Mike Reese visits Kenya

God Continues to Bless the Work in Kenya

The Kenya School of Preaching is alive and well and continues to equip faithful and able men for works of ministry under the careful guidance of Charles Ogutu, director, and Elias Omallo, academic dean.   I was in Kenya January 4-19, 2018 (along with Dr. Denny Petrillo) and was able to teach two classes at KSOP: one Master’s class, “The Spiritual Formation of the Preacher” to nine students and “Education Program of the Church” to the 18 undergraduate students.  Both classes worked extremely hard in their respective classes.  While all performed in the classroom these men are applying what they are learning in “real life” ministry.  Let me share some of the most recent works of KSOP graduates and current students.

Raphael Okuma (2016 KSOP graduate) conducted a campaign January 26-28 at the Kibuye  Church of Christ in Siaya, Kenya.  Preachers who joined in this campaign were David Wasonga (Andrew Connally graduate and KSOP short course teacher), Joseph Patric Tuju (elder at Ahono), Paul Odemba (2016 KSOP) and John Paul Ochieng (2016 KSOP).  The Lord blessed their efforts with ten baptisms.

Victor Boy current KSOP student has committed to working with the newly planted church in Bondo, Kenya.  After several weeks of Bible study God gave the increase of two souls being baptized into Christ January 20.

A short evangelistic campaign January 14 by four current KSOP students and Elias Omollo (academic dean) at the Malele Church of Christ resulted in God giving the increase with four baptisms and two restorations.

Zachary Ouma (current KSOP student and former street boy) continues to minister to those living on the street in Nakuru.  Having been a former street boy himself due to being orphaned at a young age, Zachary knows what these “street boys” and “street girls” are experiencing.  His personal success and faithfulness to God serves as a bright and guiding light to those he is teaching and mentoring who have been outcast by Kenyan society.

On Saturday, January 27, Simon Bett, Philip Langat, Nehemiah Molel and Gilbert Langat (all current KSOP students) traveled to their home area in the Rift Valley and met from 2 p.m. – 8 a.m. with 18 elderly men from five different congregations.  The agenda was restoration to faithful worship practices of the New Testament.  Simon Bett reported, “after lengthy discussions they agree to stay faithful to (the) Gospel.”

In January 2018, eighteen  KSOP students, two American teachers and two African teachers visited 19 local churches, preached 34 sermons, taught 38 classes, performed 26 baptisms, restored 7 area churches to the New Testament pattern of worship, were involved in 22 individuals being  restored, participated in 17 evangelistic trips to local churches and around Hellena Court and preached in 6 gospel meetings. Elias Omollo, KSOP Academic Dean commented, “If this is what we can accomplish in a month, how about in a year's time? God knows our plans and goals!”

This is just a small sample of the mighty works being done by current and alumna of the Kenya School of Preaching.  It is an honor for me personally to be associated with these men. To God be the glory great things He hath done!

Michael P. Reese Ed.D.

Coordinator Kenya School of Preaching

Posted on February 21, 2018 .