!

We pray that 2015 was a great year for you and that 2016 will be even better. What was accomplished by our students...

1. Baptisms: 252
2. Restorations: 150
3. Sermons Preached: 588
4. Bible Studies Taught: 615
5. Campaigns: 24
6. Some of the students have started a prison ministry. They have distributed over 500 copies of a six lesson study through World Bible School. These lessons are in French.
7. There are eleven congregations represented in the school.
8. Two of our students are now elders at the Santo congregation.
9. Our secretary is now married.  
10. Olia, our cleaning lady and her husband at a baby boy.
11. One of our directors, Widlord Thomas is now married.
12. We had 13 different men to travel to Haiti and teach at IST.
13. We had three Elders/Preachers conferences.
14. We had three groups of ladies to teach a series of lessons for the student’s wives and other ladies, average attendance 30.

Your Help Is Needed
As the school grows, so do the expenses. Your helpis urgently needed as we expand our program. We plan to move to the new property in April and will start a new chapter in our work.   We are asking you to consider a monthly support and if that is not possible, please consider a generous one-time donation.  

The cost of the property, the cost of repairs and the construction that needs to take 

place is very important. Every dollar that is given goes 100% toward the work. A Financial statement can be provided upon request for all of our contributors. Thank you for considering this work. Without your help it would not happen.

Contact Information:

Larry Waymire
Mobil:  731.798.0136
Office:  731.968.6688

All Contributions Should be sent to:

Broad St. Church of Christ
Caribbean Ministries
131 N. Broad Street
Lexington, TN 38351
Larry and Carol Waymire

To see the Waymire’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on January 17, 2016 .

Second Year Of Classes Begin At IST In Haiti...

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

It is our prayer that your physical and spiritual health is in excellent condition. Your concernedheart allows us to do the work we are doing. God has blessed us with many open doors and with your encouragement and support we have been able to step through them. Please pray for our efforts as we continue to reach the lost, strengthen the weak and encourage the strong.

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever.” (I Peter 4:11)

When the apostle Paul returned from his third missionary journey, he shared with the church all that God had done through his ministry (Acts 21:17-20). We also want to share all things with you. While we cannot include everything, we will try to touch on the high points. If you need more information it will be provided.  If your congregation desires a presentation, we will be glad to visit with you.

Roundup Church of Christ Welcomes You
We had a great mission trip to Roundup, Montana. I was joined by Johnnie Meggs (one of my elders from Lexington, TN) and Pat and Charolotte Evens. Pat and Charolotte are from Henderson, TN. Pat is a professor at Freed-Hardeman University. Our mission was to do minor work around the building and focus on encouraging the membership. There are six members and a few visitors in regular attendance. The Billings congregation sends someone each week to teach and preach. This has been a great encouragement to the local members. With the Billings group, there are about fifteen meeting each Sunday. We rejoice in the advancement they have made and their revived spirit in the Lord’s work. While we went to encourage them, I believe they encouraged us more than we did them. Each day we had a meal together with the members and visitors, followed with a Bible study. We were able to visit with some of the erring members and we pray one day they will return home. Make plans to go to Roundup, Montana in 2016.

A New Year At IST
On August 13th our twenty-four students returned for the second year of school at IST. Brother Garry Hill started the year with a course in Church History. He did a great job showing the growth of the early church and the spread of the gospel. I followed with a course on First and Second Thessalonians and Philippians. Next, brother Johnnie Meggs taught a course on Bible Geography. He did an excellent job presenting how God through his wisdom had planned for the establishment of his kingdom on earth. After a week off, the students returned to a class taught by brother Barry Baggett–The Preacher and His Work–taught in French. Brother Baggett works with the French World Outreach at the Crieve Hall church of Christ in Nashville, TN. He has also provided material for the students in French. I taught a course on 1st, 2nd and 3rd John. The focus was on the assurance of God’s promise of eternal life and the danger of false teachers. We were able to do this via the Internet; we live in a great time!

The students are active in preaching, teaching, and saving lost souls. They are not only eager to learn, but excited to reach others with the message of salvation. Below is a report of their accomplishments over the past three months. 

June –August Student Reports

66 Baptisms
34 Restorations
152 Sermons
158 Bible Classes
God Be Glorified!

New (Used) Van For IST
God has blessed the International School of Theology with a 2001 Ford van with 172,000 miles. Most of the miles were put on before it was shipped to Haiti. This was made possible through a   generous donation by an anonymous donor. There are truly some great people in this work who work on God’s behalf quietly behind the scenes. “If you happen to receive this newsletter, I want to say thank you on behalf of the students at IST and the people of Haiti.” The van has already been used to transport students, provide transportation for a mission team from Bermuda and took some of our students and others on a mission trip to the northeast corner of Haiti. While we hope the van will last for several years, we also hope to wear it out for the Lord and his work.  

