Preparing for graduation in Togo

Evangelism in the Kloto Region has seen a lot of improvement since the Gospel Chariot came in a little over three years ago. We are reaching more people with the gospel and several have been led to Christ. As a result, we have been able to plant more congregations in the region.

Activities of the gospel Chariot include, gospel campaigns, tract distribution exercises, dawn preaching etc. Recently, we introduced the use of motor bikes and megaphone in our outreach programs. The motor bikes access areas that vehicles cannot go. The preaching of the gospel is an urgent matter, thus every available means must be employed. There is no excuse for not preaching. This is the message these pictures seem to convey.

We practiced street preaching in a village, This type of preaching starts as early as 5:00 am. Most people listen while in bed and then come out to ask questions. A megaphone and a motor bike-powerful tools in evangelism.

We have continued touse every available means to preach the gospel. Our tract ministry is very vibrant and our goal is to get these tracts into every house in Kpalime by 2020. Since we do not have the French tracts readily available in large quantities, we print them on a Risso machine provided by GOSPEL CHARIOT MISSION in Ghana and transport them to Kpalime, Togo. At the resource center the tracts are stapled together for distribution. 

During the last month , there were five baptisms. Some of the area preachers, who meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, deliberate on pertinent issues affecting their individual congregations and also enjoy a meal together to strengthen their fellowship.

This was a recent staff meeting atBVBI,inKpalime. The meeting was used to discuss the final quarter courses, the forthcoming graduation, and the on going recruitment exercise. List of the courses for the last quarter at BVBI

1 The book of Revelation 2 The Major cults 3Comparative Religion 4 The book of numbers and Deuteronomy 5 History and Geography of the Bible 6 Biblical Teachings

The Agou Nyogbo Agbetikor Church of Christ used to be a denominational church but was converted last year. It continues to grow and make a lot of impact in the community. Top right picture is the ladies Bible Class of the Church


Bear Valley Bible Institute is going to graduate ten men on Saturday November 11, 2017 in Kpalime, TOGO

Willie Gley, Director


Posted on September 26, 2017 .