Zambian students making a difference


This is again another opportunity to write and report about the school activities during the month of July, 2017. 

It is incredible to see that in the next two weeks, our students will finally complete their two years of study here at Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia. They are now busy preparing for their final examinations in four remaining courses. These courses are: Christian Ethics, the Book of Revelations, Denominational Doctrines, and Church Development. They are really excited to finish and eager to go out and preach. 

Apart from the demands of these courses, they are also tirelessly laboring with the surrounding congregations of Luanshya and Mpongwe districts. Students have been active in visiting the sick at the two hospitals that we have here in Luanshya. These are the places where much of our evangelism efforts have been made and students have set private studies after class hours. We have not spared our students because we need them to be more practical before their final completion of training this quarter. Each student has made tremendous progress in what they are doing now. 

Albert Phiri is regularly preaching at Mgengelwa Church of Christ in Mpongwe district. Before Albert came to school, this congregation depended mainly on regular members for preaching each Lord’s Day. And this type of arrangement made this church to stagnant in growth for many years. But since Albert begun helping, we can safely say that there is a steady growth both spiritually and numerically. Looking at what this young man is doing to foster growth of this congregation; it is without a doubt that a lot will be achieved even when he graduates from Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia in two weeks time.

Clive has positioned himself at Luanshya Central Church of Christ in working with the Sunday school children. He wants to help the church by working with young children. He together with the leadership of Luanshya Central has formulated a plan that will continue catering for the young ones not only at Luanshya Central, but throughout the Copper belt Province of Zambia.

Boniface continues working with Mikomfwa Church of Christ in Luanshya. It is worth noting that this congregation is the one Brother Cephas Mwamba, one of the lecturers at BVBI Zambia, is working with. We are very glad to report that these brethren are working very hard to see that Mikomfwa church grows both spiritually and numerically. It is also worth to note that, this month they have taught and baptized four new members at Mikomfwa church. The profile of the Kingdom of God can only expand through such efforts. We thank God for results like these!!

Stephen and Joseph are also very busy helping with Baluba Church of Christ in Luanshya district. Again and again, the entire student body has been asked on several occasions by the brethren from Roan congregation here in Luanshya to help them in building the church building. Most of our students are not only super students in academics and preaching but they are also good bricklayers and plumbers.  We can humbly boast that these students will really make visible influence in the world when they graduate from the school.  

We continue to be very grateful to the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for the continued support of the work here. Moreover, all your efforts and prayers for the work here are highly appreciated.

Zambian Team

Posted on August 7, 2017 .