Mission Team Comes From Bermuda
We were thankful to have a team of ten from the Brighton Hill church of Christ in Bermuda, six men and four ladies. The team spent time working with children’s homes, making repairs to the Santo Christian School and performed maintenance on vehicles. The ladies taught classes at IST for the wives of our students and women from various congregations. This was the third trip for some of the Bermuda team. We are thankful for these men and women who have committed to the work in Haiti. Please remember them in your prayers.

Henderson County Fair
It is important to reach people around the world, but it is also important to reach people in our own community. Each year Henderson County, TN has a county fair and we set up a booth. We put out tracks, books, and pamphlets inviting people to take them freely. We also encourage people to sign up for a Bible correspondence course and several did. We had over 300 tracts taken.

The printed page still works. People will often take the material and may not read it immediately but it will be available for many years. One young lady was given a Bible by one of our members who put her name and phone number in it. It took eight years before she made contact but she called and wanted a Bible study and obeyed the gospel. Years later her son obeyed and went to a preaching school to be a better servant of the Lord. While he works in the medical field he is also very active in the church. So, while the Internet is a great way to teach and encourage others, don’t give up on the printed page just yet. 

Bear Valley Bible Institute Extension School Retreat
The first weekend in September was spent at a retreat in Denver, CO. The directors from schools around the world gathered to give reports and encourage one another. Bear Valley Bible Institute has 18 extension schools and last year almost 2,000 souls came to Christ through the extension program.  

Youth for Haiti Youth
Last year we started the Youth for Haiti Youth program. The youth in the U.S. help youth in Haiti. There is a twofold purpose for the program.  First, to help our youth be more involved

with mission work. Secondly, to provide an education for a young man or woman in Haiti. The program was started at the Broad Street congregation and we have used this first year to try and iron out the wrinkles. We are now ready for others to join us in the effort. The persons being helped are Christians and must make reports to their sponsors. The cost for the year is $1,200 which provides uniform, fees, books, supplies, transportation and money for a daily snack. The funds are raised by the youth through their work, allowances and classes. Marius is the young man the Broad Street kids are helping at this time. If you, or your congregation would like to be a part of this program and would like more information, please contact us. 

A Special Need
As we plan for the move to our new location next year we will need a generator. We have found a used one with only 92 operating hours for $8,000. It is a 20 KW that will meet our needs for several years. The generator was bought in the U.S. and shipped to Haiti. We have part of the funds but are still in need of $5,000. If you or your congregation is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Larry and Carol Waymire

If you would like to see the Waymire report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on October 11, 2015 .

Students In Haiti Receive New Suits, Shirts, & Ties...

Hello from the Caribbean,

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! (Romans 10:13-15) 

Thank you for being our partners in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Without your prayers, encouragement and support, we could not do the work we are doing. May God continue to use each of us to broaden the boarders of His kingdom. 

An English Class From The Bible
Percil and Theresa Watkins led a team of workers to Haiti from the Hickory Church of Christ  in Hickory, North Carolina. Percil taught an English class from the book of Ephesians. The students were thrilled to work on their English and study  the  word  of  God. Percil did an excellent job and the class is eager for him to return. It is great to have great teachers!

A Focus On The Ladies
Theresa  Watkins, Barbara  Gnann, Kamy Bibbee and Janet Keever met with the ladies in the mornings to study the precious word of God. In the afternoons they spent time at the Sonlight Children’s Home. The ladies were so excited to be able to study the word of God and spend time fellowshipping one another. This is helped to build unity, develop friendships and provide spiritual growth for these ladies. They then were able to take this excitement back to their home congregations. The time spent with the children at Sonlight was very important. The girls and the boys were able to see the lives of Christian women who are true servants of God. They were able  to witness the dedication that should be in every Christian. Thank you ladies for your love for the Lord and willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

Printing Operation Begins
One of the great needs in Haiti is more material printed in Haitian Creole and French. In early 2014, we shipped a container with several items for the International School of Theology (IST) and one of the items was a Risograph copier. This is a high speed copier capable of printing 120 copies per minute. In the picture above is one of our directors, brother Felix, two of our students, Lemours and Viciere, and our secretary Michaelle. They are in the process of printing material for the other students. We are excited about the ability of printing this material. The cost of the Risograph was only $500 and the cost of printing, including ink and paper is about two and one half cents per page. What does this mean for Haiti? We can provide material for our students, area preachers and Bible school teachers are able to have material printed for their classes. This means the word of God will now be able to be sent to many different areas in the community and throughout Haiti. The result will be more souls for Christ, more workers in the kingdom and the level of knowledge will increase.  God has blessed us with the use of the printed page and to Him be all the glory. Pray for this ministry. 

The Preacher Students Receive New Suits, Shirts & Ties
My wife, Carol, headed up a drive to send suits to the students at IST. The response was overwhelming and we sent 67 suits, over 200 neckties and several shirts, pants, shoes, socks and jackets. The students were given the opportunity to go through the clothing and find items that would fit them and every student took home a sack full! Most of the preachers in Haiti do not receive a salary for preaching because the churches are very poor; a weekly contribution may only be $10-$12. Therefore, most of the preachers have to work at other jobs to support their families.

