A New School in Nigeria


We give thanks to God for the launch of a new part-time school in Abuja, Nigeria. On February 2, 2019, the first classes met at the Church of Christ Kado in Abuja. Chad Wagner, Coordinator for the new school, was on hand to give the inaugural address and to encourage the students and staff to set a good pattern for the new school. This school will be meeting every Saturday for the next four years straight. This format will allow the new students to continue working at the jobs and their businesses through the week and study the Bible on the weekends. It is essential that the students attend every class period (every Saturday) so that they do not fall behind in class. It will be challenging but the students are excited to start the process.

There are around 50 students who have chosen to join in this part-time school format. However, due to the size of the new student body, we have had to split the students into two classes. One class will meet at the Church of Christ Kado building and the other group will meet at the Church of Christ Nyanya building. We are grateful that the elders at the church at Kado purchased tables and chairs for the 25 students meeting at their building. The church at Nyanya does not currently have tables and chairs for their students but we are hopeful that it will be remedied soon. 

We are also grateful for Samson Alabi, the new director of the part-time program. He has proven himself to be a capable and willing servant in this endeavor. We are grateful for God sending him our way. Even though the school is using two different locations, he will serve as the director for both locations. 

There is such a need for trained preachers to go into the mostly-Muslim northern Nigeria. We are grateful that the Lord has enabled this school to be here to meet the challenges of evangelism in a predominantly Muslim population of northern Nigeria. Eventually, we would like to consider a school of preaching to train Christians of the Hausa tribe to go to their own people and preach the Gospel. The challenges are great -- but our God is greater!

Until all have heard,

Chad Wagner

Posted on February 18, 2019 .