Graduation in Togo


It was a great joy and relief to see the students march down the Isle at Crystal Hotel where the ceremony took place. This ceremony was scheduled to have taken place on November 11 2017 but had to be postponed indefinitely due to the political tension in Togo. However,  in December the date was tentatively set for January 27 2018.

The occasion was graced by Keith Kassarjian (the director of extension studies at Bear Valley Bible Institute), Steve Ashcraft( Coordinator of Bear Valley extension schools in West Africa) and Dr. Augustine Tawiah( former director of the Ghana Bible college and a member of Parliament in the current government of Ghana), he was also the the guest speaker.

 Among the special guests were preachers and elders from Lome and several church members. There were four hundred and fifty people in all who came to witness the ceremony. At the end of the program seven men received diplomas.

Some of the invited guests posed for a picture with the graduates. Keith handed the diplomas to the students and Steve, the coordinator, also delivered a speech. 


This has been the most difficult enrollment exercise we have organized so far. We were not certain we could get even eight men to attend. For the first time we had to use radio announcements running for over a month, visit congregations, make announcements during our weekly broadcast etc. The response this time was very good because we have introduced livestock and organic vegetable farming as an encouragement to those who will enroll in the Bible Training Program. However, the ultimate goal of introducing the livestock and the organic vegetable farming is for the school to become self supporting in the near future.


Willie Gley 

Posted on February 22, 2018 .