We plan to do this drive every other year so that each student who comes through IST will benefit from the program. The students are truly thankful for the items they receive. They wanted me to thank everyone who sent items and let you know how grateful they are for your love and help. I will keep you informed about future shipments.

A Visit With the Butte Boyer Church of Christ
During the March/April mission trip to Haiti, I had the privilege to visit the Butte Boyer congregation. Three of our students serve as preachers, Bible class teachers and song leaders. There was a heartbreaking tragedy in the congregation and I was asked to speak to them. One of their ladies was attacked in her home when someone broke in to rob her, her father and her mother. Her father, trying to defend his family, was killed and her mother was beaten. The congregation has been by this young lady’s side and is working with her and her mother to overcome this horrible act of violence. 

This is a great congregation and is seeking to follow the word of God. As you can see from the pictures, they are stretching the limits of their building. They are planning to move in the future and are saving to purchase property and build a new  meeting  place. They have saved $2,000 which is a great accomplishment for a church in Haiti. If you would like to know how you can  help this congregation, please contact me and I will be glad to share more about their efforts. Pray for the young lady, her mother and the church. 

And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it. 1 Corinthians 12:26

Books For The Students And IST
The availability of study material is very limited and books are simply too expensive to buy for most Haitians. Therefore, the students were thrilled to receive 25 books each (in French) from FRENCH LITERATURE. This is a mission effort to the French world sponsored by the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. Several books, including a set of commentaries in French, were also donated to IST. 

Barry Baggott is the director of the French Literature program. Brother Baggott will be teaching one of the classes next year at the International School of Theology. This will be the first class taught in French. Great things are happening in Haiti through and it is because of congregations and individuals who are willing to make sacrifices so others can be taught the precious word of God. To HIM be the glory!

A Meal Together On The Last Day Of Class
What an honor and thrill to work with the students at the International School of Theology in Haiti. These are men who are truly interested in the preaching, growth and future of the church in Haiti. While some of them will not be full-time preachers, they will be full-time Christians. These students will become the elders, deacons and teachers in local congregations. It is hard to believe we have completed the first year of classes. Year two will begin on August 13th. Plans are now being made for their graduation in May 2016. Once again, I want to say “thank you” to everyone who has made this first year possible. This is not a work that could be done by one person. It truly is a work of the church. I send a huge THANK YOU from the students at IST. Please continue to pray for our efforts.

Haiti Reaches Out To Nepal
The children who live at the Sonlight Children’s Home in Haiti remember the earthquake of 2010. They remember the help that so many have given to them and the people in Haiti. After seeing the devastation in Nepal, they wanted to help. They wrote to five churches in Haiti and  $260 US was raised! This may not seem like much to you but for many Haitians, this is almost a year’s income since about 70% live on about $1.00 per day. I am so proud of our children at Sonlight!!! Please continue to pray for their growth and for the people of Nepal. 

Funds Are Needed
I am thankful to the Broad Street congregation in Lexington, TN and the Estes congregation in Henderson, TN because  they support me and the work I am doing. Therefore, all funds raised go directly to the support of the school and other mission efforts of Caribbean Ministries. While most of our efforts are directed toward the school of preaching, we are also working on other  islands. Our goal is to spread the gospel, equip the saints and glorify God. We need morei ndividuals and congregations to partner with us as we seek to reach the lost, strengthen the weak and encourage the faithful. If you or your congregation can help, please fill out the form below and let us how you would like to help. Thank you for love and your prayers. May our heavenly Father be glorified in all that we do!

Larry Waymire

To see Larry’s report with the support form, contact information, and pictures, please click here

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Eager Students Work, Study, And Learn More Of God's Word...

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord,

I want to thank each of you for your support, prayers, encouragement and interest in the work of Haiti. It is because of concerned congregations and individuals like you that we are now in the second half of the school year at the International School of Theology (IST) in Haiti.

Our students are eager to work, study and learn more of God’s precious word. As this class progresses, I can see that some of these students will have a great impact on the work in Haiti.  Please pray for each of them as continue their studies.

The Students at IST
We are blessed to have these men as preacher students. They are dedicated and have a longing for more knowledge of God’s word. As the first year is quickly coming to an end, they want to continue with their studies. We do plan to have some special classes during the summer to focus on specific needs and issues that face the church in Haiti. You may not know the names of these men but God does and I am asking you to please pray for them.

He Fought the Good Fight
He Finished the Race
He Kept the Faith

George I. Brown, a faithful and hard working servant of God, has departed this world to be with his Lord. At age 95 he was still active in the San Nicolas church of Christ in Aruba. His dedication and service was an example for others to follow.  

There were times when brother Brown and his wife were the only members of the congregation   in attendance. He would teach the Bible class, lead the prayers, lead the singing, preach the  sermon and serve communion. Sister Brown would listen, ask and answer questions during Bible class and at times would respond during the invitational song, even though they were the only two present. On one occasion sister Brown said, “He needed me to ask for prayers as much as I need them.” Two great servants of God!

