Vocational training in Zimbabwe


We always give glory and honour to God who gives us the ability and zeal to advance the cause of His kingdom. We are always grateful when we look back in the month and see the hand of God in a number of areas. To Him, we remain grateful. This report gives a glimpse to some of the issues that transpired in the month. The greater part of this reports shall be the entrepreneurship skills program that recently took place.  


Our new term started on the 3rd of January with a practical geared towards the development of entrepreneurship skills. This component will be covered at length hereunder. Normal classes resumed on the 22rd of January. All students returned and classes started well..


BVBIZ had her first ever entrepreneurship skills practical from the 2nd to the 21st of January. Whilst a lot of effort is put in increasing the knowledge of the Bible and ministry, BVBIZ is on a drive to also equip the students with life survival skills. These skills will help them as they preach the word. This year’s program was done at 3 centres.


Students were involved in a variety of activities. These include welding and the production of cattle, fish, crops, poultry and pigs.


Our appreciation goes to the following brothers and their families for providing us with the opportunity. There are P.Kufa, W.Nyakudya, L. Zungunde, J. Mugweni and L. Sedze. They provided accommodation, food and the knowledge and skills that left BVBIZ’s students at a higher level.


Several lessons were learnt by the students as they did their practicum. To many, this was an eye opener. BVBIZ also learnt several aspects that will help us to enhance our curriculum as we seek to develop students who will be relevant to the church, their families and society. Next year, there shall be another program. This program shall probably take place for not less than 6 weeks.


A preacher remains a preacher at any place and in every situation. Besides the practical that students were doing to enhance their survival skills, evangelism was not neglected. Devotions were carried out each day and where there were no devotions, students initiated them. They did these with all the workers. Students in Rusape worshipped at Rest Haven, while those at Bro. Nyakudya’s plot worshipped with Nora Valley Congregation (this congregation was started by BVBIZ students in April 2018). Those who were at Makumbiri Estates subdivided themselves into two. Two went to meet with the congregation at Mvurwi while 2 went to Mazowe. In all these instances, students were given the opportunity to serve in various capacities during church services. Those stationed at Brother Sedze’s place went to Rusape General  Hospital  for visitation every day at 5am. At Rusape and Nora Valley, there were time allocations for evangelism during certain days. 2 souls were added to the church at Nora Valley while 5 were baptized at the Rest Haven congregation in Rusape.


The following are the subjects being taught this term

Denominational Doctrines                 Mathew Muchingami         

World Religions                                Donnie Estep

1-2 Corinthians                                  David Walker

1-2 Thessalonians                              David Walker

Greek I                                               Mathew Muchinagmi

1, 2 Peter, and Jude                            Howard Suwari

Wisdom Literature                             Ishmael Mutichu

Prison Epistles                                   Ishamel Mutichu

Introduction to computers                  Hailey Mlangeni


This class we currently have shall have its first field practicum next term. The students will attached at different congregations. Several congregations have already applied. Each congregation shall meet the cost of accommodation and food and must be willing to join the preachers in working for the Lord. These students shall not be working for the congregations but with them. This year’s program shall run for 10 weeks. If there are individuals or congregations who have plans to start new work, BVBIZ is readily available to assist. In fact, preference shall be given to those intending to establish new work.


As we start this new year, we would like to thank everyone who contributed this far, one way or another, to BVBIZ, that is, materially, financially or morally. Your support this year will also go a long way in training workers for Christ as has been noted in the report above. We also appreciate all visiting teachers whose knowledge, dedication and sacrifices have taken BVBIZ to another level. The school could not be where it is now without your support. The Board has also provided an excellent oversight and direction.  Our gratefulness will not be enough without Woodland Oaks and Bear Valley Bible Institute International. May the God of heaven remember you all as you do your part in the furtherance of this noble work.

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on February 18, 2019 .