Evangelism in Zambia


It is again that time of highlighting some activities that the school was involved in during the month of January, 2019.

The class resumed in the first week of January, 2019. Four long courses and a short course will be offered during this quarter. And these courses are Old Testament 3 and Old Testament 3a being taught by Brother Cephas Mwamba. In addition to these Brother Fred Kanangu is teaching “World Religions and The life and Teaching of Christ. Brother Donnie Estep will be teaching the book of 1st Corinthians this quarter. We are always grateful to Donnie for coming over and teach a class. The students are upbeat and are very committed to their studies.  

 The school took a field trip to the Town of Chingola in the Copper Belt Province of Zambia. This trip was an invitation from the brethren in Chingola. Chingola have three congregations and all three were represented. They organized a workshop and asked Brother Cephas and Fred to teach on Conflict management and conflict resolution. Evidently, all three congregations in this town had issues against each other. That is the reason why they invited the school to go and help to resolve some of these issues. We are truly thankful for the confidence that the congregations in the Copper Belt have in the school. At this meeting we had a restoration of 18 members.

BVBI-Zambia exists to train faithful men who will in turn be able to introduce other people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. And in doing so, we always need to be challenging ourselves together with these men to reach people in our communities. To achieve this, we have through brother Cephas started teaching our students how to raise chickens (boschveld) to able them acquire some survival skills in self-support. Also we have maintained an outreach evangelism program each weekend for all the students.   

The school has continued receiving the updates from the alumni of BVBI-Zambia. Albert Phiri reports from Mpongwe district that the congregation there continues to fare well. He also reports that the Bible studies he helped to start in the area have started bearing results. He says that a week ago, 3 souls were added (baptized) to the Lord’s Church as the result of these Bible studies. The line of his work in this congregation is specifically working closely with the youths. He has organized quite a number of activities to cater for the youths in the area. And as the Institute plans are under way to camp there and help him with such great effort in evangelism. Another vibrant Evangelist, Joseph Musonda is very active in Baluba area where he continues to teach and preach. He briefly left Baluba and went to Mansa to pursue a short course in Bricklaying. While in Mansa he worked closely with Central Church there. The Preacher of Central Church reports to us that because of hard work and effort that Brother Joseph put in the church activities, they managed to baptize two people and four souls were restored back to the sheepfold. Joseph was in Mansa for two months and he is since gotten back to Baluba where is still active. In Baluba the Institute has already camped there and done evangelism to motivate him.

Please continue to pray for the overall work that we are involved in here in Zambia. Pray for wisdom, support and perseverance and for the Word of God to continuously have an impact on our lives and also the lives of those we are teaching and training.

Our hearts are truly thankful to Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for financial support and all the encouragement in this good work. We will likewise pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in as well.

In His Service,

Cephas and Fred

Posted on February 18, 2019 .