I first met the Browns when I worked with the church in 1981 as a student at International Bible  College, now Heritage Christian University. Our loss is heaven’s gain. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

Devotion and Bible Study at the Son Light Children’s Home
Roberta Edwards serves as the Director for the home-mom as she is called by the children in the home. While some may call it an orphanage–it is not. This is a home where the children are loved, nurtured, educated and when necessary, disciplined. Roberta has served in Haiti for more than 18 years. Roberta serves under the oversight of the Estes church of Christ in Henderson, Tennessee. Roberta is one of the hardest working ladies I have ever met. Her dedication to the  children, the work and the Lord is an encouragement to all who know her.  I have had the privilege of working with Roberta for the past five years and count it an honor. In addition to her work in the home, she also directs a nutrition center that feeds 150 children two hot meals each  day. Between this and the home, approximately 400 meals are prepared daily. She does have some Haitian ladies who assist her but she is the one who oversees the work.

These are just two of the many works that are taking place in which Roberta is involved. When  medical, construction or teaching teams go to Haiti, Roberta is there to assist and help in any way she needed. Take a moment and say a prayer for Roberta, the Son Light Children’s Home and the many works that she is doing. As Roberta would say, “To God be all the glory”

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:17

The preachers and elders conference has become a regular part of our work at the International School of  Theology. At least once per quarter we invite the preachers and elders to come and share in the study of God’s word. A representative from each congregation has the opportunity to give a field report, sharing the activities of the congregation. This is always a highlight of the conference because we hear of the many great works taking place. It is also a great time of fellowship between congregations. This is one element that had been missing in the past. The unity and love is growing among the Lord’s church in Haiti. More and more we see and hear of congregations joining efforts to reach the lost of Haiti. We had about 65 in attendance with several congregations represent. May God continue to work in the hearts and the lives of these men who truly seek to do His will. Several members from the Sycamore congregation in Cookeville, TN were able to be with us for the conference.  

This group has made several trips to Haiti. They work at the children’s home, the Santo church and the Santo Christian school. We are thankful to have them as partners in the work. And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Ephesians 4:11, 12

Distant Teaching - Becoming a Reality
We now have the equipment installed and expect to have the Internet issues worked out soon. We have mounted an outside antenna to give us the extra boost in power that ‘should’ allow us to make the connection. 

When this final stage is completed, we will be able to teach classes from here in the USA. This will give us the opportunity to use some great Bible scholars who might not be able to travel to Haiti. This will also save a considerable amount of funds which can be diverted to other needs. We are so thankful for the individuals and congregation who have made this possible. 

Your Help is Needed
Because of your kind donations, a large portion of the rent has been paid! Nicolas, our landlord has agreed to let us pay the monthly payments of $600 per month until the rent is paid in full. I must say, Nicolas has worked well with us and has helped every time we needed it. If repairs or modifications to the building were needed, all we had to do was asked and it was done. This being said, we still owe about $3,600 in rent.  

Monthly Support
Why is monthly support needed? Like any school, there are needs that must be met. There are bills that have to be paid and supplies that must be purchased. Most of the students do not have jobs and those who do, do not make very much money. The majority of  the people in Haiti live on one or two dollars per day. Most of the Haitian people – including our students – only eat four or five times per week. A congregation of some 300 people may only have a contribution of $10. This is not because they don’t want to give, it is because they simply do not have it to give. So yes, I am asking you to give and help these men prepare to preach the gospel. It is the gospel message that can turn a nation around morally and financially. As I have stated before, we are not simply trying to change a few lives – we are trying to change a nation! We need your help to train the preachers and teachers at IST. We are asking congregations and individuals who are able, to contribute only $100 per month to help support our students. While the overall cost per student is about $300 we know this amount may be difficult for many. Please let us know if you have questions about any of the work we are doing. Please pray for our efforts.

Larry Waymire

Contact Information:
Larry Waymire
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All Funds Should be Sent to:
Broad Street Church of Christ
Caribbean Ministries
131 North Broad Street
Lexington, TN   38351

To see Larry’s report with pictures, please click here.

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Growing Work Meeting The Growing Need In Haiti...

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord, 

I want to thank you for your support, prayers, encouragement, and interest in the work of Haiti. It is because of concerned congregations and individuals like you that we are now in the second half of the school year at the International School of Theology (IST) in Haiti. 

Our students are eager to work, study and learn more of God’s precious word. As this class progresses I can see that some of these students will have a great impact on the work in Haiti. Please pray for each of them as they study. 

Introducing Some of the Students and Their Work 
I first Introduce Mack. Mack is our full-time Mack translator at the International School of Theology in Haiti. Mack is only seventeen years old but is well grounded in the gospel. His personality is always pleasing and positive. He grew up at the Sonlight Children’s in home and Roberta Edwards has been a mother to him. When I am with Mack, I am reminded of Paul’s relationship with Timothy and Timothy’s relationship with his mother and grandmother. Mack was only 11 years old when I first arrived in Haiti in 2010. He and I packed beans and rice twelve hours a day for a week. He never stopped, complained or tried to run from the work. He has shown himself to be a friend to the other children in the home and to all he meets. 

