Continued success in Guinea

Dear brethren,

Here is the report of activity operations for the month of May 2018.

Classroom: There were 2 of the 19 students who did not fully end up their classes. This was due to illness on the part of one and family problems on the part of the other.

Student Justine, who had the family problem has returned and has taken extra classes to cover up. On the other hand, student Saa Nestor Millimouno is still sick and has not returned.

The rest of the students made additional progress in their class participation and academic performance.

Evangelism: Since this is a regular routine, we and our students are especially every week-end on the field in and around the town. Though there were no direct conversions under this activity (except the follow-up of our campaign week which added 3 more souls to that work), many of the prospects are visiting to participate in Sunday worship. The radio program is making some impact as we receive calls from some of the listeners. Some in 2 villages around Gueckedouare calling on us to visit and talk to them. One man said to Philippe, the host preacher, “it is for you people that I bought a radio”.

Campaigns: The first week in the month of May was our campaign week and it was fairly successful. All, but 2 of the students participated and we divided ourselves in 2 groups, but to evangelize in 3 communities – 2 villages and a quarter in town.

I was a leader in one of the groups along with Antoine and we were sent to revive one village congregation that had almost died. You will see photos of where they assembled as we teach. The restoration was successful and there were 5 additional conversions on the Sunday of May 6, but some of us had returned to town for worship in the new congregation at the school.

The other group, led by Philippe, the host preacher visited and revived the church in a nearby village, Bandalo-camp. Shortly, they returned to evangelize the Solondonin quarter where the host church has her worship hall. Motor bikes were chartered for the campaign and I managed to get a photo of the other team on the 2nd of May.

Finally, student Michel who upon his request was sent to his village at Bandalo-leh to prepare the way for his people to receive the gospel returned to campus on Sunday morning, the 6th of May so that our follow up on the 7th and 27th May resulted in 5 and 3 conversions respectively. Sunday worship in that village started on the 13th and the attendance is now between 16 and 18.

Personal Profile: Emile Millimouno is one of the security men on the school campus. Both Emil and his wife are members of the Lord’s church. He was converted around 1994 during the time when we preached the gospel in his village of Dawa. Though without formal education, E mile is a devoted Christian man who is very regular in worship with his family regardless of the 6 to 7 kilometers distance away from Gueckedou where they now worship. There is a stable congregation (about 20 years old) in his village which is some 32 kilometers away from Gueckedou and he was one of those who helped to strengthened it.

Emile is very humble and willing to serve not only the staff, but also to help the students in almost everything they need of which he is capable to do on campus.

He was the first to begin to discuss biblical truths with his fellow security man about the church before we could preach to him and his wife. Though not yet converted, the man and some of his children are now regular in worship.

Because of his dedication to the faith, Emile does his security works regular and faithful. He is liberal and has little or no concern to limit his services even if his work time is over and that is one of the reasons why his name is popular on campus especially with the cooks.



Posted on July 5, 2018 .