A vast learning experience in Zimbabwe


In the month of July, we continued to add value to the students.  They have now completed their first term. All students appreciated the new knowledge that was imparted to therm. In this report, we give a brief of what transpired in the month.


In July, BVBIZ had her first training in the use of sign language in communication. It follows that every person, no matter his or her status, has a right to be taught the saving Gospel of Jesus. The fact is that the church has lost the deaf to denominations because the has not been any facility for them. BVBIZ seeks to end this. Graduates are going to be the vehicle through which those who are deaf will hear the word of God. By the end of their classes, students were now able to translate into sign language whilst another person was speaking. We hope that they shall have another session later in their studies to perfect the art.


The new class has not yet started going out for evangelism. However, several efforts were done during the term to equip them towards this task. Several practicals were done and shall continue to be done. It is hoped that when they resume next term, evangelism proper shall commence. In terms of leading worship services, students showed great improvement. As of July, most had began to preach, lead in songs and preside on communion according to the terms’s standards. The teachers are satisfied with their progress so far. 


Subjects for the first term of learning were completed successfully. We appreciate the sacrifices made by both teachers and students in ensuring that everything flows smoothly. 

Besides those subjects, students were trained in the following; crop production, drip irrigation technology, poultry production, music and sign language. This is in line with the school’s strategic plan which is geared towards producing highly competent,equipped and competent servants through a robust training and development program.


From the funds received from Healing Hands International, we have started a broiler project.  The first batch of chicks came on the 3rd of July. It had 150. The second batch came on the 20th of July. It had 100 chicks. We also booked for another batch of 150 which we expect on the 3rd of August.  We expect the first batch to be ready for the market around the 13th of August. We remain grateful to Healing hands for the funds and the training the school received through Brother John Dube.  Besides providing the school with extra income, the project will help students with hands on experience in the raising of broilers and as part and parcel of their entrepreneurship skills development.   


Most of our graduates who graduated in June have now started their work in various congregations. Next month, we shall be giving an update on their whereabouts.  To God be the glory!


BVBIZ remains grateful to the hearts that continue to be moved by the work the school is doing. Local brothers and sisters have been trying to support the work both financially and in kind. To this, the school remains grateful and continues to pray for God’s blessings upon all those who part with their resources in order to partner with the school in equipping workers for the ministry.


It was a term with new experiences, both to the students and teachers. Students are now on a well deserved but fruitful break.Their second term shall beging on the 10th of September. We praise God for taking the school this far. In addition, this would not have been possible without your support. Thank you all. To God be the glory!


Mathew Muchingam

Posted on August 14, 2018 .