Mack is still continuing his high school education. I believe God is going to use this young man in many ways as he grows in faith and maturity. I am proud to call him my friend. 

Saint Hubert Felix
Brother Felix is a preacher and educator in Haiti; Saint, is a part of his name. He has been working as a preacher in Cité Soleil for more than thirty years. He has had to flee the area with his family on three occasions because of his stand against sin and for the truth. His faith has been proven even in the face of death. He also serves the community as a director of a Christian school in Cité Soleil. 

Felix serves as one of the directors at IST and will be teaching a course at IST, Religion in Haiti. He has worked for a year without pay to help establish the preaching school. This month, due to a generous member of the church, Felix will be receiving $150 per month for his work with IST. He is worthy of and deserves, far more than we are able to pay at this time. We would like for each of our directors to receive at least $300 per month. Yet, as Felix says “We (IST) are making a difference in Haiti and will long after we have closed our eyes in death. Therefore, we will move forward as a faithful servant of the Lord.” 

Origene Beaubrun 
Brother Beaubrun has been a Christian for about four years. He has shown great faith, love for the lost and his ability to teach the message of Christ. After being a Christian for only a year, he and his wife realized, in his words, “We have pure gold in our hands and must take this to our family in Jérémie.” Jérémie is in the southwest area of the country and it takes about eight hours to drive there. He started making weekend trips to family and friends to teach them the word of God. There are now fourteen new congregations of the Lord’s church in the Jérémie area! To God be the glory and we are also thankful for the Beaubrun and his wife who have faithfully shared God’s word. 

Brother Beaubrun is also a member of the Royal Police Force in Haiti and serves with the Palace Police. He is one of the preachers for the Santo church of Christ and continues to reach people with God’s message of hope. He serves as one of the directors for IST. He has a degree in communication from the University of Haiti. He too has worked to establish the school of preaching and has served without pay. Again, due to the generosity of a good Christian family,
he is now receiving $150 per month. 

Brothers Beaubrun and Felix do not simply take this money and use it for themselves but they use it to help the students. They pay for transportation and snacks for the students who are unable to pay. They use their own money to buy supplies for the school when needed. God has blessed us with two great men to help us move the school forward. 

Jean Yves Desmosthene 
Jean Yves, as most in Haiti, is called by his last name, Desmosthene (pronounced Demo-stain). He has been a preacher for several years and now serves the church in Carrefour. Brother Desmosthene travels about two and one half hours each way to attend class at IST. I had the privilege of preaching at the congregation in Carrefour in December. I have seen how much the church loves brother Desmosthene and the influence he has in the community. The church is poor and cannot pay him therefore he, as most preachers in Haiti, must find other ways to support himself. If you are looking for a good work to help support and work with, I can highly recommend the work in Carrefour. If you would like to take a survey trip to meet Desmosthene and the church, I will be glad to assist. 

Widlord Thomas 
Widlord Thomas recently graduated from Freed- Hardeman University. He is also a product of the Sonlight Children’s Home. Brother Thomas will be serving as a co-director of IST alongside brothers Felix and Beaubrun and will be teaching classes in the local language. His faith stems also from his mother, who is a faithful member of the Lord’s church. The Gauthier congregation started in her home, a mud hut and is now a congregation of about 250. As Thomas settles into the work in Haiti he will no doubt be pulled in many directions. Pray for his faith, strength and wisdom as he uses the knowledge he has gained at FHU to build the church in Haiti. 

We are blessed to have these men in the school at IST and perhaps some of them will be the teachers one day. 

Distant Teaching 
Thanks to the church and friends in Paducah, Kentucky we will soon be able to teach from many locations. The video conferencing equipment has arrived in Haiti and is now being installed. Once this is completed I will be able to teach wherever I am as long as I have an internet connection. We are living in a wonderful time for spreading the message of God. I will give more information at the equipment goes into use. 

Classes for the Ladies  
When IST was being formed, one of our goals was to provide teaching for the ladies. Kim Kasarjian and Sheri Harris from Alabama have said, “HereamIsendme”. They have made two trips to Haiti and the ladies are growing. Their trip in January brought in thirty ladies to the class! They also had a class specifically for the wives of preachers. 

It is not only the training of preachers we are seeking to accomplish but also give strength and knowledge to the whole church. Kim and Sheri did such a wonderful job. One of our students Viciere (V-c-air), came to class and said his wife was in the ladies class and how great it was. Thank you Kim – Thank you Sheri! We need more ladies to go and teach and if you are interested, please let me know. 

A New Location 
We do not like paying rent and we are now in conversation for a new location. We need a permanent place for the school so we can focus on more long range goals.Please pray that God will open the doors so we can make this a reality. We are looking at a two story house that started at $180,000 but we have come to an agreement for $80,000. We will have to make several repairs and this could cost another $25,000. The building is in an ideal location and just across the street from where we often stay. If you are able to help us raise the funds or make a donation to this effort we would be grateful. 100% of the money given to help goes directly to the work. 

