Classes resume in Tamale




We are more excited for the good and perfect work God continue to do for us in this ministry in which we are proud to be part or members of life saving or transforming. In that, we remain committed to thanking and appreciating you for your faithfulness and consistent support. We shall carefully and consciously manage whatever is kept in our custody as a faithful steward of Christ.


The school has reopened on April, 8th 2019, as indicated in the last month report. Fourteen students happily reported to start the academic work that would thoroughly equip them for every good work into saving souls. It is our prayer and hope that the remaining prospective brethren who have also picked the admission forms and submitted them will possibly make it next term as we have assurances from some of them. Nothing should hinder them to denounce their conviction in Christ. That is our plea to you to pray with us.


The first week, Brother James Legend treated Hermeneutics 1 with the students. This course was successfully taught and students examined with performance encouraging. Second week, Brother Adjei Mensah Daniel took students through “The Scheme of redemption”, this course too was fairly treated as well and test conducted respectively and students performed wonderfully. Third week, personal evangelism 1 was also handled by Brother James Legend.

There was an intensive teaching and learning for three days in class room and three days for one on-one Personal Evangelism, Students were monitored by the instructor as to how to approach their prospects, one sister Evelyn from Volta region who when she migrated to Tamale became a member of one the denominations was restored and has since be active. Although there was no positive response as a result of Tamale being the Islamic community or dominants, but some prospects were figured out and we dedicated some students to constantly visit them so that with the support of your prayer and our prayer God will choose His people for us.

Fourth week, “How we got the Bible” was also treated by Brother Albert Malir with the students, class work and final exams was conducted and students performance improving. Fifth week, “TheOld Testament 1” was handled by Brother Francis Ayine , there was that kind of inculcating teaching  and learning between instructor and students with Students performance after exams satisfied. The last course which was “The Cost of discipleship” for the term was also dealt with by coordinator of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ghana Kojo Beenyi Acquah. Class work and final exams was conducted respectively and students performance improved. We pray for the successful end of the term and also happy to announce to you that students are going on 17th 05, 2019 to visit their congregations and families and also do their farming work as this season is favorable for planting. The school will be reopened in July 14th, 2019. It is our prayer and hope that God will help us all to live to see these faithful days as we geared toward the activities of the year {seminar, campaign & graduation}.


We are working collaboratively with the students, coordinator, short course instructors, board members and all members of the Church to make the school conducive and philanthropic for all humankind who wish to know the truth about Jesus Christ and His Church. The school campus, baths and latrines are tidying every day. Part of the school land is cultivated with yam and the remaining part would be used to cultivate maize, generally school environment is decent for one to behold. Transition is made successfully, the other class room by the school office is used for Dinning hall, and Brother Albert’s wife Afia Modesta is the cook, we are making progress in all administration activities. The church blocks that are molded in the school campus are conveyed to the church plot bit by bit by the students and we are happy for that, these students are hard-working, well behaved to be leaders of the Lord’s church. We have extended water to where the food is cooked to lessen the work load on the cook.

We went to Ghana Revenue Authority to secure Tax Clearance certificate {Tin} to enable us obtain the school and church land document completion and we were told to apply which we did and waiting for their response. When this {Tin} certificate is ready we shall forward it to the lands commission for further documentation.

May the peace and joy of God rest upon us all amen!

Posted on May 27, 2019 .