Mass evangelism in Cameroon

How precious it is to be in the house of God ,we give God all the glories for He is the reason we are leaving. Accept greetings from our lovely family in Mbanga and that of the church in Kiboum that God added to His kingdom some weeks ago.

We request a series of prayers for our country Cameroon,to our school of preaching and to the congregations in French speaking part of our country and to my family.

The work in the Bear Valley school of preaching in Mbanga is growing as we are rounding up with long courses of this fourth quarter and this will mark the end of year one,how time flies very soon we shall be inviting you again for our second graduation ceremony and to our third matriculation ceremony come march 2019. Come and be part of this great event in Mbanga.

Recruitment is on going for those who will love to be trained in our school of preaching in Mbanga for male Christians who are bilingual or speaks just French . The forms are available you could contact the management board for information.

Our students are growing both in preaching and in administration.we can observed and begin to picture their  first days in campus.our computer lap is also helping the students to study and get details on some lessons and courses including the few books from the library.

Weekends evangelism is the key to our students as they will not pass by a week without going even to some remote areas were they will travel for very long distances just to go and preach to young convert or make some prospects and this is really brings out a lot of motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic.

This year  started with a lot and lots of blessings as many souls are already added to the church and with the assistance of our students,new congregations are been in Awing village were seven souls were added to church and the other at Kiboum village that same weekend.kiboum is a village in the centre region in Cameroon.we have congregation only in capital city in the centre region and this  could be the first village in the centre region to accepting the undiluted gospel.9souls are already baptised to Christ in that village and as of now 32 persons are worshipping in Kiboum church of Christ.we pray this will be a new beginning in the centre region,2 should were added last week from mbanga and will worship with the bonaberi assembly in Douala.

We are planning for another mass evangelism in two other villages in this dry season.we pray you commit us in your prayers to have funds and the technics to go about this work.evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism.

We thank the almighty God for his Grace and strength to be a part of this great work in Cameroon from the days of my youth.

Shalom to all from evangelist Ititi Benedict the slave at work.

Posted on February 13, 2018 .