31 students in Haiti

The work at the International School of Theology – Haiti (IST) continues to move forward.  We now have a total of 31 full-time students.  We have seventeen students in the first-year class and fourteen in our second-year class.  The students and faculty are reaching to several locations throughout Haiti with the gospel.  We recently had a visit from one of the local government officials and he was very impressed with the work at IST.  The news of IST has traveled throughout Haiti and we get inquiries from congregations and individuals regularly.  Our teachers and directors are asked to conduct seminars and special classes.  We have also had people from other countries to request information about attending IST. At this time, we are not prepared to receive foreign students.  

 A new congregation will be planted on the campus of IST, January 14th, 2018.   Brothers Martial Viciere and Origin Beaubrun will serve as the ministers; both of these men are graduates of IST. Martial is now one of our teachers and Origin is one of the directors of IST.  There have already been several baptisms in the community through efforts of the faculty and students.   We plan to air our first services live via Facebook so I encourage you to join us on that day, if possible.  Since it will be stored on my Facebook page, you will be able to view it later.  

Our new facility is almost completed!  Due to the help of several congregations and the kindness of many individuals, we now have office space, three good size classrooms and a room for our visiting teachers.  We will now be able to add our third class in August of 2018.  There are still a few things that need to be finished but we can now use the entire building.   Our major need now is to make sure we have electricity.  Electricity in Haiti is never a sure thing on a daily basis.  We may go two or three days with no electricity and can only count on having electricity about four days per week and then only for a few hours. It is like this throughout Haiti.  Therefore, we are trying to raise $15,000 to purchase an 11KW generator and new batteries as well as install solar panels and finish the building. 

Thanks to all who help support the work in Haiti.  This is not my work but it is the Lord’s work in which I am privileged to serve. If you would like more information about the work in Haiti, you may reach me at 731.798.0136 or lwaymire@gmail.com.

Posted on December 15, 2017 .