A special tribute in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu although I am in Douala now to send this report because the internet in Limbe is not strong enough to upload my pictures. Every Monday that I am supposed to send my report is ghost town on this side.

We are getting some relative calmness now in Wotutu for a while now and we give God the glory. We do hope this report finds you doing great. We are here and all of our activities are ongoing without any interruption. Keep us in your prayers.

 The Bear Valley Bible Institute Wotutu is fine and healthy as studies are going on without any problem. The military who are based in Wotutu now make sure peace is attained and are very appreciative to the church of Christ Wotutu through our early morning preaching and our daily prayers for peace to the entire nation. Students are gaining knowledge and are zealous for the work of God.

One of our daily wear in the preaching school is green. The green this year was changed and dedicated in memory of ELDER BRUCE of the STC congregation who oversee the work in Wotutu. The inscription is in gracious memory for the fallen hero Elder Bruce. We remember him for his love for the work here and for his personal love for me when I visited the STC congregation. He was full of fun. God bless and watch over his family.

The week was busy as students regularly ended classes and jump into the van for evangelism. We started the new work in Botaland village which is a new work. Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. In Botaland we went from house to house evangelizing to see how we could rob from the strong man’s house as we were pointing the truth to prospects and helping them to see the need to obey the gospel. After pointing out the truth, a Mission Printing tract is left behind for further reading.

This is Botaland village. It is one of their streets. This village really needs the gospel as one old man about 89 years confessed because of the rampant witchcraft in almost all the houses, and gross enmity among villagers. The truth has come to stay and the power of the gospel will help many who open up their hearts to follow Jesus. We told him and have assured him that God will do His work in the lives of many.

We met busy people who were busy to make themselves more beautiful but they gave us their time and listened to the word of God because the word transforms and make them more beautiful inside and outside.


We have the annual preacher’s forum coming up in Douala. Keep the program in your prayers as preachers from all over the country will converge there to discuss pertinent issues affecting the church in Cameroon.


God bless you. Thank you for all you do. Keep doing it because it is good. Lives are being touched and God is being glorified.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on May 27, 2019 .