A new well in Haiti

The International School of Theology is nearing the end of its fourth year.   These men are serious about their studies and dedicated to the word of God.  It takes all of our students at least an hour to reach IST; some travel three or four hours each way and they do this four days per week.  

We are now looking to the next year at IST.  The new year will bring with it, many challenges and a lot of excitement.   One class will be entering their senior year with graduation set for May 2019.  The freshman students will be coming in August, as we look to enroll fifteen more students.  This will also call for the hiring of one or two new Haitian teachers for IST.  Our directors will do the vetting to make sure each teacher is sound in the faith. 

Healing Hands International recently conducted a dip irrigation seminar for our students and a few visitors.  This will help to provide food for our students and faculty.  HHI also drilled three wells in our area to provide fresh, clean drinking water for the community; one of the wells is just outside our front gate.  John 4 tells us, the women at the well was first introduced to Jesus and then she told others; which led to several believing in Jesus.  IST plans to use the three wells in LaTremblay to reach the lost.  Our students and faculty will visit the wells regularly to offer Bible studies and invite them to visit the church.

Please pray for our students, teachers, directors and the people of Haiti.  Haiti is a great nation with many wonderful people.  The people are hardworking and have a desire to better their lives and their relationship with God. 

January 14th saw a congregation was planted on the campus of IST.  So far there have been five baptisms through their efforts.  There is a regular attendance of about 50.  Each week new visitors from the neighborhood come to visit.  Four of our graduates are working together to lead this work in a positive direction.

Larry Waymire


Posted on May 11, 2018 .