Grand opening in Mbanga!

Dear Brethren,

The showers of blessings that flow into our lives every day are like the four streams that flow from the Garden of Eden in the days when Adam and Eve were still the original inhabitants of the God given area which was demarcated with wonders of God. It is rainy season in Cameroon and it is wet everywhere, not only with running water, but also with the blessings of the almighty God. Our mission is evangelism and evangelism is our mission.

I am happy to be able to give you up to date information on our missions in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular.

You just can't imagine how time flies. We are already in the month of August and in less than no time, we shall begin our quarterly exams and then begin with another session of short courses. We are proud to tell you that the brothers are growing and we see changes in them beginning in the dormitory, and going on from there. 

The congregation in Mbanga is inviting you for her fellowship meal and a grand opening of their school auditorium on the 20th of August 2017. This will be an occasion whereby all our neighbors will be invited from both the former area and in the present area. This will also call on the presence of some village authorities such as village head, and quarter heads with a hand full people to accompany them. It will be a great day for evangelism with very powerful lessons. May we commit all of that into Gods hands through our daily prayers.

In one of the pictures, you will see me, brother Ititi, standing with a young man or sitting with a young man. This is brother Joseph who was Christian in the church in Kumba prison but who released on this day. He was almost stranded in the city until when he set his eyes on my younger brother Olivier who accompanied brother Agbor James, the prison minister,  just last Sunday before his release. But it turned out that this was a great moment for this brother who was just wandering in the city. God used us to get him out of this stress. After giving him food and water, brother Leonel gave him some words of exhortation as he exposed what caused him to go to prison. We concluded with a word of prayer that I offered to him on behalf of the church. I then gave him some addresses of the congregations around the area where he was going and then helped him by giving him some funds for transportation fare to Muyuka then finally to Muyenge.

We worshiped with the congregation in Bomono ba Mbenge where the congregation around the Moungo zone gathered this week end for a monthly campaign. About nine congregations were present. Our Sunday worship was over 100. Our next venue will be in Bekoko come August 27th. God blessed this mission with 2 baptisms and 5 restorations. This was our first time to represent Mbanga in this gathering. Our present there made us to know a lot about the Moungo zone and their difficulties. Where we worshiped yesterday was an obsolete building and with rains during worship it was not easy. Some of us were in the rain even though we were inside the house. I commit these assemblies in the hands of God. May we also pray for the new converts and those restored.

I shall joined the team to Ashum evangelism campaign come Wednesday where I shall present a topic in a public, open air lesson on "Jesus and His Church."

Accept greetings from my wife Mary and the congregation in Mbanga.

From the slave of God,

Ititi Benedict.  

Posted on August 7, 2017 .