A new class of students in Arusha

The year 2017 existed and ended marvelously with a lot of success at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. Many encouraging report have been written by Faculty members and missionary and to give you updated of what the Lord has been working through his ministers here at Arusha. My Gospel ministry and entire mission work was amazing especially working with my fellow preachers and faculty members at ACSOP.  We have been able to accomplish much for the Lord and His kingdom for the past year. 

We are very happy everyday to read reports from our graduate students who are always working faithfully in their local congregation. Over the past 15 years a total of 172 students have graduated in which out of these 163 are still faithful in the Lords church. As you have been reading on our recently report, we are glad to have a group of 36 students in both Swahili and English program. Please continue to pray for these faithful men who have left their family to come and be trained for two years.

This is our first quarter and classes are in session, instructors are getting very busy everyday in teaching and grading students quizzes. We are expecting to have our student working with congregation around the area. This program is very helpful to both our students and these congregations. Please continue to pray for this work. We will never stop to thank you with all your support. 

 In Him,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on February 21, 2018 .