A busy week in Mbanga

My beloved people of God,

We Greet all in Jesus name. It is great to have you on our page again this morning. The Lord granted to us a gift of life this day. We give him all the glory. We had a beautiful week with the work in the vineyard of God almighty. He gave us another opportunity to exploit the world. It is a time to reflect on many things and we thank God for every possible solution. Accept salutations from my lovely wife and from my household.

 Just like we made mention in the beginning, the week was a very busy one. That is why there is some delays in sending this report.

Visibility work done in Mombo

Working in collaboration with brother Giress and brother Alfred, I made them travel to Mombo which is a subdivision next to Mbanga, for a visibility study. The report on the ground is promising as we met some internally displaced Christians during our second missionary trip to Mombo just within one week. We are already developing strategies on how to begin work in this community and in the space of no time, the wife of one of our present students shall be living in that community. A site for worship is one of our main difficulties and next will be worship setup such as benches, a table, and some other few things. I believe God is going to do great work in that community and its surroundings.

The students also took part at the burial ceremony of our little sister who died in Mujuka and was buried in Kombe. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. It was time to mourn with the bereaved family and her little classmates who were just from writing the entrance exams to the secondary school in Cameroon but could not see their class mate there. It was a pitiful situation. God has a reason for everything. May her soul rest in peace.

Preachers forum in Bonaberi.

Present this year in the annual preacher’s forum in Bonaberi in Douala were some graduates from both our schools. All the instructors of Mbanga were present as well as some present students in Mbanga. It was a good one as we had lot of good lessons to study about. The next forum shall be in Bamenda.

We had on our very busy schedule 20th of May celebration.

This year’s national day celebration on the 20th of May was blended with the students and some members of the church who took part in the march pass as you can see with the placard. Our goal is to let the people of Mbanga know about the work of our school and the church in our locality. We had as one of our tasks the responsibility to share tracks to many people and by his Grace we shared about 1500 tracks along with world bible school lessons with our phone numbers on them. We are now waiting for the outcome. Thanks to our donors, the tracks have gone a long way to help many areas in our country. We pray and requesting for more of these different tracks and books. Thank you Barry Baggot with French World Outreach, Mission Printing, and others. We shall continue to preach the word. Oh, how I wish we could have a radio program in Mbanga so we could send the message more to the street, quarters and all over the surrounding villages. Please send up prayers for the work in Cameroon 

 The students are also doing great in class work.

 As days goes by, we are becoming closer to the end. The students are now becoming used to their new way of life in the campus. It is not easy for them to meet up with the climate change. Some are passing through a very difficult time as they repeatedly going to the hospital. Brother Prince, Bertrand, and Romains have visited the hospital in Mbanga and Douala and Bertrand have been asked to go for scanning. Some are getting some relief through our first aid box with the aid of brother Bako who is our student doctor. We pray for their good health in order for them to concentrate on studies. 

We shall begin with exams next Monday 27th of May. Short courses shall begin on the 3rd of June. May God be their guide.

May the Lord be with our mission work in Cameroon. The congregations in Cameroon are seriously waiting for our coming missions. Brother David, we welcome you and your team in Cameroon this June.

 Our graduates  

This is brother Memvi who graduated last March in Mbanga and is now working with the congregation in Mbalmayo. Information is reaching us that brother Memvi has been attacked by a stroke so that both of his legs are been paralyzed. My beloved brother Memvi is undergoing treatment in Yaounde but in a local way due to lack of finance. Even though he is receiving only local treatments, he Is asked to pay 7500 frs ($13) on daily basis. This few days old preacher seriously needs assistance to improved his health condition. Calls are already reaching us from the congregation that we should be sending students to come and help in preaching for they are still very young. This is one of the congregations established with the help of our Bible Institute.

Our graduates are in the field doing their work. Continue sending up prayers for them. A new congregation is about to begin in Douala as brother Raul who graduated In March, is following his goal to implant an assembly in a village of Douala. Brother Nicanor, who preaches to the refugees in Douala, is passing through a very long distance to come and do his job. He is soliciting for a place of worship. It    not been easy with the new beginning. More prayers are needed for these guys.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Ititi Benedict

Posted on May 27, 2019 .