Campaign prep in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

We send greetings from your brothers and sisters here in Cameroon. We are always grateful whenever we have an opportunity like this to share the great work the Lord is doing in His kingdom here in Cameroon. Every day we see that God is busy accomplishing His will in our lives and the lives of many others. That is why there is always news to share with you who are attached to us with in the Lord and His work here in Cameroon. We are happy to take the time to share the news with you, so that you too can see what He is doing here and we all give the glory back to Him,

Last week was also great as weeks before. We have one thing that we can do and do it well. We train men to preach and to save souls. We do that weekly and this week as well we were in that same business of preparing men for full time ministry. We can see with our eyes how they are excited, how they are committed towards that time to be free from school, and also how they are more committed to the business of saving souls using the great knowledge they have gained by what they have learned in BVBIC-Wotutu in the classroom and the application of what they have learned in the field. Keep our students in your prayers as the devil goes up and down looking for ways to distract, discourage, and reduce their zeal, for the devil is aware of what these brothers will do to the kingdom of darkness when they are fully baked and ready for the Master’s use.


We are on the count down now to move to Ashum for what we are calling the Ashum mission. We are going to this village with all our students and many of our graduates to plant a new congregation there. We have prepare tracts, some Bibles, communion cups, communion trays, and many other things which will be needed to fully equip this congregation so that it can stand to help to the gospel to also reach three other nearby villages. Please, please pray for this work. We shall share the outcome of this mission with you this weekend.


We say thanks to God for bringing you in our lives and our ministry.  Your involvement in the work has made a great difference and we thank God for you. We are doing that daily. If not of you, we still doubt how this would have been possible. I will continue to plead for a motorbike on behalf of preachers here who are laboring tremendously. A motor bike will help them move to other locations for the work of preaching. Some preachers preach in two or more congregations each week. It is not easy to make for them to MAKE IT ON FOOT FROM ONE LOCATION TO ANOTHER. PLEASE! PLEASE! A VOICE SOMEWHERE IS YELLING FOR HELP. Please share our reports with others.

     Elangwe and family

    By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu



Posted on August 7, 2017 .