Prayers requested in Cambodia


We are truly grateful to serve the living GOD, and we are also very happy to work with you in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here are some of the activities of the Siem Reap International Bible School and the Church for the month of May 2018.


We continue to discuss with our students the subjects (How to be a good student) and (How to preach the gospel) taught by Darat and Piseth.

The students of the IBISR have indeed had a great influence because of their Bible studies. Specifically, some of the students went to a village to share the gospel to the people there.    They have also learned a lot of things from their own experience. This is important in many ways including enriching the roots of young Christians and displaying God’s love to the     Cambodian nation. Between school work, part time jobs and church work - the students help many citizens and sister and brothers in need.

One more thing we always thanks our big brother Wes Autrey and his family. They always encouraged us and helped us to grow in God’s family.


We are so glad that there is another soul included in God’s life-book!  Mical has been studying God’s word, worshipping regularly and made this eternal decision to be a citizen of God’s  kingdom. Mical is from the USA but lives here now.

We are so thankful for the members of the Church and families in Church of Christ in Siem Reap who continue to meet and strengthen one another.  We also also thanks for women’s classes each Sunday afternoon, as they are soul winners and good workers for the Lord.


Please remember us in your prayers for:

  1. Women to be unified. - Unity is what will keep us strong and make us stronger.
  2. Construction of the school building. - We are adding a classroom area on top of our current building.
  3. The process for the next class. - Graduation is this July and we are currently searching for new students beginning in the fall.
  4. The leaders in Siem Reap Church. - We are young in Christ, growing in numbers and strong in faith.

We are thanks you for your prayers and partnership.



Posted on June 21, 2018 .