New preacher's wives program in Cameroon

We are reporting today from Cameroon Mbanga, from the church in Mbanga, and from the Bear valley school of preaching in the French region. The Gospel is also to be preached in the French world.

We were busy last week teaching the students their last short course. We also taught the preachers’ wives their first ever course. We have started the preachers’ wife’s program with this new batch of students here in Mbanga.

We began the training with the wives of the student preachers as well as with some preachers’ wives who have never had the opportunity to take this course.  It was great to have them here to enjoy their first time in class in Mbanga. This started on Monday the 11th and ended on Friday the 15th of September 2017.The instructor of the women class was brother Bekwike Norbert and the translator was brother Bodja Giress. We needed a translatorbecause the course was written in English and some of the students’ wives speak French, some speak English, and some are multilingual. We shall be glad to have the notes in French and in English.

Eight of the women were present with two coming from the North of the country precisely in Garoua and one from the Weh village in the Northwest region (Bamenda). We are happy to tell you that all went well as we ended with the general class. The men and the women took their final exams at the same time. The exams were written and oral. The course for the women was titled, “The Basics of the Bible.” We pray for their presence next December, and we are happy that everyone arrived home safely. These will be powerful women to help their husbands as they teach the gospel to the universe.

The students studied their short course in the Church rented building so that their wives could have class in the new classroom in the new campus. You can't imagine how time flies. A few months ago, we graduated our first batch of students and now we are already planning for another graduation come 2019. It is like I am kidding but in less than no time we shall be inviting people to come for another graduation. The boys are growing both in faith and strength as many are already acquainted with the weekend evangelism. They have started gaining more interest in going on evangelism to various assemblies.

We also ended with the short course on the “NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH.” This course was taught by brother Ename Paul. Through my close observation I realized that the students spent much time to understand very well about the New Testament Church and its pattern of worship. On Wednesday, a lesson was developed on "God Desires Mercy," which explained more about the church. It was really great to see that a lesson could be delivered that was right on course and followed the program.

Our students traveled immediately after their exams on Friday to their various destinations for field work. They are currently doing great as reports come from some their congregations. This time around they are currently active in eight different congregations including MBANGA.  My fellow workers in the vineyard of the Lord, I beckon you to pray for the work in French Cameroon because the Francophones are not as easy to penetrate with the gospel as the Anglophones. We wish a great success in their missions to any Christian who is on a mission anywhere in this world.


Remain blessed my beloved one. Yours in the Lord,


Posted on September 26, 2017 .