Your Help is Needed 
Since it is now February, we must once again pay the rent. The custom in Haiti is to pay a full year in advance. Our rent is $15,000 per year. I have been paying almost half of this each month ($600) but we owe $7,800. The building is working great and we even have a room for visiting teachers if they choose to stay there. If you can help us with part or all of this amount it would be greatly appreciated. 

Monthly Support 
I am not asking for myself but for the students and for the lost souls of Haiti. God has softened the hearts of the Haitian people and at this time the door is open and we must act now. The time may come when we will not reach the masses as we are today. Several of the preachers have said they have a renewed hope because of the International School of Theology. There is a zeal we are generating across the country that will bring in more souls. 

We need your help to train the preachers and teachers at IST. The cost is only $300 per student each month to cover the total cost of supplies, transportation, snacks, pay the rent and utilities. At this time we have $3,100 committed. While we have cut corners and the students have made great sacrifices, we must raise the funds needed. If you or your congregation would like to adopt a student and support him with only $75 per month, it will make a big difference. No amount is too small. It takes $6 per day ($30 per week) to supply a snack for the students, can you help us with that amount? If you or your congregation can take on the full support of a student with $300 per month, it would be reaching lost souls across the country of Haiti. I am willing to come and present our work to you personally or to the congregation. The cost and work is far too much for one person but united we can and will change the lives of many. Thank you in advance for any consideration. 

Larry Waymire 

To see Larry’s report with pictures, please go here.

Contact Information: 

Larry Waymire
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All Funds Should be Sent to: 

Broad Street Church of Christ
Caribbean Ministries
131 North Broad Street
Lexington,TN 38351

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Classes Are Moving Forward In Haiti...

I first want to apologize for such a long newsletter. I have been on the road since June 6th and leave again on September 17th. Several good works have taken place and I will try to bring you up- to-date on everything. If you ever have questions about our work please let us know.

I want to thank you for your help and support in our efforts. The Lord has truly blessed us with many friends and fellow workers in His kingdom.

Classes are now underway at the International School of Theology in Haiti. 
Our grand opening day on August 9th and classes started on August 11th. For opening day we had about seventy people to attend a one day seminar. Our 24 students were present along with their families and members of their home congregations. Some of the students travel over two hours each way to attend the classes. They do not have automobiles so they have to take a tap-tap. This is similar to a taxi that is a small truck, but it only goes a short distance, so the students take several different tap-taps to arrive at the school.

We have partnered with Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee. The first two years will be a series of 49 short courses. This means we must have teachers who are willing and able to go and teach a course. We try to provide paper and pens since most of the students do not work and are unable to pay for supplies.

Each students does pay 600 goud (the Haitian money) per quarter; this comes to about $12 US. We felt it was important for them to pay a little so they will have invested in their own education. We have also encouraged their home congregations to help support them with tap- tap money and food money.

We feel it is important for the church in Haiti to do all they are able to do for themselves. It is not only our responsibility to evangelize Haiti but it is theirs as well. 

The first three classes have been taught and the fourth one will begin on Monday. Donnie Bates from BVBI was able to go and teach the first class, Survey of the Old Testament. He set the standard high and that is exactly what we wanted to happen. I followed-up with the Survey of the New Testament and Robert Johnson then taught a course on Christian Evidences. 

Gary Fallis arrives in Haiti on September 6th to teach a course on God's Plan of Salvation: Scheme of Redemption.

On July 19th I led a team to the island of Barbados for a one week Vacation Bible School and gospel meeting. PJ & Chris Hardy, Ida & Saber Newman and I from Lexington, along with Joe Holley from the East Colbert congregation in Mussel Sholes, Alabama joined forces to take the gospel to the isle of Barbados. We were the third week of VBS at the Hindsbury church of Christ. We had 58 energy filled young people we were able to work with. The teachers did a fantastic job and some of the local members came each day to assist.

Our focus centered on “Daily Challenges”. The challenges include: being truthful, our prayer life, humility, honor our parents and having a trusting obedient attitude toward God and His word. These are challenges we all face each day of our lives. Most of the children live with only one parent and some are being raised by their grandparents. Joe and I worked with the teenage class and had 25 students. Of the 25 students, only one had both mom and dad in her life on a daily basis. The gospel is the only way to turn families around and help make the home what God intended for it to be.

While we had VBS for three hours each day, the day did not end there. Each evening we had gospel preaching at the Barbarees Hill church of Christ. This is the oldest congregation on the island, there are four. None of the four congregations have a full-time preacher at this time. In the past the church has been strong and the members who remain are strong, yet the devil continues to find ways to hurt the church in Barbados. Please pray for the church there and pray for labors to go. If you would like to know more about the work or if you are interested in going with us on a mission trip, please let me know.

