Excitement in Zambia

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The school has entered its sixth weeks since the studies begun and we will be changing the quarter in two weeks’ time. We continue to be very grateful to God for such an opportunity of teaching these men. Zambia is well represented by this intake, having six married and the rest single students.

Our last report we did not mention two more students who have since reported to bring our number to fifteen; Frederick and Simon.  Fredrick Mwansa is a native of Samfya District of the Luapula Province of Zambia. Brother Fredrick is married and has four children. He is one of the leaders at Munuchi church of Christ in Samfya. In spite of him being older than the rest of the students, he has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. He is much focused and understands what he needs to do as a student of the Bible and also as a preacher of the gospel of Christ. We are happy to have Brother Fredrick as part of the student body here at BVBI-Zambia.

Simon comes to us from the city of Kitwe, Copper Belt Province of Zambia. Brother Simon is a member of Wusakile church of Christ in Kitwe. He is single and very eager to learn. He came late because he was preparing to rewrite his GCE (General Certificate of Education). Simon’s interest in advancing his education is commendable and can be used to further the Lords Church. 

Students have easily adapted to all the programs of the school and they seem quite eager to learn. Such eagerness is what we need as a church in Zambia to mitigate for the lack the church has. We have noticed with concern that paucity of trained preachers in our nation. For a long time congregations have been planted and left alone at a time they were still in infancy and in need of guidance and spiritual support from Evangelists. BVBIZ – Zambia is here to take care of such a disparity.

BVBIZ – Zambia, in a bid to offer practical training to students, has embarked on weekly outreach programs. Through these efforts, we have help revive a congregation that was taken by Pentecostalism with a Membership of eighty six (86). This ambitious evangelism program is being spearhead by Brother Cephas Mwamba. All the students are expected to go for evangelism every Friday afternoon in neighbouring townships. Students have been teaching the Bible to people which has resulted into one Baptism at Mikomfwa Church of Christ. While doing evangelism, the students are accompanied by the instructors. In addition to evangelism, on the 22nd June, 2018 (Friday) the students visited Husitine Simuyemba’s family. Husitne is one of our students. Brother Husitine's father suffered a partial stroke. And the students felt duty bound to visit him and offer support as they sung and prayed together.

The first quarter will end in the second week of July.  Brother Kennedy Mukuka will be teaching in the second quarter “Personal Evangelism 1”. This course is indeed very important because it will equip the students with some skills on how to conduct Bible studies (one on one). This course will be given uttermost attention considering that we want to take our students even more in vineyard of our Father. 

Our students have so far taken the following courses:

Scheme of Redemption –Brother Donnie Estep

How we got the Bible – Brother Fred Kanangu

Old Testament 1 - Brother Cephas Mwamba

English 1 and Greek 1 – Brother Cephas Mwamba

Cost of Discipleship – Brother Cephas Mwamba

Christian Evidences – Brother Fred Kanangu

Personal Evangelism 1 – yet to be taken

The following courses will be taken in the second quarter:

-Biblical Interpretation 1 (Introduction to Hermeneutics)-Brother Kanangu

-Life of Christ 1 (Overview of Four-fold gospels) – Brother Cephas Mwamba

-Public speaking 1 (Intro. to sermon preparation and presentation) - Brother Fred Kanangu

-Acts- Brother Cephas Mwamba

Short Courses- the New Testament Church (One True Church) & Personal Evangelism 1 –Brother Kennedy Mukuka

We continue to give thanks to our God for the financial support and all the encouragement in this good work we have continued to receive. We will likewise pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in as well.

In His Service,

Cephas and Fred

Posted on July 5, 2018 .