ACSOP attracting students from South Sudan

Student outreach program at ACSOP:

It is always an honor for me to share with you the good things that are happening at Andrew Connally School of preaching each week. We are in our third quarter and studies are going on, men are equipped for the good work. The school is now becoming more international, we have six applications from south Sudan which we are considering them for next years class. Most of our students have been coming from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Since the East Africa community has expanded its border and now South Sudan has been added in the community we can receive students from that side. A total of 13 applications have been turned in so far for the Swahili program next year. This is good news for the school, it is happening this way because of the good integrity men of God have built over the years. We pray that the Lord will be glorified through what we do at the ACSOP.  

This year a total of 15 men are going to graduate and go back to their local congregation and help to teach others to love God more. ACSOP has a total number of 24 continuing students, nine are from the first year class. These students are involved in outreach each week as part of the school program. I have been receiving calls from preachers and evangelists from these 13 local congregations that our students are involved.  We continue to give thanks to the sponsors and the school faculty for making this program so successful. Each week every student turns in a report, telling us what has happened while they were out. This past week I received many reports, let me now share with you in brief what had happened. Here are the statistics: three Baptisms, 87 Active Bible classes going on each week, 103 Bible correspondence courses. Please keep this wonderful work in your daily prayers as we strive to train these faithful men of God to win more souls for Christ.

Let us continue to hold our hands together and pray that more souls could be won for Christ. The evangelism team has now put much emphasis on strengthening local congregations around the area. For the past few years several gospel campaigns have been conducted which resulted into more souls added to Christ. The TEAM now revisits all the established congregations and encourages the Christians to continue with the faith.

Thank you again for your support and prayers as we all continue working for Him and the Kingdom.

In Him,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, Tanzania.

Posted on September 26, 2017 .