Miami Metro Mission Team
I was able to visit the Miami Mission Team and was encourage to see their progress. My daughter, Brittany, her fiancé Riley Hendrix, Jordan Smith and Mauricio & Kayla Yegros are working in Coral Springs, Florida to reach the Hispanic population. They have been there since July of 2013 and they planted a new congregation in March of 2014. While it started with only the five on the team, they have grown. Today they have 25-30 in worship each Lord’s day. The battle has been hard. They rented a building and made many repairs only to be told the church could not meet there. There are many city ordinances and laws which have slowed their process. Yet, they refuse to give in to discouragement and continue to their search to find a permanent meeting place.

They are now meeting at the Coral Springs Funeral Home. This may sound like an odd place to meet but the facilities are well suited to meet their needs and very centrally located. They are looking for another facility because they need the classroom space. Riley does most of the preaching, Jordan works with the youth and Mauricio teaches the adult Bible class and leads the singing. Brittany and Kala work together teaching the children. The services are in Spanish with some English to help those of us who do not speak Spanish. They are doing a great job but need your daily prayers. You can see more about their work by visiting

While I was there, Mauricio baptized a lady whom they had been studying with for some time. It is thrilling to see people come to Christ but it is also thrilling to see young people doing the work of spreading the gospel. To God be the glory and honor.

Roundup, Montana
On June 26 we set out for Roundup, Montana for our annual mission trip. The church is small but very dedicated to the teaching of God’s word. Ron and Cheryl Birdwell and their granddaughter Destiny, along with Art and June Roberts and Sam Holmes make up the congregation. The church has been in Roundup for many years but due to internal division most of the members have left. The few who are there now were not a part of the original but are dedicated to building the church and helping it to grow.

Carol and I were joined by Johnnie Meggs (one of our elders at Broad Street) Tim and Carol Shannon, and Pat and Charlotte Evans from Henderson, Tennessee. Curtis and Melissa Southerland along with their three children Eli, Levi and Eliza were also a part of the mission team. Eli was able to give his first devotional talk while in Roundup and did an excellent job.

We had a Vacation Bible School, (the first in several years) and oiled the building. Yes, I said oiled the building. The building has cedar siding and every few years must have a coating of linseed oil. This helps protect it from the harsh winters. This was quite a learning experience for us since none of us had ever done it before. The VBS went great with some from the neighborhood attending. We had eight children and made contact with several people in the community. This will help us plan for the next VBS in 2015.

We also had a brother in Christ to return home, Sam Holmes. Sam will be a great asset to the church in Roundup. He will be with the church in Roundup one week and then go into Billings and meet with the church there. The church in Billings (about 250 members) is a constant encouragement to the Roundup congregation. Several of the members at Billings go twice a month to worship with the church at Roundup. This is the nearest congregation which is about 55 miles away.

We were also bought the church a computer and set it up with Skype. Since it is hard to always have a preacher present, we can now preach in Montana from Tennessee or most anywhere in the world. While this is a great tool, we still hope one day to have to have a full time worker with the church.

June Mission Trip To Haiti
In June people from Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Minnesota and Barbados came together to serve the Lord in Haiti.

I, along with Curtis Southerland and Riley Hendrix went to Haiti to prepare for the opening of the school of preaching, IST. We were joined by three of the members from the Brighten Hill Church of Christ in Bermuda and four men from Alabama.

The men from Alabama, led by Joe Holley were working in areas outside the Port-au-Prince. The men from Bermuda came to visit with a preacher they are helping to support in the Jeremy and to speak at the preacher’s seminar hosted at IST. Dave and Charlene May (center) are the Inn Keepers at the guest house and great servants of God. Since this trip David has had malaria and Charlene has the Chikungunya virus. Because of their recent illness, they are taking a leave of absence but hope to return in a few months. Please keep them in your prayers.

What a joy to work with men and women who are dedicated to the growth of the Lord’s church. May God continue to use each of us as we continue to serve HIM.

Deep Sea Fishing Trip
For over twenty years Gary Sorrels has put together a deep sea fishing trip for the members at our home congregation. This was started to help build love, unity and fellowship among the members. Over the years it has expanded to those outside our church family and has been used as a tool to reach out to others. Christians are able to spend time with their families and friends and get to know others whom they may not have had an opportunity to know otherwise. One of our members even proposed to his wife while on one of the trips. They have been married for several years and now have two children.

We travel to Destin, Florida every two years and charter the Destine Princes; our group is the only one on the boat. Everyone catches fish and seldom does anyone get sea sick. I would encourage others to find ways for the church family to spend time together. We are not only to reach out to the lost but also to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. What a great few days of fellowship, fun and relaxation. Come go with us in 2016!

May God continue to use us! 
Larry & Carol

To see Larry’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on September 14, 2014 .

Moving Forward With The Work In Haiti...

Greetings in the name of our Lord,
I first want to thank each of you for your prayers and words of encouragement as we continue our work for the Lord. My desire is to be a tool for the Lord in expanding the borders of His kingdom, the church. A special thanks to you who have given financially to the work; I could not do what I do without your partnership.

