New School In Mbanga, Cameroon Begins Monday...

Classes begin tomorrow with the new school in Mbanga, Cameroon. This school will operate in the French-speaking section of Cameroon. Brother Ititi is a graduate of the school in Wotutu, Cameroon and he serves as the director of the new school. We anticipate hearing about the ways God is working through the staff and students at Mbanga in the weeks ahead. Please pray for this new work and the men who are part of the program.

Beginning a new month brings several reports from schools throughout the program. The exciting part of incoming reports is learning about the ways God continues to bless the work of these brethren. Students are not only diligent about their studies, but they spend numerous hours each week reaching out to others with the gospel.

The past week in Denver afforded an opportunity for returning students to share information about recent campaigns in Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, and Grand Cayman. As students spoke of the camaraderie among themselves, they shared a common thread of congregations that were encouraged, faith strengthened through gospel meetings and seminars, as well as, five baptisms and one restoration. Please remember to pray for the progress of their efforts throughout these locations.

Based on reports received this week, the news is just as encouraging around the world. Information from each location speaks to the ways the Lord’s kingdom benefited from the work done by staff and students. Pictures that accompany these reports speaks volumes to the the progress made this week in spreading the gospel.

As we work together throughout the world, we glorify our God through participating in the great task of training preachers, missionaries, youth ministers, and kingdom workers. The opportunities are unlimited as we expand the program throughout the years ahead.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Howell Ferguson can be read by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

Persecution Reported With A new Convert From Lebialem Campaign: News from Cameroon emphasizes persecution for one of the young ladies who recently became a Christian.

Positive, Enthusiastic, Infectious, And Motivational Staff In Nepal: The report from Nepal shares descriptive words concerning a new staff member to aid in the work at Kathmandu.

A New Brother And Sister In Cambodia: As the third class at IBISR approaches graduation, a new brother and sister in Christ plan to be part of the next class set to begin later this year.

Graduation Nears For the Visakha Valley Bible College, India: In just over a week, the next class of students will graduate from VVBC and enter the ministry of preaching the gospel.

ITL Graduation: By clicking on the link in this post, you will find an host of pictures from the recent graduation event at ITL in Guatemala City. 

Precious Sound And Need For Peace In Ukraine: Although the fighting has calmed, to a degree, peace in Ukraine does not exist, but BVBIU continues to share true peace in Jesus.

We Be The Voice Of Nigeria: Recent elections in Nigeria send a positive sound for the voice of Nigeria, but the true voice of Nigeria is sounding forth from the staff and students at SWSE.

Good But Difficult Month: Troy Spradlin’s report shares the good and the challenge parts of living on the mission field. Please remember Troy and this work in prayer.

A Glimpse Of Graduation Scheduled For Tamale, Ghana: Another graduation in the program is scheduled for July 2 at the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies, plus additional plans for growth.

“The Only True Church Found In This Area,” Please Read This Report: Recent help to a local preacher made a powerful impact on the community concerning the church. Please read.

Spiritual Disciplines’ Seminar Continues With Each Congregation In Arusha: Daniel Gaines reports on the continuation of a SD seminar, along with other activities in Tanzania.

Incredible News Of Kingdom Growth And A Brother In Need: The news from Tanzania is encouraging and we ask you to consider the need of our brother Cy Stafford.

Final Thoughts 
A closing note of gratitude. As we consider the incredible opportunities God gives each of us, we remember each of you. Thank you for your confidence in Bear Valley to share in the training of faithful men who will teach others also. We appreciate the blessing provided to participate in God’s great mission.

God bless

Posted on April 5, 2015 .