Continued progress in Zambia


Once again we bring to you greetings from the heart of African Zambia! Our first quarter ended gloriously with two souls (Joseph and Blessings) submitting to the will of God in baptism. Blessings Mudolo has already expressed interest in enrolling and studying at BVBI-Zambia in his quest to know more about the Lord and be faithful in the Lord's Church.

Students have so far easily worked well in teams an indication that they can be team workers with the opportunity given to them here at BVBI-Zambia. They have shown a great spirit of cooperation in all that they have been involved in at the Institute, be it physical or spiritual. Physically, they have been actively working in the small garden at the Institute premises as shown in the pictures below. Spiritually, they have been participating in local church Bible studies and teaching in chapel. We have not unleashed them to evangelize the"world" yet as we want to first prepare them adequately before they start going out in communities. Currently, school is on a two week recess and classes will resume on the 6th August 2018. As we begin the second quarter we believe it is going to be more exciting.

During this short break, regardless most of our students being peasant farmers busy with farm work, we have received good reports of their involvement in the spiritual well-being of their respective congregations. Their good works started even before they went on break. We were so delighted by the teaching of Austin Musonda at Mikomfwa Church of Christ in his sermon “Christian Commitment - let us teach by example how to live in Christ and how to relate to our fellow man.” His teaching resulted in the restoration of three souls. 

BVBI-Z got a real thrill  when she received two leaders from her nearby town (Kitwe) who just came to say, "Thank you for the work you are doing and the impact you are making on the lives of our children." We would like also to thank Brother Donnie Estep who introduced us to World Evangelism in Winona, MS. The tracts which were sent to us from World Evangelism were given to our students which they have been distributing as they teach the Gospel. 

We have our three students from Luapula Province of Zambia which borders with the eastern part of D.R.Congo, report that within this short break, they have set up numerous Bible studies centers from the door knocking campaigns that they have done between July 16-30, 2018. Their activities and reports have been  very interesting and as an Institute  we are planning to go and camp there to evangelize for two days in the month of August; actually we would want to be there for at least four to five days, but due to limited funds for such work we can only manage two days. The church is not quite strong in this part of Zambia, but we believe that with vigorous activities such as these, the church will definitely gain momentum and convert many to Christ there. As an Institute we plan to have one Gospel campaign in this province to help the Church grow.

We are eternally grateful for the partnerships that we have in the Lord and the financial support that we have continued to receive from Woodland Oaks Church of Christ. May God be glorified

In His service,

Cephas and Fred


Posted on July 31, 2018 .