The Haiti Container Has Arrived!
We are glad to report that the container has arrived in Haiti! For several months we have raised the funds and people have donated items to ship a forty foot container to Haiti. The container was filled with items for the children’s home, the school of preaching and items to be used in other works. Your help and contributions have made this possible. We want to send another container but we need help. The cost for shipping, handing fees and customs comes to about $12,000. If you know of a person or congregation who would be willing to help raise or provide these funds, please have them contact me. The needs are great and the items shipped truly help thousands of people. 

International School of Theology
We continue to move forward with the school of preaching planned for Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, with a population of more than three million souls. While we have paid the rent for the first year ($15,000) more help is needed to sustain the school. I will be going to Haiti in June to make some of the final arrangements. We plan to have a two day conference and open house to introduce the school to the churches in Haiti. 

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we have partnered with Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee. By combining forces we will be able to have some great Bible teachers and will be able to offer a high quality of education to the students. We plan to start accepting students in June for the fall enrollment and are hoping to have twenty-four students. We plan to have a website for the school in the future so you will be able to meet the students and see the facilities. 

Your help is needed. The cost for the school is going to be about $6,000 per month which is only about $250 per student. We need individuals and congregations to help us meet these needs. If you or the congregation can help provide and sponsor a student, I would be willing to come and give you full details about our plans, curriculum and provide any other information.

Roundup, Montana
In late June and early July we will travel to Roundup, Montana to work with the church for two weeks. The congregation is small, having only four members. The nearest congregation is in Billings, Montana and is about fifty-five miles away. The church in Billings and the church in Lewistown are very helpful and continue to visit the church in Roundup on a regular basis. 

There is a very nice building with a great deal of classroom space but they are in need of a full-time preacher working in the community. If you know of someone who might be interested in working in the big sky county, please let me know. The four members are willing to work and they are filled with love and have a strong desire to serve the Lord. 

Jamaica Campaign
April 18-26th, I had the privilege of traveling to Spanish Town Jamaica with a group from the North Henderson church of Christ - Steve Croom, Ethel Croom, Carleton Salfarlie, Friday Akpan, Elkanah Akpan and Elizabeth Saunders. We were the second week workers in a two week campaign for the Spanish Town church of Christ. The theme for the campaign was, “Let the Bible Speak.” Brother Carleton Salfarlie, the preacher for the North Henderson congregation, did the speaking each night and I spoke during the Sunday morning Bible hour. Brother Salfarlie preached powerful and scripture-filled lessons each night.  

Each day we knocked doors or conducted home Bible studies. We were also privileged to work with some of the preacher students from the Jamaica school of preaching. Some of these students I had worked with in Linstead, Jamaica last year. The growth and maturity that had taken place since last year was truly encouraging. The maturity of the students is a great commentary on the school. They are being well trained in the teaching of God’s word and the practical side of Christianity, evangelism and working with the lost. 

The two weeks of door knocking, home Bible studies and gospel preaching led to nine souls coming to Christ, one restored to their first love and several had their Christian life revived. We left the Spanish Town congregation with about fifty home Bible studies to follow-up with and several contacts to visit. To God be the glory and praise for all that was accomplished in His name. Brother Leslie Goode is the local evangelist and he serves the Lord daily reaching to the lost and working with the church.

The congregation is filled with love and joy in their service to God. The building was filled with about 120 people each night. The local members worked alongside us each day so that the local church would be able to do proper follow-up. They feed us three meals each day and while it might not have been exactly what we as Americans normally eat, it was great! The cooking crew was led by Sister Betty and she and the others made sure every worker had sufficient food. They cooked for about twenty workers each day.  The church reminded me of what Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:16 – Take a moment and read it.
On Thursday and Friday we were able to stream live broadcast around the world via the internet. Brother Derrick Brown, the preacher for the Jago church of Christ in Spanish Town, came with camera in hand and was able to send the message of Christ through the internet. I was able to get the word out to several and they too were able to join us. The Jago congregation broadcasts weekly over the internet at  You may wish to visit their web site at It is great to work and serve the Lord in a world where there are so many opportunities to reach the lost. Brothers Brown and Goode are only two men but they are truly making an impact on the Spanish Town community.

Final Thoughts
I have had the privilege of working with the Broad Street congregation in Lexington, Tennessee for almost 25 years and now serve as a resident missionary. I am thankful for the eldership I serve under and for this congregation. Brother PJ Hardy serves as the full-time evangelist and Carter Hoover serves as the youth minister. Virginia McClain serves as our secretary.  I am also thankful for my wonder wife, Carol, who supports me in every way with the work I am doing. She teaching at Freed-Hardeman and is not able to travel on all of the mission trips but is able to get in two or three a year. I am blessed to have her in my life. We have a great team and I know that I could not do the work that I am doing with out their encouragement, love, prayers and financial support.   

I have been privileged to work on or visit more than forty countries around the world and there are great needs in every one of them, including the United States. There are many great works being done that include evangelism, Christian maturity, training preachers, feeding the hungry, helping the hurting and educating people so they can have a better life. To God be the glory for all that is being done in His great name! 

Working for the Master,

Larry Waymire

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Posted on May 18, 2014 .